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What causes pain in the upper left side of the stomach

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A:Causes of upper left abdominal pain include: Angina, Aortic aneurysm, Cancer, Diverticulitis, Empyema, Enlarged spleen, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-pain-in-the-upper-left-side-of-the-stomach ]
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What causes pain in the upper left side of the stomach
Causes of upper left abdominal pain include: Angina, Aortic aneurysm, Cancer , Diverticulitis, Empyema, Enlarged spleen, MORE?
What causes pain in your upper and lower left side of your stomac...?
The epigastric area is directly above the belly button and in the upper middle section of your abdomen where you said could most likely be a problem with the pancreas or gallbladder. From my experience by lower you mean above belly button...

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What causes pain in your upper and lower left side of your stomach?
Q: My fiance has been having these sharp pains in his lower and upper stomach on the left side...and then he has to go use the bathroom number two and sometimes he can't even stand up or sit down what could this be any ideas?
A: The epigastric area is directly above the belly button and in the upper middle section of your abdomen where you said could most likely be a problem with the pancreas or gallbladder. From my experience by lower you mean above belly button?. or do you mean lower than that? if thats the case maybe a hernia. also below the navel that spreads to left or right side could be a colon disorder, kidney stone or urinary tract infection. Or could be nothing =) which we are hopeful for. best bet is to see a doctor. By the way if he has a fever shortness of breath dizziness vomiting, bleeding. If the pain is radiating( spreading) to shoulder. Blood in your urine or feces or a black tarry like stool you need to call 911 which would indicate something more serious. good luck hope i helped
What could this be? Is it IBS related, or something more severe?
Q: I am confused, and in need of some input, and maybe comfort?I get pains in my lower right abdominal, and they have been off and on for about a year now. For about 5-6 months, they have been more severe. They do come and go, though. Some days, I feel perfectly normal. I can get up, run, jump, and even dance. The pain is faint, and I think nothing of it.Other days, I am laying in bed with a heating pad, thinking I'm going to die.I suffer from acid refluxes as well. When I googled that, it said IBS could be possible, because it usually comes along with acid. I searched more into what IBS is, and the symptoms. It sounds a lot like what I have, but I am still not certain?I saw an immediate care doctor a few months back. He really did nothing for me, but say it 'could' be bowels, or it 'could' be me female organs (ovaries). I made an appointment with my gynecologist, and she also mentioned bowels. She told me my ovaries felt fine, and my symptoms sounded more severe, along the lines of IBS.I use the restroom fine, it seems. There are some days where I don't go for a day, or 2. Maybe even 3. Then, there are other days where I am gassy, and belching. My stomach is constantly upset, and I have headaches/dizziness here and there. When I do pass a bowel movement, my lower right abdominal seems to get tender.The other day I passed one, and my whole body started to shut down. My stomach was in pain, as well as my lower right abdominal. Recently, my upper stomach (under the ribs) on both sides have been hurting. I get a sharp pain in the left upper side, more so than the right. Also, my upper stomach in the middle (where my ribs split) have been getting uncomfortable pains, and tightness.I'm not quite sure if that has to do with my acid, and bowels, or what? I read that the colon can cause left abdominal pain, as well as upper left side pain. I seem to be getting that a lot lately, but it doesn't stay in one place. I never know where the pain may be. It sometimes even shoots to my actual sides, by my back.It can be in my back/lower abdominal sides/upper sides/chest, and even cause me to get stomach cramps, and aches around the belly button.I'm always feeling nautious as well. There are times where I completely lose my appetite. I've never thrown up, or had any fever, but I have had that 'sick' feeling inside of my stomach, and chest.I've also thought MAYBE it did have something to do with my ovaries, and my gynecologist just missed it? I started my menstrual cycle, and I had the worst cramps I've had in the last 3-4 months. My cramps were so horrible, I was literally on my bathroom floor rolling around, holding my stomach. I even tried to throw up 2 times, because the pain was so unbearable. Although, nothing came up, 'cause I hadn't eatin' anything that morning. After awhile, the cramps calmed down, and I was back to eating, and walking about - no problem. What could this be? I'm clueless....
A: I believe you have a digestive issue that can be resolved, but more information needs to be disclosed. The acid reflux issue is due to LOW STOMACH ACID, not too much like drug companies want you to believe. This is very common in America today. In fact, over 50% of ALL Americans suffer from some form of hypochloridia. This is due, primarily, to the SAD diet. (Standard American Diet). Cooked food does not contain digestive enzymes the way raw food does. This uses up the stomach acid very rapidly, leaving the food to rot, putrefy, and just become very disgusting, allowing LACTIC ACID to form. This is the acid that is causing the acid feeling and reflux, NOT STOMACH ACID! Stomach acid kills germs and breaks food down. Not enough allows the food to sit their and rot. To fix that problem, taking a high quality Betaine HCL and HCL activator solves the acid feeling within 3 minutes or less because by taking that, you generate more stomach acid that your body needs.The pain, as you are describing it, especially since you have the pain when you lie down in the evening, is most likely gallbladder issue. NO, you don't have to run to the doctor and have it out; in fact, 99% of ALL Gallbladder operations are unnecessary and doctors are just showing their ignorance or if not ignorant, showing their greed for money. Eating bad oils such as: Vegetable oils (including soybean, canola, cottonseed, and corn oils are very unstable and cause lots of inflammation in the body when eaten. They are oxidized (rancid) when you buy them and that is why they are loaded with deodorizers to get rid of the stench so you won't smell it.Fried foods, trans fats, hydrogenated oils and fats are terrible for your body and make bad bile that is sent to the gallbladder and causes it to generate gallstones that can create the pain you are having.Eating LOW FAT diets is a MAJOR cause of gallbladder problems. If you don't eat good fats, and have a lack of fat in your diet, the bile just sits in your gallbladder and crystalizes to make gallstones. Then when you do finally eat fats and oil, these stones try to go down the bile duct and cause pain.I strongly recommend you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can help you greatly by testing you to determine exactly what nutrients you may be deficient in and to help you adjust your diet to set you on a course to be healthy, not dependent upon some drug(s).good luck to you
Left Upper Abdominal pain?
Q: I been having this pain on my left upper abdominal , also pain on my left upper backnow this pain is traveling to my right side around liver area i aslo get pain on the pit of my stomach. And also i have this burning sensation on my forearms .Im not throwing up , but I had some green stools when using the rest room . and when they do come out brown the are floating. I had my blood work, CT Scan , Stomach X Ray , to check on my pancreas and every thing came up normal . Now Im going to get a Ultrasound done on me this saturday to look for gallstones which i dont think thats the problem, because i dont think gallstones would cause pain on my upper left side of my stomach. My mother in law had gallstones and she told me her pain was on the right side. Im just wondering can gallstones cause pain on left side too?? What are the best ways to check on my pancreas . Or can any one tell me what else can cause these symptoms i describe to you??
A: RUQ(right upper quad) is liver gallbladder pancreas. I'm surprised Ct was done before sono, but sometimes they are done after Ct. Ct's and MRI's are a lot more costly than ultrasounds too. Maybe they couldnt see what they were looking for on Ct so theyre doing sono.Don't know what would cause pain though,

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