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Is it bad to be able to feel your heartbeat in your stomach

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A:It is usually normal to feel the pulse in the stomach area, but you should be evaluated for abdominal aortic aneurysm by a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-be-able-to-feel-your-heartbeat-in-your-stomach ]
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Is it bad to be able to feel your heartbeat in your stomach?
It is usually normal to feel the pulse in the stomach area, but you should be evaluated for abdominal aortic aneurysm by a doctor.

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Shouldn't my stomach be starting to get hard at 6 weeks?
Q: I have had 2 silent miscarriage in the past 14 months trying for our 1st baby. We recently found out we were pregnant again and were obviously overjoyed but still very frightened of it happening again. The 1st time we lost i had no idea until i went to my 12 week EDD and they told us our baby was only measuring 8 weeks with no heartbeat. The 2nd time i was having terrible pains at 6 weeks so they gave me an early scan - we saw the babys heartbeating and everything. They booked us in for an appointment 2 weeks later for our EDD only to find that this baby had died too. It was such a shock especially after the previous scan only 2 weeks ago show a strong heartbeat. It is so frightening that I seem to have no idea that things could be wrong until a scan confirms the worst, so this time round i am panicing like mad. I am now in my 6th week of pregnancy and I dont 'feel' pregnant, other than slightly sore breasts and slight waves of sickness now and then. My stomach isnt hard and im sure it should at least start to feel like it is by now?. Our appointment with our midwife isnt until next friday and i am starting to wonder if i should ring the Early Assessment Unit before then and explain how i am feeling to see if they could book me in for another early scan? I was hoping that i might be able to make a better decision on what to do by asking the ladies on here if they could tell me if you could feel your stomach growing harder at this stage? I am so frightened that we are going to lose again but i know there is nothing we can do to stop it even if we are. Thank you for your answers xxx
A: Your stomach should only feel "hard" first thing in the morning before you go to the toilet, because your bladder is fuller. Once you relieve yourself it'll go soft again. Your stomach should NEVER feel very "hard" or solid any other time as this is a bad sign. I have had 5 pregnancies and after the 1st mc I began to panic about how soft I was until my consultant told me it was a bad thing to be solid. Even women 30 weeks plus, don't have rock hard tummies. It is always slightly squishy regardless of your gestation.
Any advice? No Fetal Heartbeat on Vaginal Ultrasound?
Q: I had my second prenatal appt Dec. 2, 2008. The first day of my LMP was Sept. 21, 2008. I was under the impression I was/am 10 weeks. My periods have been irregular since coming off the pill in Sept. 2007.The doctor was not able to find a fetal heartbeat using 4 different handheld dopplers on me so I was whisked away for a transvaginal ultrasound. I was told by the ultrasound technician that my uterus was tilted/tipped/kattywhompkus. I sensed that the ultrasound was not going super great by the technicians demeanor and her question "are you sure the first day of your LMP was Sept. 21?" I am, it was. I went back to the doc's office after the tech reviewed my ultrasound with the radiologist in the bowels of the hospital somewhere (I did not witness this, I was "toweling off" and getting dressed while she was away). The nurse directed my husband and I down the loooooooooooooong hall to the very last exam room. My stomach was turning inside out the entire time. The doctor came in after speaking to the radiologist and asked me again if I was sure about the first day of my last period - Sept. 21., 2008. Yes, positive. She then said that the "baby measured 6 weeks 5 days" and there "was no fetal heartbeat detected by ultrasound." She went on to add that "the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks 5 days" and that she was "95% sure that the pregnancy was no longer viable." She left my husband and I alone at this time and I completely broke down, he did to in his own way. We have been in a haze ever since. I am going back in 5 extremely long days to get another vaginal ultrasound and meet with my doctor afterwards. She felt fairly strongly that the next course of action would be a D&C. Imagine hearing all this as if it were in an awful, horrendous dream in which you can't talk, that's pretty much where I was. My periods were irregular at best. I came off the pill in Sept. 2007 and did not get another period until March 2008. They have been all over the place since but nothing exceeding 35 days. I *feel* as if I have had some "phantom" periods in the past without bleeding but there is nothing inconclusive about that. I have experienced absolutely no cramping, zero bleeding, nothing. My breasts are as sore as ever and I have packed on some jiggle for sure. I am tired and cranky and - well, I feel pregnant. Is there anyone out there who has had such an experience or heard of such a thing? Good, bad - any info or advice is appreciated. I am a realist but I just feel that there are too many holes here. PS: She did not order any other tests for me, no blood - nothing. Okay - thanks!
