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How long does menstrual bloating last

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A:Menstrual bloating can last the last 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle when women can retain water. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-menstrual-bloating-last ]
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How long does menstrual bloating last
Menstrual bloating can last the last 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle when women can retain water. ChaCha on!

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How long does menstrual bloating last? when will my belly go back down?
A: Maybe after your period is over.
What's menstrual bloating?
Q: My period started yesterday, but I've been feeling (and looking) super huge for the past four or five days... Even when I'm feeling hunger pains, I feel full.I know I've been gaining weight, but this is ridiculous... So I'm slightly concerned.Is this just because of menstrual bloating?How is your stomach supposed to feel (both when you physically touch your stomach and the actual feeling in your stomach), when does it usually start, and how long does it last for?Thanks. :)
A: I have that problem! It is probably because of the bloating. When you physically touch your stomach it's kinda puffy feeling and maybe a lil harder than normal. It's kinda like after you eat thanksgiving dinner. That's basically what it feels like to the touch and the actual feeling. It just feels like you're full even though your stomach is growling away! It usually starts like a few days before your period and lasts til around the end of your period. Mine goes down like 2 days after my period ends. If it bothers you you can take pamprin or something to make the bloat go away. I know it's very uncomfortable feeling =)
How long will phantom period symptoms last? For Postmenopausal ladies?
Q: I'm in the late stages of perimenopause, and now I'm having "Phantom Periods." These phantom periods come with all of the symptoms of a regular period, including cramps, low back ache, joint and muscle pain, bloating, severe PMS, etc. but no bleeding. And, no, I'm not pregnant, because I had my tubes tied years ago. I get hot flashes too, but, overall, they aren't as bad as they were a few years ago. Plus, my moods are seeming to mellow a bit.My question is how long will the phantom period symptoms last? Will I continue to have menstrual symptoms? Will it get better soon?I've suffered a severe perimenopause that has lasted a good 10+ years. I had chaotic heavy periods coming at all times of the month for many years--sometimes as many as 3 periods a month. And then, they became somewhat normal for the past year, only the length of time between them was only 21 days (they used to be 28 days or more). Now, I've evolved to this stage where I'm skipping periods. So it's doubtlessly almost done. And to me that's a blessing.Please tell me about your experience with menopause. I'd love to know how long you were in this stage before your periods stopped completely and when and if the symptoms began to subside.Thanks!
A: I have been through some of these symptoms myself. Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms and how long this will last. Once you start skipping periods you are at the beginning of the end. I was one of the very strange women whose periods just stopped. I didnt even skip one period. It just came to an end for me but the hot flashes continued and subsequent mood swings although they have lessened. I do take a small dosage of bio identical hormones. It seems to help alot. I also might add that this is fairly recent for me and that I went through this at an age that is younger than normal. I dont know if this helps or not but thats my story!

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