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What are the symptoms of a menstrual period

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A:Uh ... you mean besides bleeding? Symptoms of a menstrual period can be bloating, cramps, fatigue and tender breasts. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-of-a-menstrual-period ]
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What Are the Symptoms of a Menstrual Period?
A menstrual period, the time of the month when a woman's uterus sheds its lining, can vary greatly from woman to woman. Not only does the length and frequency vary, but the symptoms of a menstrual period differ as well. Some women may find ...
Is Clumsiness a Symptom of a Menstrual Period?
・ Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels rise and fall during the average menstrual cycle, and... ・ Right before a woman's menstrual period starts, the levels of all three major hormones are at their lowest... ・ Low levels of testos...
Is a disorder that causes symptoms of psychological depression du...?
Some women describe the time before their periods as a roller coaster of emotions. Others feel like they become somebody else. And for millions, these symptoms actually significantly interfere with their daily activities. Sound like PMS? ...

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What are the exact symptoms of the menstrual period?
Q: I used to think that the first and second day of the menstrual period was the hardest, then it seemed like the third was hard, but now it's switched to the fourth day seeming to be particularly difficult. These symptoms seem also to be improved by gentle exercise, (but not too intensive) and usually I assume it's not a good idea to be out doing much, except sometimes other experiences can improve it. What can you expect for each day, is it different, worse, better, or does it vary?
A: Usualy the second day is the heaviest for the menstrual flow but you were right ,everyone is different some stert out with a bang and day one is heavy and taper off until day three or four and by day five its gone and that also changes as we get older your cycle can vary from time to time and certainly inyour earlier years when you first start your period and again as you get into your late thirties and on when your body starts making less hormones to the point of total cestation of your period (menopause).also Its good to stay active even with your period if you can some are to uncomfortable and thats fine too ,although exercise is great at anytime the only drawback at period time is you may flow more but you judge for your self if your uncomfortable slow down.improving your period is like a cold it just has to run its coarse but yes you can do things to make it easier like if your in pain a warm heating pad on your belly helps or like you said some light exercise if all else fail some tylenol and some hot herbal ted and relax.take heart in knowing your not alone .we all deal with this mostly every month.
No period but pre-menstrual/period symptoms for over 2 weeks...NOT PREGNANT.?
Q: Ok, I AM NOT PREGNANT. However, my period is late. Just started Cerazette (on what I assumed was my first day of period as I had some bloody discharge - was travelling for hours so took 1st pill so I could relax!), and asked a nurse and she said my period should arrive as the pill won't stop my periods within just 3 days of starting it.So, I wondered whether anybody has experience of this.I am taking Citalopram and Minocyclin as well. I have an IUD, and I know for sure I am not pregnant...Would really appreciate some ideas, as I don't know where my period has gone!!Thank you!xxStarted Cerazette last Friday, day 30 of cycle.really would like some help here....it's driving me mad!Got crampy pains but NOTHING!Please!!!
A: It may be that you have misjudged your cycle or you are stressed and your period is late. Perhaps take another preg test in a week or so if no period arrives..Sometimes periods just don't come and if it doesn't come the next month and pregnancy isn't the cause, the situation should be reviewed with your GP.Having said that, if you're on Cerazette, your periods may pretty much disappear, with only some irregular bleeding or spotting, but not yet as your nurse said. Hang in there...
What could these symptoms be? Besides from a pending menstrual period?
Q: So I'm almost two weeks late my lmp was on January 15th. I states getting cramps in the end of January. I took an hpt last Saturday and that was negative. I took a rite aid store brand digital one today at 4 and that came back negative. I started getting sore nipples yesterday, I've had hot flashes for a week. And I keep getting rushes of wetness that I think is my period but isn't. My question is can u relate and whab was the outcome? Thanks
A: I would definately suggest making an appointment to see your doctor URGENTLY to confirm whether you are in fact pregnant or if there is an underlying health issue at hand. If your LMP (last menstrual period) was January 15th and you are 2wks late (if your periods are regular), you really should see a doctor. It is true that sometimes you get a negative result on a pregnancy test, perhaps your pregnancy hormone hCg is too low for the test to detect.The sore nipples could indicate pregnancy, although only your doctor can really confirm this for you. Good luck!

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