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What does menstrual blood taste like

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A:People have in fact drank menstrual blood, & they just basically say it tastes irony like blood. AND some people actually like it [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-menstrual-blood-taste-like ]
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Is it safe for him to taste my menstrual blood?
I know having your partner finger you during your period is perfectly safe (while a little messy), but I do have another concern: my boyfriend often puts that finger in his mouth to taste the fluid after he's done fingering. So I was wond...
Why does blood taste like metal?
Its because of the iron in your hemoglobin, the chemical that makes red blood cells absorb oxygen and take it to your cells. Actually, if you bleed enough, blood smells like copper, too. There is also a protien in your blood plasma (The liq...
Why does blood smell like metal?
The iron content, that's why it has that metallic taste to it as well.

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Do some women find periods to only be a minor hassle?
Q: Or is it really annoying for all women.Do most women experience breakthrough bleeding sometimes?Does it affect sleep at all?Do you feel hornier while on your period, immediately before or after.Have you ever received oral sex while on your period?What does menstrual blood taste like? Do most women try it out?
A: Or is it really annoying for all womenwellit used to be like at the first day of my period I felt optimistic, and I was like "well at least I know there's nothing wrong with me" and then it got worse and worse and maybe you really want to go somewhere and you don't bother because there's this and that to worry about. But that was only the first 20 times, now it just comes naturally and you know what to do and your not even thinking about it. Do most women experience breakthrough bleeding sometimes?I do. Does it affect sleep at all?No you actually sleep better because your more tired. Do you feel hornier while on your period, immediately before or after.Haha, I'm fifteen, I'm always hornyHave you ever received oral sex while on your period?um, no do you want to lick blood off my vagina... didn't think so.What does menstrual blood taste like? Do most women try it out?probably like every other blood from your body, salty, I haven't tried though
Gross question for the girls...?
Q: OK, so I went down on girl and something came out of her into my mouth. It didn't taste like what I think menstrual blood would taste like, but it had the consistency of cottage cheese (about). I just pulled away for a second , pretended to be adjusting myself and dove back in because I didn't want her to be embarrassed and I was enjoying myself. It was about the size of a pea. I'm ruling out menstruation. But could it have been part of discharge? Does anyone have chunky discharge? Also, it did not come out of my mouth, I'm sure of it.Any ideas?
A: yes it could have been discharge. Sometimes it is thicker. Sorry this is a bit gross! But it's harmless
Why did my dog and a bunch of ants eat up a bloody pad? Is it because of the nutrients in the endometrium?
Q: Today I just learned in my biology class about the menstrual cycle and a little bit about what actually comes out when a lady is on her period. Apparently during the days before ovulation occurs, the body prepares the endometrium, or I guess the walls of the uterus, by packing it with nutrients just in case the egg gets fertilized and is ready to go.When I was a teen, I came home to find my dog and a bunch of ants mutilating a used pad (pardon the graphic images, if you have any). I had no idea why, but now I have a hunch.So that brings me to my question: what would attract these animals to it? Even if it did contain nutrients, was it supposed to be tasty? I find it hard to believe since it looks a lot like plain old blood to me, and although I haven't tasted period blood before (nor plan to), I've tasted blood and it's not that great. Does it have to do with hormonal secretions, if any? And slightly going off topic, do dogs find their own periods particularly tasty too? I'm a little shy in asking my professor about this, otherwise I would. So I'm leaving it up to the (hopefully adequate to answer) internet audience to answer this question.Thanks!
A: lol!! my dog always tipped over the garbage and ate up my tampons.... I'm assuming you're right though... my dog also used to constantly lick her vagina when she was in heat... I always just thought she wanted to be clean but maybe she just liked it.ew. I'm really grossed out now.

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