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What does an aneurism feel like

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A:An abdominal aneurysm feels like a pulsating mass in the stomach. Aneurysms become dangerous and more prone to rupture. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-an-aneurism-feel-like ]
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What does an aneurism feel like?
Well i am pretty sure if you were having one it would be too late anyways. On another note people dont realize what bad sinuses or a bad sinus infection can do to you. Did you know that bad sinuses or infection can make you hallucinate , ha...
Did anyone with an unruptured brain aneurysm have any headaches? ...?
I was diagnosed with 2 unruptured aneurysms 10 years ago. The larger of the 2 was "coiled". Every time I would have sex, my head would feel like it was going to explode. The headaches were the only way I found out. I would stand i...
What does an aneurysm feel like?
Please note: 1) An aneurysm can occur only with an artery (not with a vein; 2) If an aneurysm is found in the neck involving the Common carotid artery, you will see a "pulse" in your neck 3) If it occurs in the internal carotid ar...

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what does an aneurism feel like?
Q: how do you know if you have one? and what does it do to you and the way you perceive things?
A: Well i am pretty sure if you were having one it would be too late anyways. On another note people dont realize what bad sinuses or a bad sinus infection can do to you. Did you know that bad sinuses or infection can make you hallucinate , have headaches , blurred vision and many other problems.
I have an aneurism in my pulmonary artery. The Heart Surgeon said he had never seen one. What to do??
Q: I feel like I have a ticking time bomb in my chest and was told not to worry.
A: A second opinion is certainly in order. Maybe not to confirm that you have it but what to do about it. If it is there then you should take steps to keep your blood pressure low and ask them about fluid intake restrictions if there are any. First step is to talk to another doctor and take the CT scans you have with you or have another set shot by the new doc. Hope this helps. Jeff the nurse in Nashville.
I think I'm depressed... help please?
Q: Well my parents divorced when I was 1 and they are still fueding in front of me and behind for back (15 years since they divorced) and offen times they rant about eachother to me like my dad complains that my mom is a lazy wellfare rat that is selfish and that she doesnt really do anything with me(she rarely actually does) and my mom complains that my dad is selfish and is a jerk. I love both of them equally, but my biggest role model is probably my dad because he is always there for me, never gives up on me in tight situations, and always gives me good advice. Also I've had three deaths in my family, my grandma three years ago in a car crash, my grandpa 2 years ago from cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure, and my uncle who I was VERY close to 1 year ago from a brain aneurism at the age of 52. I started drinking right after my grandma died(I was 13) it wasnt long before I started drinking heavily, getting drunk almost every night. After grandpa died I got into marijuana and started out smoking pretty heavily and I also started smoking cigarettes, I was hit the hardest when my uncle died right before my birthday of last year, I fell into a deep depression and starting using speed along with marijuana and alcohol. Not long ago a kid from my school offered me heroin for pretty cheap because he seemed to understand what I was going through and said he went through the same thing, he also said he could get me crack or cocaine, but knowing how horribly damaging and terribly addiction heroin, crack, and coke are, I told him I would think about it and that those three also have terrible withdrawls. I continued to use speed, marijuana and alcohol, addicted to all three, when I would run out of money I would sometimes steal stuff to get drugs and alcohol. But 2 weeks ago my mother set me up for treatment which I also thought was best, I have been an alcoholic for 3 years, pothead for 2 years and speed addict for 1 1/2 year, I was surprised I was able to pay for it all but if I didnt have the cash for whatever one then i would just do one of the three they all worked. But I still feel pain and drugs and alcohol were the only things making me feel better, I could'nt sleep well without them, I have intense cravings mostly for speed and alcohol(alcohol and speed were the ones I was going through withdrawls with but marijuana calmed them down), I also have legal issues when I got caught at school for small possession of marijuana, I didn't get expelled but I still have to go to court and thats always on my mind. I have been sober ever since I started going to tretment(2 weeks) but I still feel depressed without alcohol and speed. I feel like I will relapse soon and I hope I wont. But soon I will be prescribed either adderall, ritalin, or dexedrine for my ADD(I have gotten high plenty of times before on ritalin and adderall never tried dex though, I always snorted these and these three were what I meant when I used speed and got addicted to them). Now I'm worried I'll relapse with speed and start snorting them again since it will be around me now, but I cant find the nerve to tell my mom or doctor. Without drugs and alcohol I feel deeply depressed and am still haunted by the grief in my life, Im still not sleeping well and am having a lot of nightmares and lucid dreams and sometimes hallucinations(including when I'm on the drugs, on speed I get really paranoid and start seeing shadows moving from room to room, but I still love the euphoric, energetic, and confident feeling 4 hour high induced by speed, but the comedowns are the worst, along with alcohol, alcohol I sometimes see things too when I'm drunk or not or going through withdrawls on both alcohol and speed). I'm 16, I'm depressed and I need help, any help.
A: First of all, you need to see a counselor, find one you like and start talking IMMEDIATELY. Secondly, alert whoever is going to prescribe you ADD meds that you've flirted with these drugs before and you feel that you will almost 100% positively abuse them.Get help. You may think that just because you're in treatment you're cured, but you're pretty heavily depressed and have been self medicating wayyyy too long. Please, please get help for this because I can tell you want it. Set up a doctors appointment and bring in a sheet outlining your issues:-self medicate, alcoholic, abused many drugs, pot user.-significantly depressed-can not be on ADD meds due to drug abuse historytell you doctor all these things and let him/her know you want help severely and that you recognize that you're taking a bad path. Have your doc set up a counselor to help you, and they can talk to you med wise.

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