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What female animals have menstrual periods

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A:Menstrual cycles occur in female humans and primates. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-female-animals-have-menstrual-periods ]
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What female animals have menstrual periods
Menstrual cycles occur in female humans and primates. ChaCha!
Why don't female animals have a menstrual cycle?
Human beings and Great apes have menstruation cycle. Other mammals have an estrus cycle. For dogs and cats and such, we call it "heat." But the heats stop when animals are spayed, and this usually happens when the animal is about ...
Are human females the only animals that get a menstrual cycle??
Ok, we need some clarification here. Menstrual cycles only occur in human beings and other female primates (apes). Human beings ARE animals. They are bipedal primates and the species is Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens fall under the kingdom Anim...

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Why don't human females advertise ovulation?
Q: I've been reading a book recently that challenges a lot of the assumptions that go into common ideas about basic human mating instincts, many of which are based in comparisons between humans and other similar social animals (particularly other placental mammals, given their reproductive similarity).An interesting point that it raises is that the menstrual cycle is nearly unique to humans, along with its characteristic lack of the female "being in heat," or advertising the time in which she's fertile and actively trying to mate during that time - in fact, human females paradoxically experience elevated sex drives immediately after going into the infertile stages of their cycles. (Humans aren't entirely unique in this respect - this is also observed in bonobos and orangutans - but it's extremely rare in placental mammals, and seemingly unnecessarily counterproductive to reproduction.) Most other placental mammal females have 'estrous cycles' rather than menstrual cycles, which include a phase of dramatically elevated sex drive and sexual advertising behavior accompanying the fertile period.So, what sort of use would it be for a female NOT to advertise when it's fertile, and not to experience any significant difference in sexual desire or behavior depending on fertility (or even experience elevated levels during infertile, rather than fertile, periods)?
A: For most mammals sex only takes place when the female of the species is ovulating which results in the male's biological urges coming into action. In humans sex is done for pleasure, it helps cement a relationship between the couple. Most animals cannot afford to waste their time on sexual activity when there is no chance of reproduction. So the female needs to indicate when she is fertile.Although it can not be know for sure it seems probable that evolution has made human females have concealed ovulation to ensure the male stayed with their mates to help with the rearing process, our children are after all unable to adequately fend for themselves for many years, unlike the young of other mammals. That not knowing when his mate was fertile ensured he needed to stay around to stop other males from mating with her when she might be fertile. It is suggested that the male is more likely to stay with the female if she is receptive to sex all the time especially as the act in itself is pleasurable rather than just a biological urge to ensure survival of the species.
Do you believe that women have been punished with periods, childbirth, and menopause because of Eve's sin?
Q: I've been told that females have been punished with menstrual cycles, childbirth, and menopause because of Eve's sin, but does this really make any sense? After all, Homo sapiens isn't the only animal species in which the females have menstruation or livebirth. Also, what about the animal species that reproduce sexually but don't have menstruation or livebirth? And what about the species that reproduce asexually? Does it make sense for God to punish humans and some other animal species but not others?
A: It's very healthy to question.I myself believe that it's just pure biology. No religious mumbo jumbo answer, just that that's the science of life.
If God REALLY loves us, and HE created the world, why did he create us so badly and what's suffering all about?
Q: I could have designed better body bits. Take your bum for example. I think God was drunk when he designed that one. Squirting and blurting, having it run down your leg IN PUBLIC because you couldn't make it to a toilet in time. Were we meant to just dump whenever and wherever we are?What about child birth? Why do some women have to rip just to get a baby out? How poor a design is that?!What about periods? What a waste of blood and how messy and smelly is it? God loves us more than other animals, and yet, even female kangaroos reabsorb their menstrual blood and intrauterine tissue. Now, THAT'S a good system. If God loves us sooo much, why didn't our females get that system? No Iron deficiency problems, no mess, no smell galore.Heaps more examples that show if God is omnipotent, he created us and he REALLY likes us, why didn't he do a better job? I'm going to be good all my life just so I can get into heaven and ask God "Why didn't you do a better job when you made us if you REALLY DO like us?" God made man in his image? Does God need to run to the toilet or does he just dump where he is - or doesn't he do that at all? Maybe, that's just a LUXURY us animals have to suffer?I'm not angry. I'm simply asking valid questions and I didn't once say I didn't believe in God!Let's see. Instead of messy, smelly brown stuff, how about nice little sweet smelling dry cubes of waste that form and we just empty it at our leisure.What about babies that crawl out by themselves when they're so small, the mother doesn't feel a thing and the child grows in a pouch (kangaroos were given the better system there too).I think god prefers kangaroos. Human systems may be amazing to some (the ill informed) but let me tell you, there are animals out there that have much more advanced, better and far more efficient systems than us.
A: a sculpter came to god and said "god, why did you make us look like this? I could do a better job." God said, "I accept your challenge. let us have a contest on sculpting the human body. the winner will design the next sentient species." And so they set off designing the body. God had his sculpted and began shaping his sculpture out of the dirt. As the sculpter began to kneel down to collect dirt, God said "Wait. This is my dirt. I made it."

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