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If you have an aneurysm... does it hurt

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A:It does not seem they show pain till they are to late. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-an-aneurysm...-does-it-hurt ]
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Does a heart aneurysm hurt
Thoracic aortic aneurysms may become huge without causing symptoms. When they do occur, symptoms result from the pressure of the enlarging aorta against nearby structures. Typical symptoms are pain, coughing, and wheezing. So, yes, it hurts...
Will smoking 4 months after anurism sugery hurt?
Honestly, I don't know if it will have an impact on your surgical recovery at 4 months, or not. But if you have been smoke free for that long, you owe it to yourself to keep it up. Smoking is so bad for every part of your body. People know ...

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If you have neck pain as a symptom of an aneurysm, does the pain go down into the chest?
Q: I'm having neck pain, but it actually hurts more about 4 inches down from my neck - right side only by the way. I'm getting a little nervous, but I have MVP so I can't tell if I'm actually in trouble or if being scared is just making me worse.
A: Is it in the front or back. What kind of pain, sharp, dull, stabbing, aching. How old are you, male or female????????If you have pain of any kind, any where for three days or longer (even if it is a headache)............Go to see your doctor.You did mention you have mitrovalve prolapse, you should have the pain checked out anyways. Even if the pain is on the left, it could still be coming from your heart, especially if you are female.
POLL: When was the last time you hurt yourself?
Q: I fell down the stairs on Christmas, like tumbled from the second step. I got up, my mom asked if I was ok and I said yes. My dad called from the bathroom real loud, "ARE YOU OK?!" Yes. Now everytime I sit down, my *** hurts. I have no idea when that will go away. I hope I didn't shattter my coccyx. I hate when you hurt yourself and it doesn't catch up with you until a month or 2 later. This is just like that time when I fell on my ankle. Although it hurt right away and I was limping. I did that 3 times. The last time was back in September, couple days before my aunt's funeral. It's ironic, b/c she died from breaking her ankle, and got an aneurysm. It didn't hurt right away when I fell down the steps though. So last year was a crap of a year.Thanks Jack. That's helpful. :)The first 2 are as*hole answers. I'm serious, that hurt like a b*tch! And so it did when my aunt died. It ain't funny. Some serious pain here.
A: I was getting out of a car wearing some cute but highly uncomfortable wedges, my foot slipped and i twisted my ankle and landed really hard on my hip and wrist. My mom now calls me Grace. I fall down all the time though. When I was in highschool we had one building that was 2 stories and I had classes upstairs and fell down the stairs like 3 times lol. The first time was halfway down the other couple times it was just a couple stairs lol
am i suffering from aorta aneurysm?
Q: hi. I am 14 dis year and i realised tt recently, my left shoulder blade is aching though it would not ache if i lay down on a bed or rest it on sumthing soft. My chest oso feels kind of heavy but it only happened twice so far. An intense pain of tearing and ripping in de chest is one of de symptoms of aorta aneurysm but my pain is not like tt and it doesnt hurt alot. I went to de doctor and she said tt it was muscle tear but im still worried. I oso have asthma though it stopped for a couple of years already. am i suffering from aorta aneurysm??? I do not have any other symptoms though. Could someone pls tell me. Thank you.
A: An aortic aneurysm is a weakened and bulging area in the aorta, the major blood vessel that feeds blood to the body. The aorta, about the thickness of a garden hose, runs through the center of your body. Because the aorta is the body's predominant supplier of blood, a ruptured aortic aneurysm can cause life-threatening bleeding.Aortic aneurysms often grow slowly and usually without symptoms, making them difficult to detect. Not all aortic aneurysms reach the point of rupture. Many start small and stay small, although many expand over time. Some aortic aneurysms enlarge slowly, increasing less than half an inch (1.2 centimeters) a year. Others expand at faster rates, which increases the risk of rupture. The rate at which aortic aneurysms may expand is difficult to predict.As an aortic aneurysm enlarges, some people notice:a pulsating sensation near the navel, tenderness or pain in the abdomen or chest and back pain.

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