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Long lasting menstrual cycle

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A:Different things cause extended menstrual cycles, like a cyst on an ovary, early miscarriage, or hormonal irregularity. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/long-lasting-menstrual-cycle ]
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How long does a menstrual cycle last?
Every woman's menstral cycle is different, some women only bleed for a few day's, to where other's can bleed up to 8 days, your body knows how long to menastrate.
Why is your menstrual cycle lasting longer than 30 days?
mine appears to be 40 days or more at the moment and im really worried
Why is my menstrual cycle is lasting longer than 3 weeks??
If it is not because of natural changes due to stress or life changing incidents you should really go see your doctor. If you are sexually active it is a sign of an STD that could possibly show no other symptoms: Chlamydia. It could be preg...

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Long lasting menstrual cycle, what is happening?
Q: Okay, I usually get the normal period which lasts 5-6 days. I skipped a period ( I think because I was stressing) and when I finally got it, it was very light and brown. That lasted for a week. Then after that it started getting heavy. So pretty much I've been on my period for two weeks. Why do you think that is?
A: Well it could just be your body trying to get itself back to normal. The next time you get your period it might be your normal period. But if it gets increasingly worse, eg; heavier, longer, or you stop getting it...then it could be something like polycystic ovarian syndrome. And that should be checked by your gyno.http://women.webmd.com/tc/polycystic-ovary-syndrome-pcos-topic-overviewGood Luck.
long lasting Menstrual Cycle?
Q: im 22 and very sexually active i missed my period for 2 months straight but there was no sign of pregnancy.i went to the Dr. and they told me i was just stressing about it. i finally got my period but its really heavy and it has lasted for about 3 weeks and no sign of stopping.my friends say it could be my hormones since i haven't had sex for about 3 months. can somebody give me their opinion please
A: Well if you've already visited the doctors and they said you're fine, then you're fine.And how sexually active actually plays a lot into your menstrual cycle. Just wait it out a bit, and if it's persistent and doesn't lighten up, take another trip down to the doctor's office.Just don't stress about it too much because that too may be influencing it.
long lasting heavy menstrual cycle?
Q: I have been on my period for 6 weeks now, and it shows no signs of stopping. I'm not having cramps but I am dropping heavy clots. what should I do?
A: When menstrual bleeding is heavy, clotting can also occur. Losing large clots can be extremely upsetting and even painful if they are large because they can cause cramping as they pass through the cervix. There is a simple explanation as to why these large clots are formed. All blood contains a clotting factor. To enable menstrual blood to flow freely from the uterus (womb) and leave your body without clotting, the uterus produces an anti-clotting agent. But if the menstrual loss is heavy, it is possible that the anti-clotting agent will be used up before a period has finished, so that the remaining blood is likely to form clots.Some causes of heavy menstrual bleeding# Unexplained - for half of all cases no cause can be found.# Contraceptive coil (IUD) - the coil can cause heavier, longer periods.# Injectable contraception (Depo Provera) - can cause heavy or prolonged bleeding.

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