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How long does menstrual bleeding last

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A:A normal menstrual period can last 4 to 6 days. Most of your menstrual blood loss happens during the first 3 days. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-menstrual-bleeding-last ]
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How long can menstrual bleeding last for?
It depends on the woman. Most menstrual periods last anywhere between two and seven days, but they can be shorter or longer by a day or two. Some women experience prolonged periods of menstrual bleeding when beginning a new birth control re...
Can implantation bleeding last as long as a menstrual cycle??
No, usually implantation bleeding is either really light, or hardly ever seen.
How long does menstruation or postpartum bleeding last after givi...?
My wife had a baby 7 weeks ago and her bleeding hasn't stopped entirely either. The doctors recently said that it could last at least another 2 weeks. So you may just need to wait a few weeks more.

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My EB puppy just started her menstrual cycle first time shes 11 months old how long does the bleeding last?
A: The bleeding can last anywhere from 1 week to 12 -14 days. It's important to know that she CAN GET PREGNANT AFTER THE BLEEDING STOPS. Actually, her most fertile time is right after she stops bleeding, so keep her away from male dogs that are whole.
How long does your first menstrual cylce last after giving birth?
Q: I gave birth in January via c-section. I got my period for the first time exactly 2 weeks ago. The bleeding seems to be getting heavier now versus getting lighter...How long is the average length of time? I know everyone is different, but this just seems so long! my regular periods lasts 4-5 days. When should i start to worry?
A: myperiods before pregnancy were around 5 days long and the first one after birth was 3 days long and they have been ever since :)
How long after giving birth does bleeding end and menstrual cycle return if not breast feeding?
Q: Hi there,I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 6 weeks ago and am wondering a few things about bleeding and such. I was unable to breast feed due to breast reduction surgery and wondered what is the typical time period between after birth bleeding and actually getting your menstrual cycle back. I had pretty much quit bleeding except this last week there has been a few days where I have had a light pinkish blood to stringy discharge that is yellowish white - is it just my uterus still going back to normal or something else? Thanks in advance!
A: It's totally normal for you to still be bleeding. I stopped at 5 weeks, though it's different for everyone. I had my baby Oct. 27 and got my first period Dec. 1. It takes a couple of months, or longer, for your body to get back into the swing of things!

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