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What are symptoms for sjogrens

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Sjogren's symptoms are swallowing difficulties, dental decay, gum disease, mouth sores and swelling, stones and/or infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-for-sjogrens ]
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What are symptoms for sjogrens
Sjogren's symptoms are swallowing difficulties, dental decay, gum disease, mouth sores and swelling, stones and/or infection.
Can anyone share your symptoms of Sjogrens?
The symptoms of Sjogren's syndrome... Dry eyes Dry mouth Dental cavities Fatigue Enlarged parotid glands — one particular set of your salivary glands, located behind your jaw and in front of your ears Difficulty swallowing or chewing Change...
Is swelling of the face a symptom of sjogrens syndrome??
Sjogren Syndrome Symptoms. Symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome could include fatigue, dry mouth, dry eyes, tooth decay, and vaginal dryness...

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I have an autoimmune disease that the doctors have not pin pointed yet. How long do I have to wait to see....
Q: which one I have? Well, I do have Raynaud's Syndrome but symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome. The dry mouth and eyes with painful stomach aches. Symptoms of Lupus and MS. What are they waiting for?I spent seven years with symptoms such as a strange gait, blurred vision, seizures, low blood sugar, loss of muscle tone pain in all of my body, extreme fatigue and forgetfullness. I had my gall bladder removed and all the symptoms disappeared. I have not had any of these for two years now.
A: They are probably waiting to see how your symptoms develop to indicate which autoimmune disease is more likely. I'm sure your anxious, so here are a few things you might want to ask about (though you may have covered them already). You have probably been tested for ANA, antinuclear antibodies. This test is positive in about 90% of lupus patients, and also high numbers of other autoimmune sufferers. If you are positive, then the pattern of the ANA (e.g., speckled, diffuse) can tell the doctors more about which conditions are likely.Another thing to consider is an MRI of your brain, if you haven't already received one. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis requires visual confirmation of 2 lesions on the brain. A complication of lupus, CNS vasculitis, can also cause similar lesions, but is much less common and particularly unlikely at this stage given your specific symptoms. Therefore, an MRI could be extremely helpful. Another test that can be helpful in ruling out MS is a spinal tap.I'm not qualified to say this, but I can't help noticing that your symptoms are highly indicative of lupus, and not really of MS. You do not mention any of the tell-tale signs of MS-- involvement of the vision; paresthesias; headaches; tightness in the chest, etc. Neither Raynaud's nor Sjogren's is commonly assosciated with MS, while they are classic indicators of lupus, especially appearing together. However, be sure also that your doctors do not miss the possibility of other autoimmune conditions with less cache', such as Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.
Whats wrong with me? Any medical ideas? Sjogrens?
Q: I have numerous symptoms which may/not be related but they make everyday life a chore. Can anyone tell me if they think these are related or if it sound slike i might have sjogrens?I need lots sleep 10-11 hrs at night and a nap afternoon, itchy sore red eyes, dry nose and mouth, dry cough, spitting up flem, vaginal dryness, some lethargy, problems with concentration, dry patches on arms, regular sinus problems and sore throats, sinus headaches, regular thrush, regular conjunctivitis and regular bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. I also ahve hayfever and lost allergies.My GP says i dont have astma but i take ventolin inhalers and budesonide which stop my dry cough and the flem and a nasal steroid for my nose but as soon as i stop taking them they come back. I take antihistamines most days too.Please help if anyone has any ideas much appreciaed as im not even really sure where to start with what to say to dr...
A: Forget the miracle crap, hon, listed above... just a good way to separate you from your money.Before seeing your next doc, do some investigation of your own. Are your sinus problems related to the season, pollens, etc.?? That you have thrush (I'm assuming in your mouth) indicates that your immune system isn't working properly. Begin with diet... lots of people have allergies that show up in the weirdest ways. Most allergists suggest that you eliminate a diet problem with starting from scratch... a chore to be sure. Begin with nothing but lamb and whole grain rice for a week (as well, be sure that there are not things in your environment that are setting things off)Then add one thing to that every three days --- of course keep a diary.Many people have allergies to strawberries, melons, pork to name a few.... wheat, dairy products peanuts are all big ones as well. (You may be taking medicines that knock down one thing, only to cause something else to occur...)If you add too many things too quickly, you may not be able to pin point your exact problem(s). So your investigation can start from exposure to a few things, and increase to find your problem, as suggested above or you can stay where your are with your present exposures, and add things that help most people....Several things for sure you ought to do... eliminate white things from your diet... sugar, corn sweeteners which are in most soft drinks, white flower, white bread, cakes, pies, anything, really, that is man made. Buy the book by Andrew Weil, MD called The Anti-inflammatory Diet... He's no nut case, Harvard trained, and well thought of in the field. It may be that you have genetic markers for Shoengrin's or other conditions that you may indeed be able to control by diet. Many physicians are now recommending that you use a probiotic...expensive, but at least over the counter... Align is one, and Culturelle is another... capsules that contain good bacteria that you need for proper digestion. Most docs as well suggest that you eliminate all saturated fats from your diet, eat more veggies that you steam, and fruits. Use olive oil on your salids, not a salad dressing... Eggs are a good source of fatss, and protein if you have no allergy to them.... do some research to see if milk products are setting you off, and be sure your elimination is daily --- stool softeners, magnesium oxide, with lots of water... (2-3 tabs several times per day with lots of water). Steak, fatty meats, fried things, fast foods etc, ought to be eliminated. You can lower your cholesteral by 30 point in less than two months if your breakfast is 1/4 c boiled Scottish oats (steel cut oats) with some milk (test first) blue berries, walnuts, ground flax seed meal (also see if you have a nut allergy before you begin using this food as well)You didn't tell me your age,weight, level of activity, what kind of job you do, what your exposures are to plant materials, or household chemicals, or much else, so I'm a bit stranded. Write if you have questions.
Cause of dry mucous membranes?
Q: FIRSTLY, PLEASE NOTE:- I have tested negative for ALL Sjogrens tests including salivary gland biopsy- I am not taking any medication that causes dryness - the only thing I am taking is a magnesium citrate supplement- I drink ALOT of water daily, so I am not dehydrated.After a 2-3 month highly stressful period, with little to no sleep, I developed dry mucous membranes. SYMPTOMS INCLUDE:Dry sore mucous membrane of eyes (constant burning sensation, very irritating)Dry crusty nasal pasages (no boogers at all)Dry throat - raspy with dry coughDry mouth - reduced saliva flow, this interferes with sleeping as it keeps waking me up.Dry Aching Ears - No earwax at all.I am getting quite desperate as these symptoms are not getting any better, even though it has been several months since the stressful/insomnia period passed. Does anyone know what has caused this mucous membrane dryness? I am 25 years old, and was in peak health until this happened.
A: There are several other illnesses that can cause Sjogrens-like symptoms, some of them aren't pleasant, but please don't shoot the messenger, Im just trying to give you some ideas to research :)Hepatitis virus, retroviral (HIV or HTLV) viral infection, depression, sarcoidosis, autonomic neuropathy (often associated with multiple sclerosis or diabetes), and tumors that can infiltrate the lacrimal or salivary glands. Also, low-grade infections termed blepharitis or oral yeast infections may cause symptoms of painful eyes and mouth.

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