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What are symptoms of pupils that don't dilate

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A:Pupils not dilating is a symptom serious enough that a doctor should be consulted to rule out tumor, Multiple Sclerosis, aneurysm. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-of-pupils-that-don%27t-dilate ]
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What are symptoms of pupils that don't dilate
Pupils not dilating is a symptom serious enough that a doctor should be consulted to rule out tumor, Multiple Sclerosis, aneurysm.

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Does these symptoms mean my cat(s) have rabies?
Q: My cat ran outside one night and wouldn't come back for over an hour, until there was a scary series of screaming (I think a coyote) when he came running back. My dad told me to watch for signs of rabies. I haven't noticed anything, but today (about 1 week and a few days after that night), my dad says that the whole day he was sitting in the laundry room on a pile of towels, instead of trying to run outside to the patio when my dad opens the door (there is some kind of war b/t them) or trying to open the door to upstairs (which he can usually do very well). He has caught mice coming from the laundry room so I think he might have seen a mouse and just been waiting to catch it. When I came downstairs though, he ran to me and sat on my lap so I could pet him (he's not usually a lap cat....is that bad?). I just researched the symptoms of car rabies: * Prodromal phase generally last for 1-2 days in cats and they may develop fever spikes and erratic behavior. You may notice a significant change in cat’s temperament. An active cat may become shy or nervous and calm cat may become agitated. Other symptoms of cat rabies in this phase include excessive drooling, dilated pupils and snapping at imaginary objects. * After 2-3 days, cats are most likely to develop the second stage namely furious phase. During this excitatory phase, an exaggerated response to any stimulus can be observed. There may be strange, abnormal changes in cat’s appetite and it may start eating and swallowing stones, sticks and other objects. The cat may wander aimlessly, may bite itself and have a voice change. The cat may have aggressive, violent behavior towards others, including its owner. * Sometimes, cat may show the third stage, paralytic or dumb phase. During this phase, cat may get extremely depressed. You may see your cat with gape open mouth and protruded tongue. Progressive paralysis may result in paralysis of entire body. The cat may become weaker and there may be respiratory failure. This phase is followed by death of cat.but I don't think any of them apply to what I just explained. Please help and tell me if this behaviour is also a symptom, since I have to know whether I can let him lick me/ touch him or if I have to ....have him killed.P.S. - I have another cat who never goes outside b/c he's a perfect good little boy and he's been acting normal (sweet and shy). How can I tell if my other cat has spread something to him or not.Thanks
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Strange Symptoms - What's Wrong?
Q: Ok, I'm convinced there's something physically wrong with me but my GP maintains that my symptoms are caused by Anxiety and Depression. About 5 or 6 months ago I started twitching randomly after a couple of health scares(swollen feet/ankles which was due to minoxidil). The twitching was generally all over my body immediately. Anyway, that has continuted for the past 6 months without any noticeable additionaly symptoms.Last monday I started Prozac and since then I've noticed a couple of other problems. My pupils are noticeably dilated. They still react to light but they are alot bigger than normal.Also, I'm sure my gag reflex has reduced somewhat. It still goes off but sometimes can take a second or two. Also, it's very hard to make the reflex go off with my finger, but alot easier when using a pen/toothbrush/foreign object. A doctor I spoke to told me the test for a gag reflex was simply "It's either there, or it's not. Even if you have a desensitised gag reflex it still indicates that brain stem function is intact." I don't know though. I've not noticed any problems with swallowing food/juice but sometimes I do get some saliva at the back of my throat(this is probably normal and I'm over thinking things).I've got a Drs appointment on thursday but I'm completely panicking at the moment. I've pretty much got it in my head that I've either got ALS or a Brain Stem Tumour. I know this is unlikely at 21 but I just can't see any other reason for my symptoms.
A: Hello,I think your doc must have had more reasons than you are telling us, to have started you on Prozac. Have you not had any depression, up-and-down moods, sleep disturbance, loss of weight, that sort of thing?I imagine your doc has sent a blood test off, to exclude an over-active thyroid gland, and the result was negative?The dilated but reactive pupils, might be a side-effect of the Prozac. A very mild side-effect.The reduction in gag reflex might also be a (mild) side effect of the Prozac. I advise you to stick with them, they can take up to a fortnight to work, (I'm sure your doc told you that) : )I think it's very, very unlikely that you have either ALS or a brain stem tumour.I hope this is of some help.Best wishes,Belligerretired uk gp
The symptoms I have what could they be to?
Q: I've been getting very little to no sleep because when I do rest. I always wake up with a rapid heartbeat. It feels as if I had just run the marathon. It has happened these past three nights. I've been getting less and less sleep because of it too. My sleep feels almost as if it is fragmented. I First off I am an 18 year old male with no serious health problems to my knowledge, however i woke up yesterday in a panic so I decided a shower would help and it didn't. I looked and the mirror and I had absolutely no retina my pupils were completely dilated so I called 911. Ive only recently been having anxiety/panic attacks but they happen when I try to relax. My eyes have been burning and have been bloodshot. They feel feverishly warm. Some other notable symptoms I've been having have been left arm and leg weakness. Pain going from my shoulder blade to my stomach. A pain in my back.Trouble breathing, it feels as if something is swollen below my neckline and any pressure makes It extremely hard to breathe. I've gotten full body chills. My temperature was 94.5 degrees after waking up in one of these panics. I've gotten fatigue as well as dizzyness and those symptoms last from 5 minutes to about 30 to 35 minutes depending on the severity and the amount of stress I inevitably place upon myself after waking up. My first instance of it happened a month and a half ago. I was lying down in bed and I was wondering why my heart was racing. I don't remember if I was trying to sleep or if I had just woken up. Anyways I was extremely dizzy, while in bed. I thought earth was spinning really fast. Meanwhile this was happening everything around me felt like it was shrinking but oddly enough it was expanding, so I freaked and got out of bed, it was 1 in the morning at the time, and that's when I realized I was in a full blown panic. I wasn't able to calm down until 10 in the morning. There's been a few instances inbetween but most noticeably was these past 3 days. I woke up in a panic and I remember the song that was on at the time the chorus seemed to repeat itself ove and over again. The next day was the episode that made me call 911 and I went to the ER. That was yesterday by the way, they told me I was dehydrated but I've been drinking lots of water before and even more after then. Now this morning I awoke to another one but on a smaller scale. I don't know how I remember all of these but I am exhausted and I just wish I could sleep without worrying about waking up in a panic and being exhausted afterwards.
A: I'm no doctor and you shouldn't take anything I say as serious medical advice.I'm 17, and about 2 months ago I was diagnosed with costochondritiis. (Stabbing chest pains, rib cage pains) I was very concerned when these symptoms started, and I thought I had something wrong with my heart, because most of the stabbing pains were in my chest area. After about a week of worrying and not being able to breathe properly, I began having heart palpitations and like you I was waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heart. I was told this was anxiety because after having an ECG it came back clear. I think what you might be experiencing is something that most of us go through when we become aware of slight abnormalities that get worse with stress and anxiety. My pupils did exactly the same thing. I'm not sure what that reaction is about.It's very sad and pathetic, but I used to sit there at night feeling my palse because I was afraid that it wasn't right. Don't do this! It makes it all so much worse. Try and relax and tell yourself that if it was anything serious something would have happened by now. Also try sleeping with a few more pillows, this helped me sleep better.Stress can cause many of the symptoms you have been having.But I think you should go and seek proper medical advice. It might be that they give you an ECG and put you on anxiety pills to calm you down.I hope you get better soon, and that it is nothing serious!Good luck,x

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