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What can cause stomach cramps, if you not on your period

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A:Causes of Stomach Cramps: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Appendicitis, Colic in Babies, Colon Cancer, Constipation, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-stomach-cramps%2C-if-you-not-on-your-period ]
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What can cause stomach cramps, if you not on your period
Causes of Stomach Cramps: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Appendicitis, Colic in Babies, Colon Cancer, Constipation, MORE?

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can having your period cause you to experiance migranes? and nauseua?
Q: when i was a teenager i had migranes with my periods sometimes, but have not had them for yrs, sometimes i would get a headache with it but it was mild, and now all of a sudden i have been getting what im pretty sure are migranes or something similer with my period every few months, it comes on without warning and just yesterday i had the worst headache i have ever had in my life, it was almost dibilitating. and it came with some stomach upset but i did not actually throw up. my boyfriend said it felt like i might have had a fever too but i am not sure as i did not take my temperature. im not sick, i dont have a sore throat or anything like that. so iam just trying to figure it out. it was the 3rd day of my period but the headache was there but not as bad on the night of the 2nd day. and today i have had some bad and i mean really bad cramps for the last hour or so!anyone else had anything like this happen and if so what was it for you.i also take birth control pills!
A: yes.. it can cause both... the hormone's fluctuating does this... I had the same problem until I had a hysterectomy.(I am 33)
Is Discharge Normal Before Your Period Or Sign of Pregancy ?
Q: I had my last period at the earlest of april 10th or at the latest april 16th. I had unprotected sex may 11th with my husband for the first time in a year cause I just got married. During sex it hurted because I havent had sex in awhile, but then the next day after I started having really bad cramps. Then out of nowhere I recently been having watery like couldy white discharge, I really dont see it in my panties but I can feel it in my vagina and it feels very wet. I also feel cramping my stomach and vagina like im about to come on my period. I dont know if this is all normal or pms and I dont even know when my period is cause I havent tracked it in a year. But I do know my cycles are long around 34-38 days. Im so stressed out about this and I gas as well. What do you think its going on. I really dont believe in pregnant because I had sex like 7 days ago and I think its way to early, do u think my period is coming or not.plus were not ready to have a baby yet cause we just got married and we want to enjoy the married life for a little bit before we have children. and is it even common to get pregnant on the first time with only one day of sex. Please no rude comments cause I know I will stress out even MORE
A: It sound like you're ovulating. You are extra fertile now. Be sure to use a condom if you're not ready to concieve.
Girl PMS.. Are you a bitch when you have your period?
Q: I have been on birth control since I was a Senior in high school. I was 18 at the time. I took them to help make my period lighter. I was having heavy periods at the time. I took several different kinds through out that year. Last year I was on Yaz. I heard so many side effects and ways that Yaz could do to you. So I quit taking that and now I am taking Junel(its a generic) kind. It is great. When I took Yaz I had bad cramps and headaches. I would have a headache the whole week before my period and during it. I took Ponstel(medicine my doctor prescribed me) and it helped a lot. Now with this new kind I take (Junel) I don't get headaches. I rarely get cramps. If I do, they start before and maybe a little during it. They do not cause a lot of stress. When I took Yaz, I had bad mood swings when I ate chocolate it didn't do anything. My period will start Wed. I got in a really big bitchy mood tonight. I have never gotten in a bitchy mood before with taking Junel. Not this bad. But I just ate a chocolate chip cookie and I am normal. Why is that? I haven't had much chocolate lately. I have ulcers in my stomach and take medicine for it. I am not suppose to drink coke or eat chocolate. But when I am on my period I can eat chocolate. It helps my cramps and my mood a lot. But what made me be such a bitch tonight?
A: YES ...YES.....and YES! Major B^^^^h!!!!! I feel sorry for you and me! Gotta l-o-v-e that chocolate!It's called hormones, plain and simple. They can really mess you up.

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