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What did static major die from

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A:The cause of Static Major's death is still unknown, but its speculated that Major possibly passed away due to a brain aneurysm. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-did-static-major-die-from ]
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What did static major die from
The cause of Static Major's death is still unknown, but its speculated that Major possibly passed away due to a brain aneurysm.
How did static major die?
Stephen Garret, also known as Static Major, was an American entertainer with the group Playa. He wrote for many popular musicians. He died in 2008 of a brain aneurysm. Look here for more information: http://askville.amazon.com/static-majo...
Did static major die during surgery?
Static did not die during a surgical procedure. He died during a medical procedure. He had a shunt placed and when the medical staff removed it this caused him to bleed to death.

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Q: So, a person I know has major scoliosis, which is causing sciatica, and a quadruple vertebral fusion from being morbidly obese. He is very ambulatory, which is what Doctors believe to be the problem. With his weight (well over 400LBS) he shouldn't be moving like he does without losing weight, but his weight remains fairly static regardless of physical exertions. Despite the many biological reasonings for this (his thyroid and hormone panels came back as normal), I want to know if there are any surgical procedures that are being toyed around with that could prevent him from becoming paralyzed from this condition, even if only temporarily. I imagine that if he were to become bound to a chair or bed, he'd almost certainly die, from either his health or his own will...I'm not sure if the first poster actually read the question, but thanks for your time...?To CC. Bariatric surgery isn't plausible for him, you have to drastically reduce caloric intake with those surgeries and the amount of calories needed to keep his body from chewing away skeletal muscle (the first thing to go in times of need, not fat) is well over the amount he can eat in a day after such a surgery.His biochemistry is stuck in the stone age, his body thinks if it doesn't perserve all of what he doesn't use then he will die, but it's killing him. He also refuses to do cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction...Should've added this, didn't think about it...Heart problems run in his family, as well, so should his body start to chew away muscle, he could be speeding along his meeting with the wooden box...Problem is that he is not bed ridden, which is why he has the problem in the first place. He shouldn't be moving around, playing sports, and so on at his weight, but he does. You'd think that it would make him lose weight, but it does not. Otherwise, however, he is healthy. Cholesterol is great, blood sugar is fine. His body doesn't want to lose the weight, and the more calories he burns, the more of what he eats is converted into fat.I'm sorry, I don't mean to shoot everything down, but he's stubborn, very stubborn. We've had all these conversations a million times before. I just wanted to know if there was something I was missing...Interesting, thank you.But, I'm not sure it applies, he's only 19. And it's hard enough to get him to see one doctor, let alone an array of them. I kind of need incontrovertible proof that something applies to him. Not something he can shoot down... Because if he can, he will.
A: Maybe he should look into gastric bypass (bariatric) surgery, but tell him to really do his homework on it because that surgery can be very dangerous. He can also go see a natural doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones. It could be his hormones are messed up, toxins in his body, chemical Imbalances, ect and a natural doctor can run some tests and possibly help him with natural remedies, hormone replacement, cleanses, supplements, ect. Below are some websites I found in a quick search. Good luck.http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/gastric-bypass/HQ01465http://naturalbiohealth.com/That one guy...He probably couldn't get lipo anyway, it could be very dangerous at his weight. There are people who have been even heavier than your friend, and bed ridden who have lost weight. If he really wants to do it than he has to follow whatever it is he is told to do, only I would not go to a regular doctor. Have him go to a natural doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones, and weight loss, maybe a nutritionist too. Do a search for someone in his area and ask him to just go and see what they say. I hope he finds help before it's too late.EDIT:It really does sound like his hormones are messed up, yes, men get hormone deficiency. There are so many different hormones besides testosterone that men have like pregnenlone, DHEA, melatonin, HGH, Thyroid, adrenals, cortisol, insulin, rogestrone & even estrogen. As we age we lose hormones, they continue to decrease and then we suffer from many things, one of them being unexplained weight gain that we cannot control no matter how good we eat and if we exercise or not. Men go through what is called andropause, and it can start in your early thirties now. When you get checked at a mainstream doctor like he did, and they do blood work, they will come back, as they did, saying that your hormone levels are normal. Ok, normal for what? What they mean is normal for his age, so if you are in your thirties, middle aged, or older, then what that really means is that you actually have declined hormones because as we age our hormones decrease, and decreased hormones are normal for men thirties and up. The good news is that we now have doctors out there who know this and can replace these hormone deficiencies back to normal, and we don't have to suffer the problems associated with this decline in hormones anymore. All you have to do is get checked by a good bioidentical ND and find out what hormones are down and get them replaced with bioidentical hormones to bring them to where they should be, where they were in your younger years. Never take the synthetic hormones because they are very bad for you and can cause even more problems. I'm telling you to talk with him about this possibility and ask him to go see an ND who specializes in bioidentical hormones. It could be a combination of hormones, toxicity, chemical imbalance, the correct supplementation for him, and nutrition.
