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What happened to stan meyers

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A:The autopsy report for Stan Meyers lists ruled the cause of death as being natural, caused by a cerebral aneurysm. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happened-to-stan-meyers ]
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What happened to stan meyers
The autopsy report for Stan Meyers lists ruled the cause of death as being natural, caused by a cerebral aneurysm.

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what happened to mr.stan meyer, The inventor of the water fuel cell?
Q: Stan meyer has come up with the answer to the problem of fuel for vehicles and the destrutive emissions from gas engines ,his idea is to run cars on water. i wonder the way this world is and how corrupt many people in power seem to be if mr. meyers idea has been allowed to be put into action?
A: we'll it's always been obvious that Oil Money grueling companies, would never allow such a thing to happen, Not until oil supplies around the world run out. Or until it's common science.There have been MANY advances in technology, dont think for even a second ,that we still need to rely on Oil/Gas to fuel cars, we haven't for some time. Althought economically we are not ready anyways. Everyone who owns a car would have to switch over, oil companies would go out of buisness, making the price of oil and gas go up tremendously, making the poor people that dont have the new vechicles pay more for the old fuel. Oil is also used as foriegn exchange, it's what keeps the American dollar where it is at....The government wouldn't allow oil to deplete in value.. When democrats are in office, innovation will probably become more reasonable, and ideas and inventions, and a new value of the american dollar, and the down fall of corrupt Oil investors, Will happen.It's has always been politics.
Does anybody else remember THIS?
Q: Inventor Of Water Powered Car Murdered? This was an amazing video that was just released today on Google Video. This man Stan Meyer's built a car than runs entirely on water. The car gets 100 miles to the gallon, which is just astonishing. Well, what do you think happened to this earth changing inventor.... hmm the man was allegedly poisoned, and died in 1998. Later that week all of his equipment and the car that he created has stolen and never recovered. Stan Meyer's had spoken repeatedly about how he was being threatened by oil companies, but refused to bow to their wishes of abandoning the project.If a person who is not an engineer can invent a vehicle that runs on water, why are we not using that technology today? It’s out there, it’s available. I remember when this originally hit the news and whoops, the next thing you know, this guy is murdered and his invention disappeared. http://easygrowhouseplants.blogspot.com/2006/12/inventor-of-water-powered-car-murdered.html
A: The plans for the car must be out there somewhere. Its got to be reproducible. I dont see why these things arent popping up everywhere?
inventors of cars that dont run on oil being killed, disappearing, having their inventions sabotaged or prison
Q: im writing an essay and part of it is about investors in oil making sure their money is safe and ive linked that into many inventors of cars that dont run on oil being killed, disappearing, having their inventions sabotaged, ending up in prison or being paid to keep quiet and abandon their plans.i know their are cases but im having a lot of trouble finding information on them. i found a bit on stan meyers but not much at all. i dont care if you dont think that these things are happening because im not changing my essay and you wont be helping me.it would be really great if anyone could give me some information or links on such cases. not so much all about their inventions but maybe what they invented in a few words and then their fate in more detail.if you could help me i would be so gratefull.thanks xx
A: These stories make great fiction but the reason you can't find any info about them is that either they didn't happen or the trail was too well-hidden. Anyone writing about it would also be a target (if you believe in conspiracy theories). TBS even made a movie about this, called The Water Engine, but it is fictional.It's not impossible that something like this has happened, given human history it's actually probable, but you won't find hard evidence about it or someone would have gone to prison and it would have made headlines.They say similar things about Nicola Tesla, after his death his papers were seized by the government and are still being suppressed. He had many interesting theories and was one of the great minds of the last century, but I don't see any benefit in not producing something from this type of invention. If you could make a few extra billion dollars a year, wouldn't you do it, even if it made other oil companies mad?

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