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Is it normal to feel a pulse in your stomach

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A:You may have an abdominal aortic aneurysm if the pulse is located in once place and felt it with your fingers. Contact a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-to-feel-a-pulse-in-your-stomach ]
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Is it normal to feel your pulse in your stomach?
Ooh, medical questions, I love me some medical questions! Actually, no, I don’t, and I have this to say to you, pulse-stomach-searcher: NEVER CONSULT DOCTOR GOOGLE ON THESE MATTERS. Doctor Google is not a good doctor. He is a wicked, evil d...
Can you feel your pulse in your stomach?
It is possible, but it isn't the easiest way. It would be easier just to find your pulse on your wrist, neck, or over your heart. The pulse that you feel near your stomach region is from the abdominal aorta, the aorta is a large artery that...
Why can i feel my pulse in my stomach?
Feeling the pulse is one of the hallmarks of the medical profession, and has been for many a century. As well as being informative, this action can give the doctor something physical to do while he takes time to think. The rhythm may be reg...

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Is it normal to feel a pulse/heartbeat in your stomach?
Q: If I put my hand on my stomach I can feel a pulse/heartbeat. Is that just a normal pulse like in your wrist or neck?
A: no, it is not normalhowever, if u have had an injury or used ur stomach in a way that ur body is not used to, that mite contribute to that pulse feeling.
is it normal to feel a pulse in your stomach? could be anxiety or heartbeat? not sure i do have tension?
Q: I have always had anxiety and depression problems but i have always had a feeling of being aware or concious of my heartbeat and you can see it pulsing through my shirt when i lie down...and you can feel it in my lower stomach.(could be from tension and posture)I sometimes feel it in my ear when lieing on the pillow on the side..maybe im too aware of things but is this normal? I have had a basic blood test comming back ok. slightly higher liver enzymes but it could be all the supplements like fishoil and gaba an vitamins i takehow do I relax my stomach muscles? i tried stretching back in an arch but I always feel pressure on my stomach. im also double jointed in my shoulders and can skip with my arms lol. dont know if this has anything to so with it,thanksthank you maybe i feel my abdominal aorta because my stomach has been very tense for a long time due to anxiety....i cant seem to relax it or keep my posture right...just now typing this i have a weight in my somtach and concious of the pulse..but its not bothering me as much. lol
A: How about you go to your doctor and tell him? It might be an aneurysm that could go at any moment!
Is it normal for your heart to beat in your stomach?
Q: I was walking around at work today and i felt this weird irregular pulse just below my ribcage on the right hand side. Its happened again a few times since then this afternoon.I was wondering if this was normal or if i should worry! I took one too many laxatives a couple of days ago which could have caused it but i'd guess that they've worn off now and i haven't felt the pulse up until now!Anyone know what the pulse means?
A: Yes it's your aorta that you can see pulsating.You have most likely just felt a flutter in your stomach, could even be trapped wind or indigestion

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