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How long do brain aneurysms last

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A:Unruptured aneurysms should be treated promptly with surgery. Talk to your doctors about options immediately before it ruptures. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-brain-aneurysms-last ]
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How long do brain aneurysms last
Unruptured aneurysms should be treated promptly with surgery . Talk to your doctors about options immediately before it ruptures.

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How long does brain aneurysm coiling last?
A: I thought it was supposed to last for life.
How long does it take to recover from a severe brain aneurysm?
Q: A girl at my school had a severe aneurysm last March. I'd like to know how long it takes for someone to recover? She is making amazing progress! She is in rehabilitation and we're all praying that she makes the quickest recovery possible!
A: Unfortunately no one really has the answer for this question. The fact that she is young should work in her favor. Although the fact that this happened to someone young makes the situation even more confusing to all of you. The answer may be further complicated by that fact that we don't know the type of aneurysm. Here are some sites which will help to provide insight into why the answer is so difficult to provide and why all here doctors can do is to make sure that she has the best rehabilitation therapy available while monitoring her progress.http://www.bafound.org/support/sup_grp.phpThis one is a discussion group - you might see something here that relates to your question:http://brain.hastypastry.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19656The fact that she has friends who support her in her recovery makes far more positive difference than you might realize. You all need to support her through this period because as you will read at The Brain Aneurysm Foundation website that one of the problems from which many patients suffer is depression and a feeling of loss of self worth. Supportive friends and family can be a prime aid to recovery. The brain can be truly remarkable and can show great plasticity for "re-learning" or simply put learning old skills anew...possible through different pathways.From that same site is an article on "How Long Until I Get Better?" which I just noticed. I think this is your answer.http://www.bafound.org/support/pdfs/howlong.pdfEvery aneurysm patient is different, some may have such high expectations that when they don't achieve them rapidly they may be depressed and feel they have failed. Other patients may plateau in their progress. They should not give up. This is when they will really need realistic support. They also need to feel accepted and should be accepted so that they don't feel they have failed.Your friend may be undergoing many therapies as prescribed by her nerosurgen or neurologist. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neurpsychological therapy. There may be ways you and your friends could help her outside of her regular sessions.Talk to her parents to see how you and your/her friends can help.And we'll pray for all of you.
Getting very tired of how landlords treat us, what can we do?
Q: We live in a terrible trailer park! Nobody is screened before they move in (there has been pedophiles and there's still drug dealers out here), they don't keep up ALL of the park, or anything! What I mean is, there is a long road, that leads to a dead end, about 3/4 of the way down the road, there's mail boxes - supposedly, the road after the mail boxes is 'private' so everybody here has less rights than the people that live before the mail boxes. One of those lesser rights is the fact that the landlords won't pay for a snow plow to remove the snow past the mail boxes (they plow up to the mail boxes, then stop - literally!!) Now because of that, when cars drive on that, the snow got packed - making the road VERY slippery...yesterday, my mom went to check the mail and slipped, fell backwards, and broke her wrist... (she has severe rheumatoid arthritis, too, so she's in an awful lot of pain)..My mom had a brain aneurysm last may so we can't really afford this bill (she went to the hospital, though)Another one of the lesser rights is, (my neighbors have a dog that is forced to live in a very small kennel 24/7, with no stimulation what so ever - sometimes he's not fed for days, etc.) one day, last summer, he got out of his kennel, (my dog was outside with me and my family - on her cable tie out) and he ATTACKED my dog! If my brother (who is very strong) wasn't there, my dog could be dead...The owners saw what happened, but all they could say was, "If you kill my dog, I'll kill you" and they tried getting by with saying, "He was just playing..." I called the police immediately and all they could tell me was that because the road past the mail boxes (where I live) is private road, so they couldn't do squat about it! They wouldn't even do anything about the dog being abused/neglected in the first place! The landlords are 'friends'/related to my neighbors so there's nothing they would have done about it.....for the longest time, we couldn't even blink when letting our {elderly} dog out to go to the bathroom - I couldn't even walk her for goodness sake...because the neighbors dog would get out so many times a day! (Now the neighbors boarded off the kennel completely so there's no getting in or out of the kennel...except for a gate they have some locks attached too...)As if it couldn't get worse; the landlords son patrols the park (with illegal lights flashing on his car - there was a time he was pretending to be a cop, too..) and all he does is look for trouble (there's a lot of retarded people out here - he picks fights with them, the cops favor the landlords son, the retarded people wind up in jail over night..). AND every single summer (particularly when we have tornado warnings) he'll come and lock the gate that lets us into the storm shelter (our only form of protection from a tornado..it's so old, though, I don't know if it'd even save us..)What I'd like to know is if there's ANYTHING, anything at all we can do to have SOME rights, or to be treated fairly, or SOMETHING!! It's RIDICULOUS out here....This trailer park has some fairly new trailers in it that are being rented out...that is until you get to the freakin mail boxes...all the trailers after that SHOULD be condemned (rotting holes in the floor... ceilings leak in more than 5 different places throughout the trailer) and there's well over 30 stray cats roaming outside (but that's due to another neighbor - he brings cats in until they reach maturity; then they'll either start spraying or going into heat - then the tosses them back outside or keeps them and lets them get pregnant over and over and over - then he tosses the kittens outside (after weaning..)!!!What can we do about all of this (neglected dog, mom breaking her wrist due to lazy landlords, strays, our lesser rights, etc.)???By the way thanks so much for reading through everything!I'm not sure if I posted in the correct section - if I didn't could someone point me in the right direction?Thanks :)If we *could* move we most certainly would, but we don't have enough money....we looked at another place we could afford, but it did't have enough bedrooms for all of us :(
A: you examine our laws that give us basic rights. you go to the right office and present your case. you have to continue studying and consider it as a challenge for your whole life.

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