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What are causes of brain bleeding, and is overdosing a cause

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A:Certain drugs such as Vesanoid, Clopidogrel, and Plavix can cause brain bleeding. Aneurysm & Brown Snake Poisoning also cause it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-causes-of-brain-bleeding%2C-and-is-overdosing-a-cause ]
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What are causes of brain bleeding, and is overdosing a cause?
Certain drugs such as Vesanoid, Clopidogrel, and Plavix can cause brain bleeding. Aneurysm & Brown Snake Poisoning also cause it.

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My friend overdosed on drugs- HELP?
Q: I went over to surprise my friend with a pizza, when I got there he was acting strange and said he was on mescaline and mushrooms.Does anyone know anything about these drugs? I know that they cause brain damage by making your brain bleed a TINY bit and you hallucinate.So I had to help him, he had taken so much I just knew he was second away form ODing!He had already eaten some of the pizza and threw the rest at some hallucination at the TV! I was so scared! THESE DRUGS ARE HORRIBLE!I knew that they affect serotonin so I went into the medicine cabinet and found some Benmoxin and Zoloft and gave him those to calm him down... he seems a little better and is just still tripping and weird.I am so scared. I am about to call the cops but I need some help. I did what they say and made him put his head under cold water in the bathtub to stop the bleeding- trust me I know it's right.If you have any knowledge of the horribleness of these drugs... god must of had some reason putting them here but.... :( they are so bad- worse than heroin and meth combined!FUCK! His heart is slowing down really slow.... what do I do? :(:(If he dies I can't be responsible for this!
A: Dont call the cops on him...you cannot overdose on those drugs, they just make you halucinate for 8-10 hours. just let it run it's course and dont worry about it so much.
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Q: A woman died of a bleed on the brain due to a paracetamol overdose in 2001.She was taken to hospital, put on life support, but died. She was in her late twenties.The trouble is her spirit never left the house when her body was removed.When her estranged sister and family came to clear the property she attacked her youngest niece and threw her across the room.In the subsequent years a string of tenants have moved in, all starts well but in a short period of time, they have all become violent, aggressive and caused no end of trouble in this small Close.The tenant before last was aware of the spirits' presence and had a spiritualist in to investigate. He made contact with her and she said she was there 'to protect the children', something she never did for her own children when she was alive.She has been seen and accurately described by the lady next door who never met her when she was alive, both my children and I have sensed her presence over the years when visiting the property and the seven year old child who lives there now has spoken of 'the lady who makes a noise at night'.As usual, in the course of things, we, as a community, are suffering badly with anti-social behaviour of yet another tenant. With any luck he will be removed by the Housing Association very soon, but my question is,How can we get rid of this spirit who, years after her death, is still causing this community so much grief?Perfectly serious Twisted, thanks for the suggestion.Not possible Haunted, her kids were separated to their respective fathers when she died.What's the number Strong but fair?Swwils and Marcus, I pity your narrow minds
A: if you're being serious then call your nearest spiritualist church. they will be able to help you, or at least put you in touch with people who can. and get a sage stick and sage every corner of every room in the house, this can sometimes help too.
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Q: I can barely type. My finggers hurt when I touch the keyboard. I,m on Darvon and I eat tylenol like candy. I,m way past worring about overdose. I cant get quality care for pain managment. I,ve had 6 mri test 5 Catscans. Exrayed to death. Been turned down for At 3 Pain Clinics. Because of prior substance abuse. And by the way I abused drugs because of pain. So much pain that i was in a car accedent. I hit a redwood tree at 60 mph and I walked from it with a shadered face and i almost died from bleeding to death. I turned down pain medician for 8 hours until surgery. Why BECAUSE I SUFFER ALL THE FUCING TIME. I dont mean to be angry but I need help. I tryed marijuana ana hard liquer at a rate of as much as poosibley possible with a unlimited cash flow. That didn't work. Liveing in a haze is unproductive and so boring. Today it took me lying in bed from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm till i could get out of bed and sit in a chair. Unbleavable It took so long till my body was brave anough to sit in a chair because sitting puts to much tention on my back is lick worse then hitting a redwood tree at 60 mph. I feel hopeless. I,m 29 and the last 3 or 4 years have been the same. SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER NO SLEEP NO SLEEP NO SLEEP. I NEED HELP. Is there any thing I can take. No illicit drugs. Already tryed more then my share and there are too many side effects. I called WalGreens and they said to take tylonal and switch it up with ibprofen. Useless. I go to the emergancyroom all the time to get a few pills. I need help. What can I do. I have insurance but the pain clinic says no. Why is the FDA so cold haerted tords peolpe in pain. I wont kill myself because that would cause pain to family and friends. I,m trying to get rid of pain for ____ sake. My left rist has stoped being able to move. I cant walk much or I fall down. And i,m sick of people helping me up. Because then latter I fall down.I,m getting desprate. I cant sleep so my thinking is getting really worped. But i think that its almost time to perform a little surgry on myself. I have been doing research on how pain travels through the spine to the brain. So I want to nick my spinal cord at the base of my scull. A little at a time and addequit time to heal. And repete this DANGORES proceder until i get desired results. Please pray for me and help if you have answears or advice. Thanks
A: I am soo very sorry..i literally "feel" your pain..as i lay in bed all day & cry..i have FMS but really think it is somethin more..but im only 29 so mostly the Docs make me feel like shit for complaining & send me on my way w/ an anti-deppressant! Ok 1st of all im not in pain bc im depressed, IM DEPRESSED BC IM IN PAIN! I feel the exact way u do..Absolutely..i feel like i am screamin at the top of my lungs for help & noone is listening. I have thought of suicide as well, but have not bc i care about my family! I agree, it seems the medical proffession at large is not compassionate at all. We r just left to suffer! I know opiates arent the answer but r helpful, for severe pain..I cant even get Vicodin..they give me Ultram(not helpful). I do suggest u try Kratom, it is legal & pretty inexpensive, i am lookin into tryin it myself..it is natural, but has painkillin properties. I will pray for you sir..This is just not right! Luv Kellie

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