Static NEVER lie?
Q: THE BEST MAN WIN POLICYThe white points of arguments are this,South Carolina primary definitely goes for Obama since its was supported by black majority,so in his argument is that,what's is wrong if Ohio supports goes to Clinton as they're the majority white. He carry on to mentions,when the white supports the white,the black said it's purely base on racial line,But when the black support the black,it's not racial as he said,(they never had once to have the Black President of USA)it's understandable natural propective reactions (on my personel opinion) But My points here that they're both wrong in either ways,to engage and feels the backward uncivize past arguements,whereas our forefathers already reached and settled this issues before(as we always heard the proverb(The Two Wrongs,Doesn't make One Right), by playing this dirty card tactics that divided us as a nation,as it looks like a bunch of plain sore losers score attitudes by both parties, particularly during this very Important Elections that people still using these cheap-skate execuses to raises their sentiments.It's much easier to Raise One's Sentiments,just only at finger tip moments ,then to create One Unity,as our forefathers does a Century ago to reach a common ground. Why must we argue and belittle one another? We are all civilize USA citizens,can't we all makes Consensus rather a Confrontations on each other? I can understand the history beneath the root feelings of both parties,(Consensus, togetherness we're much Stronger)On the part of the white please do takes this opportunity and reality, so called the first black president's candidate that's most,brilliant,with fascinating intellectual mind,if you really cares to know and read either one of his published books, to get insight know him better.A law graduate from our top-notch finest University our land can offer,Harvard Law's School,he also happened to be Harvard's first black President of it's 104 years history and also Harvard's Law School first as the President's Candidate. He also has a very warm personality as a person, the brightest, even amongst our white in our nation,The best "Man Win" policy should be the major consideration in picking a President for Democratic Nation rather a color of his skin, Americans should understand this all about their forefathers of America believing in,This is what the Constitution of United States all about stated,that relects in their earlier struggles days,the root of true aspirations and enthusiast lies with INTELLECTUAL ability instead rather going forward with SENTIMENTS feelings, we are becoming a country of MONARCHY approach as we heard everywhere people were saying with the same dilemma,we can see on this Candidate that has been reflecting the Highest ever turnout at Primaries history.People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton."as acclaims, going forward with this assumptions actually USA going near to a bankrupt country for sure, we might as well consider bring back the spirit of Abraham Lincoln to Washington.Now we now living dangerous becoming a Country of Communism Socialize Union past,Only Bush/Clinton Have the the only RIGHT to be American President attitudes sooner or later we shall see a DYING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have been Living so close with Ideologies of the Father\Son\Husband\Wife\Daughter Monarchy of Bush/Clinton Dynasty.Hillary was right to mentioned during the Texas rally " America needs to BORROW MONEY even from his "FOE CHINA" just to buy Oil as payment to Saudi" "What happened to other American Allies?like UK,Japan,maybe they have exhausted too much already, Perharps the most closest America ally like Saudi may start to wary of America ability to pay, as old debt accumulates,.in asking the payment upfront from USA.Now America have new reputations "World-Wide eyes as Nation of Debts!!!"Many his Allies now trying to avoid at any cost from America,they're removing their fund from USA banks.During Bush /Clinton terms were cause of letting the" LOBBYIST" to dance with ideas with Sub-Prime Mortgage are their faster solutions as early in 2000, they can thinks of,Which I Views as problems"SWEEP UNDER THE CARPET" solutions by their Bush/Clinton administrations even they know very well where these situation lies and more lies ahead from them,which the people feels everywhere with HAPPY momentum.Flush with easy money that lies everywhere,during their terms, every American having a happy attitudes settled before them well,Bush/Clinton adopted this approach,to solve nation temporary problems,shifted from the Truth,whatever happen next is not under their terms,this beyond their imaginations and expectation,the issues becoming so serious that effected too many people at the national stage, now they're trying again to do the remedy?too far too late, people start to realise how TRUE to be homeless now with forecloses and bankruptcies pettitions,they realised the decisions that been made by so called Commander-In-Chief earlier cover lies .Stactic Never Lie,The Politicians with the most experienced at Washington were thoses who bound to be the biggest Liars.This'd the True our American dreams that come " Once in the Century" Once in our lifetime,called an able black USA President among "Ourselves" even White, Americans did had many opportunities before and long history of white Presidents since the days of Abraham Lincoln. COLOR BLIND
