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Is menstrual blood supposed to smell bad

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A:Menstrual blood does have a distinct odor, but it is likely only you that can smell it. It's usually not detected distance away. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-menstrual-blood-supposed-to-smell-bad ]
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Is menstrual blood supposed to smell bad
Menstrual blood does have a distinct odor, but it is likely only you that can smell it. It's usually not detected distance away.

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Delayed period on Clomid? CONFUSED w/emotional effects, questions, etc.?
Q: New to posting anything on websites but very confused about effects of Clomid. Here is my situation:First baby was conceived after having a HSG test and trying for 6 months, born in November 2007. Now onto baby #2...I have been trying for 7 months, take my prenatal, healthy ovulator but bad cysts. I have 7 on my right and 5 on my left and pretty ample size. This time around I have already had a hyrdrosonogram. I started my menstrual cycle on November 4 and started my first round of Clomid on the 8th-12th. I got a positive ovulation on Day 16 and tried numerous times throughout the fertile time and after just in case. One thing I noticed is that I had NO cervical mucuous when I started Clomid.I was supposed to get my period on December 2nd and here I am on Day #34 and still do not have my period. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests but both came back negative. I have suddenly become very sensitive to different smells and was nauseated/dry heaving yesterday and this past Friday. My emotions are on a roller coaster and so confused.My question is to the people that took 100mg of Clomid, did you have a delayed period and if so how long after did you get your period? I am going on 6 days late. Could it be possible that I am pregnant and is too early to show up? I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to have blood test done. But I cant think of anything else right now at work.In addition, did Clomid make you feel like you are pregnant and put you on an emotional rollercoaster? I feel like I could crawl out of my skin with Clomid, have had a hard time emotionally with it. Next step would be Provera and then more Clomid but the first round has made me so emotionally sensitive that I am scared to continue with it.Any experiences/opinions is greatly appreciated
A: when i took 50 mg of clomid i would get my period 4 days late. my breasts would hurt and i was nauseous and i thought i was pregnant and i wasn't. also, before i took clomid my periods would never hurt, after taking it they hurt terribly cramps in my stomach and in my back, even if i dont do treatments. i took FSH shots in the end.edit: about the CM you and someone else wrote about, clomid causes hostile mucus which kills sperm in 30% of women who take it. i did a PCT and they told the sperm was dead, so we did an IUI.
Feel like I've been hit by a truck...Celiac?
Q: Hi guys, I'm hoping that someone can give me insight into what I've been feeling lately. Since around late may of last year I've been getting these strange & annoying symptoms. In late march I got an ear infection (I think water in the ear), took some antibiotics, and was ok. Then I started getting tension headaches, indigestion, and then the stomach issues started. At first, I kept having to go to the bathroom after eating. Then sometimes I wouldn't need to go at all after eating. Then I started getting "attacks" of diarrhea (occasional) that was filled with mucus, sometimes it would be bloody. When I'm about to get these attacks, I always feel a gurgling in my rectum. It looks like fat or something, and sometimes it floats on the water. I get indigestion/heartburn everyday. I always get gurgling in my throat, constant burping/passing gas, painful muscles spasms/cramps (intermittent), painful mouth sores (intermittent), dizzy spells (have gotten these since 4th grade), chills, eye pain (sharp/stabbing/ dull ache), eye floaters, in june of 2007 the eye doctor (specialist) said my eyes were a little inflamed, in feb of 2008, the regular eye doctor said my eyes were fine, my clothes are getting looser (but the scale says I weigh the same. I don't lose any weight, I just stay at the same weight), shortness of breath (sometimes turning in bed or climbing stairs causes shortness of breath), rotten egg burps (1 or 2 hours before I'm going to throw up. Had this since elementary school), Fatigue (more so than usual), ataxia (not horrible, but slightly noticeable) I always find me "catching" myself lately, panic attack symptoms (rapid heartbeat, hot flashes, chills, shortness of breath), loss of appetite, other times am starving, I usually feel worse after eating, irritable moods, headaches, tingling in my extremities, uti like symptoms when on period, menstrual irregularity (has been like this since I first got my period at age 11), constipation (hard stools tend to tear my anus), my allergies have been worse (stuffy nose, runny itchy eyes), last time I had my blood pressure checked the assistant said it was a little low (108 over something), my celiac levels were a little elevated, as were my WBC count. I get these weird sensations in my ears like high pitched ringing or fluttering wings or something. I do have ocd an anxiety disorders, but something just doesn't feel right. Everyone just disregards me saying that it's all in my mind, or that it's just IBS. I was supposed to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done, But I'm paranoid about catching infectious diseases from unsterilized tools. Do any of you with celiac ever have these symptoms? Or do you think it could all be in my mind? It's just too many things to be all in my mind.* 9 minutes ago* - 3 days left to answer.Additional Details9 minutes agoI've just turned 20, and I also experience abdominal cramps/spasms.Thank you!7 minutes agoAnd also muscle weakness. When I get that "fat" stuff, it smells worse than usual.* 17 hours ago* - 3 days left to answer.Additional Details17 hours agoI did get tested for parasites, but they didn't find anything. I keep seeing these white things in my stool, and the doctor said it's food particles. * 22 minutes ago * - 3 days left to answer.Additional Details20 minutes agoI do have ocd and stress a lot. But this pain and stuff does not feel normal! I woke up this morning my whole body aching, feeling nauseous, weak, headaches, tired. And everyone says that it's all in my mind. I must have a pretty powerful mind then to make myself feel this horrible. I've also had an HIV test in december (7 months after my exposure) and it was negative.I'm not sexually active.
A: I feel for ya hon, I really do. I'm sure you know by now that the ONLY treatment for celiac disease is to eat a gluten-free diet. Many foods contain gluten, as do some common things you wouldn't think about, like postage stamps and envelopes that you have to lick, and some medications. The only way to lessen symptoms and heal the intestine is to not consume ANY gluten again, ever. Even the tiniest amount can cause intestinal damage and a recurrence of symptoms. Here's you a good website for information, food choices, and support:http://www.celiac.com/Also remember that stress can trigger bouts, and make it worse, so be sure your OCD is well-managed. If you're not undergoing treatment for that, get started right away.

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