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Is bananas good for menstrual cramps

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A:Eating potassium-rich foods such as bananas, cranberry juice, and other fresh fruit helps relieve menstrual cramps. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-bananas-good-for-menstrual-cramps ]
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Are bananas good for menstrual cramps?
Not med advice: Yes. Since banana is rich in potassium, it is believed to help treat most cramps!
What is the mineral content of banana blossom that helps in relie...?
I don't have an answer for that but a suggestion. Ever have your thyroid levels checked by an endochronologist (sp?)? At the very least, read up on thyroid levels and their relationship to dismenorrhea.
Do bananas help with menstrual cramps?
On One Hand: Potassium Helps Cramps Bananas can help deter cramps because of their high potassium content, according to Stanford University's Sexual Health Peer Resource Center. One banana has 26 milligrams, or 23 percent of the daily recom...

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How can I relieve my menstrual cramping?
Q: I've recently had to begin taking birth control pills again to regulate my period, but they make my already bad cramps 10 times worse.Tylemol and ibuprofen do nothing for me. I've tried taking Pamprin, nd it did not help. Midol helps, but because of the high caffeine in it, I cannot take it. I have been told and tried tea (makes me gag), tomato soup (good, but doesn't help), and bananas (which helped a little, but I'm still in pain and really don't like bananas). I was prescribed other pain meds, but I cannot swallow pills that large, and I refuse to take anything that could be habit-forming. Is there anything else I can try? I'm in agony here...it's gotten to the point where I can hardly walk, and standing up brings me to tears. Not to mention the nausea...I have also tried heating pads and warm baths/showers... still no help whatsoever...
A: Hop into a warm bath, dim the lights a bit and relax :-)
Question: What is a cramp?? (Running not menstrual)?
Q: What is it??I get them and i know bananas and potassium is good for it.But what actually is a cramp??
A: Iits actually when you dont have enough fluids in your body, or when you first start intense running. Just like sometimes when you get a leg cramp and your mother tells you to drink fluids? Same concept.
menstrual cramp--need help?
Q: theyve always been major on the first day, and then after that there would b none at all...today is obviously my first day ok...so ive tried everything from advil to ibuprofen to bananas. lemonade also worked for a while, then my cramps because immune to the lemonade if thats even possible...in fact lemonade made things worse. anything that makes you guys feel better? or that might help me? thanks :)you shouldve said noto eat chocolate earlier =) and i know about the caffeine so thanks. :)
A: I'm a single dad with a teenage daughter and when she started to have cramps I suggested a warm compress or heating pad in the area. She said that it made her feel better. I also gave her hot tea with honey. This seems to work but what do I know I'm a guy. Feel better!

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