A: Static has many meanings, but your use of it doesn't make any sense in any of them. You're not only color blind, but linguistically challenged.By the way, I too support Mr. Obama. I think he'd make an excellent President.A keyword used for defining the scope and linkage of variables and functions. For internal variables, the variable has block scope and retains its ...scv.bu.edu/SCV/Archive/IBM/BGL/compiler/xlc-8.0/html/glossary/czgs.htmBuild-up of electric charge when a person walks over a carpet. Occurs with both natural and synthetic fibers, and is effected by humidity.www.justhookedrugs.com/asp/show_content.aspaddress is where someone physically connects to a computer and defines the IP address for that computer. A static address does not change unless someone physically changes it.www.highcomonline.com/page_2.htmlIndicates that the member can be called without first instantiating the class.www.dotnettreats.com/tipstricks/oopconcepts1.aspxUnchanging. When referring to Web pages, pages that are created once, and served as-is. They may be updated at any time, but are not recreated each time they are requested, as dynamic pages are. ...www.bbn.com/glossary/Sor fixed gears refers to fishing gears that are fixed to or on the seabed eg pots, traps or nets. These types of gears are passive as opposed to mobile gears, eg trawl nets, which are referred to as active gears.www.fishonline.org/information/glossary/In biology, a property of a drug that means it acts by inhibiting the growth or spread of an organism such as bacteria (eg, bacteriostatic). See also Cidal.www.genelabs.com/resources/glossary.htmlStatic analysis is the process of parsing source code to create reports, views and metrics which can be displayed in the Battlemap. Static metrics are those calculated directly from source code, and not related to coverage.www.mccabe.com/iq_research_iqgloss.htmAudio frequency signals, usually regarded as noise, that are detected by radio receivers. Radio noise emitted by lightning is the most common natural source of static. ...amsglossary.allenpress.com/glossary/browseStatic means that the web page was not created dynamically from a database, but created and saved as a pure HTML file.www.searchenginegenie.com/search-engine-glossary-s.htmGenerally refers to elements of the Internet or computer programming that are fixed and not capable of action or change. The opposite of static is dynamic.www.brontedesign.com/glossary.aspdescribes properties of a program that can be determined at compile time, ie without running the program.www.cs.utexas.edu/users/novak/cs307vocab.htmlThe outside border of the ergosphere around a rotating black hole. Inside this limit nothing can resist being dragged around the black hole in the direction in which the black hole is rotatinglibrary.thinkquest.org/25715/glossary/index.htmThe establishment of a path through a network in advance of any traffic demands via the use of pre-defined routes.www2.themanualpage.org/glossary/glo_r.php3A single plane balancing machine is a gravitational or centrifugal balancing machine that provides information for accomplishing single plane balancing.weedinstrument.com/info_central/glossary/s.htmlAn electrical charge built-up in plastic film.www.provincialpaper.com/shrinkfilm/shrink_glossary.aspCrackling noise heard on AM radio receivers. Caused by electric storms or electric devices.www.sciencelobby.com/dictionary/s.htmlA jackpot that is pre-determined and does not change.www.netbet.org/slots-glossary.htmlAn electrical charge generated by film moving across itself (unwinding from the roll) or any other surface.www.aepinc.com/flxtite/shrinkfilmterm.htmlinterference of some kind with accurate communicationhighered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072487747/student_view0/glossary.htmlstretching against muscle and holding as opposed to bouncing.www.ayso751.org/glossary.htmlmodifier A modifier that is used to specify a method that can be declared only once. No subclasses are allowed to implement a method of the same name.www.sheetudeep.com/res/javaapn/appb.htmIn flowing air, the total pressure minus velocity pressure. The portion of the pressure that pushes equally in all directions.www.madison.k12.wi.us/cso/news/chavez/iaq_glossary.htmImages or text that is non-changing from piece to piece.www.margraphics.com/definitions.htmlIn a fixed or stable condition.doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/science/docs/2005/Overview/glossary.docnot active or moving; "a static village community and a completely undynamic type of agriculture"; "static feudal societies" inactive: not in physical motion; "the inertia of an object at rest" electrostatic: concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity; "an electrostatic generator produces high-voltage static electricity" a crackling or hissing noise cause by electrical interference angry criticism; "they will probably give you a lot of static about your editorial" showing little if any change; "a static population" wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwnStatic is unwanted background radio noise or jumbled waves that interfere with the detection of the desired waves. Radio waves from the background radiation of the universe were at first thought to be random interference, until their origin was discovered. