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How long does a female menstrual cycle last

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A:The average cycle is 28 days, it is normal to have a cycle that is as short as 21 days or as long as 35 days. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-a-female-menstrual-cycle-last ]
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How long does a female dogs menstrual cycle last
The average menstrual cycle for a female dog it may last to seven to nine days depending on the kind of bleed it is.
How long does a female pitbull's menstrual cycle last for??
Female pit bulls have their menstrual cycle about twice a year, in 3 week intervals.
How long does a menstrual period last for a female Dachshund??
First dogs don't have a menstrual period or cycle. Mensis means month and it is only the primates that have a menstrual cycle. Dogs have an estrus cycle, which for them is 6 to 8 months long, or about twice a year. More important than the a...

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How long does a female dogs menstrual cycle last?
Q: or does it depend on the breed of dog??
A: 3 weeks is average. The actual bleeding only lasts for about 1 week though. They will usually breed after the bleeding stops,The 2nd week of their cycle. You can read more here... http://www.talktothevet.com/ARTICLES/DOGS/Pdogsheatcycle.HTM
15 mo. old, Female Maltese Mix, How long does the menstrual cycle last ?? ?
Q: She has been bleeding for over a week. This is her first "Heavy" cycle. Starting to lighten up a bit now... How long is average and how often ?Thanks...
A: Your dog is in heat. It's not called a menstrual cycle. The heat will last between 21 and 28 days. Please make sure you keep her safely confined inside the house where male dogs can't get to her. Take her outside to potty on lead. She is not safe in the yard because male dogs are very determined and can climb high fences and dig under at the speed of light.
Female Teddy Bear Hamster menstrual cycle, how long does it last?
Q: I have a wonderful Female Teddy Bear Hamster, KJ, and have noticed she seems to be passing a dark fluid that looks like menstrual blood. I would assume like the rest of us poor females she too is plagued by having a monthly period. But how long should it last? This has been going on at least 3 weeks. I was worried it was an infection, but she is eating well, running and playing as normal and drinking plenty of water. So I am at a loss, any information would be wonderful. Thanks for your help!Thanks for the feedback. To address a couple of the items mentioned she is having regular stools and is urinating normally. The funny thing is she only seems to pass the dark fluid in her little house, like tribal menstrul huts. Makes it easy to clean, bless her little heart.
A: You're correct. All of us mammals go into heat once in a while. But rodents like hamster, have much different cycles. Female syrians (aka Teddy Bear) go in heat every 4 days. And you will usually not see any 'blood' or fluids. The only way to tell is if you smell a musky odor around her. You can also stroke her back. If she 'freezes' (low body posture, tail erect, eyes half closed), she's in heat.The dark fluid could be lose stool. Keep a close eye on her and make sure she eating a proper diet and drinking enough water. Don't give your pet too many treats like fruits as this can cause diarrhea. If this continues, I'd seek a vet's advice.

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