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Is menstrual blood black

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A:Menstrual blood becomes dark brown or almost black as you near the end of your period. This is a normal color change. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-menstrual-blood-black ]
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Is menstrual blood black
Menstrual blood becomes dark brown or almost black as you near the end of your period. This is a normal color change. ChaCha!
Does menstrual blood turn black under hot water?
I have not tried it, but it does not sound right. Go to kidshealth.org and try snopes.com.
Why Is Menstrual Blood Black Sometime?
Sometimes, menstrual blood remains in the uterus for a day or two before being passed out. In these cases, you will have noticed a flow of particularly dark blood that could even appear black or brown. In the absence of any other symptoms o...

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Why is my menstrual period blood black?
Q: I usually have dark brown/black blood come on the first and last day of my period but this time it has been the WHOLE period. I've taken a pregnancy test w/a negative result but it is now my 7th day and my period usually only lasts 5-6days w/regular blood in between. I haven't gotten any cramps either.Is there something that could be wrong or should I wait and take another pregnancy test later?
A: Dont worry. I get the same thing too at times.What that is, is Discharge. It is not blood. It can come out brown or a very dark brown to make it look black. Its perfectly normal, and no your not pregnant.
what does it mean when you have black menstrual blood?
Q: does it mean that i'm unhealthy or is it due to the food i ate?
A: Most of the time, dark/blackish menstrual blood is simply what's known as "old blood." The color depends on the rate at which the bleeding occurs; the slower the bleeding, the blacker in color the blood becomes. Hope that helps!
Dark brown/black menstrual blood?
Q: My period has always been bright red. I am 17 years old and female, and today I had bad cramps and now found dark brown, practically black blood for my period(due today). I'm not sexually active. Is this normal?
A: Yes, this is normal! The brown colour merely means old blood, while the black could be the same thing. However, I find that when my period is VERY heavy, with a lot of blood at once, it's a very very dark red colour, almost black, simply from the amount of blood together at a time.Also, to add, the lining that is also shed with the blood is usually a blackish colour for me. Does it look more solid than just blood? This is another possibility for you.

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