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (radio)Static is a fictional superhero created by Milestone Comics and published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Static #1 (April 1993), and was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III. He is perhaps best known as the protagonist of the animated series Static Shock (2000-04). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (comics)Static (aka Aaron Danks), born in Port Hedland, Western Australia is an electronic music artist & recording label owner. Static grew up in Perth, Western Australia and is still based there. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (musician)Static is the second full-length album by the Christian rock band Bleach. It was released in 1998 under Forefront Records. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (Bleach album)Static (Gianna Carina Esperanza) is one of the newer Acolytes recruited by Fabian Cortez when they were searching for Magneto, who was missing at the time. She first appeared in the X-Men: Magneto War #1 one-shot issue. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (Marvel Comics)Album by hard rock band Mr. Big. It was released in 2000. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (Mr. Big album)Starring*Dean Jagger as Ed Lindsay*Carmen Mathews as Vinnie*Robert Emhardt as Professor Ackerman*Arch W. Johnson as Roscoe Bragg [first of two TZ appearances--see "Episode notes"]*Alice Pearce as Mrs. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (The Twilight Zone)A woman walks in the Veteran Affairs hospital, closing all the curtains around her brother's (an amputee Iraq war veteran) bed and reluctantly hands him a syringe of penabarbitol. After his sister leaves, he sticks the syringe in his heart and dies. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static (Six Feet Under episode)
What do you guys think of my rap song / lyrics?
Q: VERSE 1: Girl I love you but I don’t know where to start You’re so beautiful, nice, funny and smart You’re the icing that gives the pop to my tart You’ll always hold a special place inside of my heart There are so many things where we can relate Just seeing you once can make my day great This is one-sided love but I hope that it’s fate You hold the key to my heart so just open the gate You and me together wouldn’t be problematic Every time I see you I get a jolt of static It makes me stu-stutter and talk erratic Thoughts of being with you make me feel ecstatic You don’t know me too well but im not a stranger I promise if we’re together you’d never be in danger Ill protect you like the forest if I was a park ranger Girl, I’m not lying, my love for you is major CHORUS: Girl, I just think that you’re so nice You’re as hot as the sun and as cool as ice You’re funny and smart with a little bit of spice So baby, why don’t you just roll the dice (x2) VERSE 2: Every time I look at you I don’t wanna stop My heart bleeds out love someone go get a mop Every time you leave the room the temperature would drop But when you come back in it shoots back to the top Baby you might think im full of crap but this is for real Im not the kind of guy who would lie, cheat, and steal If you don’t like me I understand how you feel But as I roll on you’re the one that’s spinning my wheel Girl the first time I saw you I almost had a heart attack I thought I was dreaming from an OD on crack I know there are a lot of things that I definitely lack So I would get it if you said that I was too whack You’ll get 100% of me, nothing short I’ll give you gallons of my love not just a quart No matter what you will always have my support You can come to the country of Mark, you’ve got the passport CHORUS X2 VERSE 3: Girl, im not as corny as my rhymes When I see you im so amazed I can’t speak like a mime I could imagine us having some good times So baby could you be my corona and lime? And while I know I really don’t have a chance Occasionally I’ll still sneak a glance Just the thought of us having a romance Makes me wanna get up and start to dance Baby girl you’re a hell of a catch Even if maybe we seem like a mismatch If you give it some time you might get attached Our love could grow like a vegetable patch I could be your superman flying in with my cape Or maybe I would just climb the fire escape I’m bananas for you, just like an ape We could stick together just like tape CHORUS UNTIL ENDand here's how it came out (I'm 13 and im white, so chill my voice isnt exactly amazing and i didn't practice before recording and i used a very crappy mic from the Boogie Wii video game, but criticism is welcome)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qempMO2i6Q
A: If it's written for a particular girl, she'll love it. But as far as lyricism goes, it was too simple. You used the same rhyme scheme throughout the rap. Try to switch it up and use 2 bar rhyming once in a while instead of doing 4 bar rhyming pattern for the whole thing. Also, be more creative with it. Use metaphors to describe your love for her, or describe her beauty and flatter her. It's still sweet, but don't just talk about how crazy you are for her

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