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What are symptoms of a drunk

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Symptoms of alcohol intoxication include confusion, lack of coordination, and unsteadiness that makes it hard to stand or walk. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-of-a-drunk ]
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What are symptoms of DRUNK ?
wino; sot; rummy; inebriate; drunkard; drunk
Is there a medical condition that causes drunk like symptoms??
it could be a diabetic crisis- the breath often also smells like alcohol because of the ketoacidosis, so someone smelling of drink and slurring speech, staggering, can be ignored by passers by in the street. See a doctor....today!
How does phenylephrine compare to pseudoephedrine as far as safet...?
Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine are both nasal decongestants that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved as being safe and effective for the treatment of sinus and nasal congestion, when used as directed.

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What are the symptoms of being drunk?
Q: Please tell me the symptoms you feel first, all the way to being completely drunk.What about the symptoms of having an alcohol buzz?
A: LOL.If you just have a buzz, like if you've only had a glass or two (depending on your weight and build) you'll feel:-happy-warm-tingly in the limbs-a bit light headed (but not unpleasantly so).When you get this lovely buzz going it's a good time to slow down your drinking or even quit for the night.After a few too many you:-get louder-make bad jokes-possibly even get emotional-slur your speech-lose some motor co-ordination-lose your inhibitions and become fearless and can't judge your limitations.That's when you become the party crasher. In short - a nuisance.If you've had WAY too many you can:-black out and lose big chunks of your memory-pass out cold-vomit (ew)-some people have even been known to wet themselves (ew, ew, ew)-overdose-and even dieThat's not fun at all.The best part about drinking alcohol is just that early buzz that happens during the first two drinks or so. The temptation is to "keep chasing it" but you really can't. It's a chemical response that's happening in your body with only that ammount of liquor. It lasts an hour or so and then either fades away, or becomes a nuisance if you keep slamming them back.Once your happy little buzz wears off, if you've still got time, you can always enjoy the experience all over again by having a couple more LOL!Just don't chase the buzz with continuous drinking over the night, you just get drunk and become less aware of the pleasant feeling - and you lose control in the process.
Q: I know a friend who is freaking out; here are her symptoms:Drunk,No Fever,She is cold but sweating,Breathing extremely dangerously and quick,Panicking,12:14pm, no inhaler, no way of getting to a doctor,And she has somewhat-strong emotions.My brother is talking to her on the phone *right now* and we need to know what to do.She is freaking out, and I am beginning to get worried. What do we need to do?! I need help NOW
A: Have her breath into a paper bag to get rid of the hyperventilation. Call 911. At the hospital, they need to check which drugs she is on and if there is a reaction between the drugs and alcohol. Do you know what drugs she is on?
What about if there is no cold sores present at the time of sharing a drink? No symptoms?
Q: So, if you have HSV-1 but there is no symptoms present at the time and you share a drink with someone, can that person get it?
A: Yes, definitely... yes..There are two.. herpes simplex viruses..upper.. and lower herpes..most all people have it.. threw out the USA... some too mild to notice.. I have had upper early on as a child.. it has to do with Ur nervous system.... good luck..don't drink after anyone or wash body often..

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