A: Oh honey, it sounds like you have already been through so much!!! I am so sorry that you are going through all of this!!! At least you have the love and support of (what sounds like) a great husband!Honestly though, I have never heard of this happening. I really don't know what advice to give you other than to keep your faith up and keep praying. And try not to get yourself too stressed or worked up, that's not good for you at this point in your life. I would, however, ask the doctor why they didn't order any other tests. If this were me, there is no way I would let them do a D&C on me until I was absolutely sure that my child was gone. But you need to do what you feel is best, no one knows better than a mother. If you still feel pregnancy symptoms, then make absolute sure before you let them do anything to you!!!Good luck honey! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!
Second part to my book....?
Q: stomach lurched. My palm was smothered in bright red blood. I reached down and ripped a shred of thin fabric from my pajama pants and plastered it to the gash underneath my hair, holding it there and closing my eyes once again. “Zachary! Answer me!” I shouted into the storm as I shuffled forward, totally oblivious as to where I was heading. “Please!” I cried, choking on involuntarily inhaled snow. I could feel a large lump forming where I had smacked my head on the concrete, and my arm pressing the scrap of cloth against it was beginning to feel sore. Buckets and buckets of rock solid ice pounded me everywhere, and it hurt so bad that I could no longer actually feel it. I felt swollen, the way you feel after you’re given a numbing shot at a check-up. But not just one small area, my entire body was senseless. I trudged on through thick snow that was now almost up to my knees. My muscles began to feel weak, and I didn’t know how much longer my legs would be able to hold up my own weight. My senses finally caught up with me and immediately I could smell something hideously nauseating. An aroma like that of a dying animal filled my sinuses and clouded my throat, forcing me to cough in disgust. My lungs ached as the horrid scent filled my insides; taking in every breath became a strong effort. Progressively the stench became utterly unbearable, and I began to choke and sputter hysterically. Out of nowhere another scream of torture seared through the wind, louder this time. I stumbled sideways into a tree trunk and wrapped one arm around it for support. The pained cries rang shrill and this time did not cease. I cupped my hands over my ears and made my way in the direction that they were coming from to investigate. These sounds of anguish did not sound like my brother at all, but still I couldn’t help being worried. The cries sounded like those made by a young woman being burned at the stake. The thought frightened me and my stomach twisted into a tight knot. The awful noise became clearer as I neared what seemed to me like an opening in the impossibly thick mass of trees. “You can’t have her!” Someone growled in a low and furious voice.“I take what I want.” Another deep voice.“You wish, traitor.” The same voice responded, this time murderously angry. The voices were strange. They echoed slightly like whoever was speaking was speaking into a hollow glass jar. I held my breath, now too frightened to move. Then there were too many sounds at once to make out clearly. Hisses, snarls, whimpers and more cries of pain came all at once.A sound like two boulders smacking together pained my ears and I fell to my knees, burying my head in between them with my hands pressed to my temples. I could no longer hear anything but my own pounding heartbeat. I stayed frozen in the same position, never lifting my head in fear that I might be exposed again to the horrid screams. I didn’t want to think. I didn’t know what I had heard, and I didn’t want to know. Seconds of silence passed. Then minutes. My fingers shook as I released my head from their protection and strained my ears to hear beyond my own unsteady breaths. Silence. But then…“I will spare both your lives but only this once. I’m warning you, only this once. Come back here again and the consequences will be severe.” The breathless but still angered voice said calmly. A low growl like that of a cat’s slid between someone’s teeth as they replied. “Do not underestimate us, fellow shifter. We are much the same.” “I am nothing like you!” The voice shouted furiously. “Now go!” “We’ll be back.” The opposite voice sneered. “Dementia,” He addressed someone in an impatient voice.Warning to anyone who might try to take credit for any of this: all of this post or any future/past posts are and will be copyrighted. And this section has a sentence fragment for a beginning because it is only the second half of what I posted previously today.
A: Way too much description w/o us knowing more details or character study first. Your first sentence was a sentence fragment. Changing it to something like "My stomach lurched from the fear of being lost in this blinding snowstorm." would have been as effective. To be honest the way you have it reminded me of a car lurching because the clutch was let out too fast!I found ir disconcerting not to know who anyone was & their relationship to each other. If this is part of the story, @ least provide us w/ some guidelines. As it is, there's no reason to be sympathetic to anyone.I'm not saying give up because I did like some of your imagery, Just don't throw out ideas w/o explanation.

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