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How long can you live with an aneurysm

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A:If an aneurysm in brain bursts, it causes a stroke. About 15,000 Americans die per year from ruptured aortic aneurysms Many MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-can-you-live-with-an-aneurysm ]
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How long can you live with an aneurysm
If an aneurysm in brain bursts, it causes a stroke. About 15,000 Americans die per year from ruptured aortic aneurysms Many MORE
How long can a person live with aortic aneurysm??
There's no definite answer to that because there are a lot of factors that make all of the difference. Age, the severity and location of the aneurysm, blood pressure, and of course, whether or not a surgical intervention has been performed....
Will people live long with brain aneurisms that have been emboliz...?
these diseases have a risk of morbidity but coiling and stenting is a good and effective treatment so the risk of rupture is reduced, survival is case dependant and fluctuates with comorbid variables, like hypertension, diabetes, cholestero...

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LGBT: How to react to this?
Q: I responded to a question earlier tonight asking what we would be doing in twenty years, and it really got me thinking. In 20 years I will most likely be dead. I have so many health problems, including severe OSA and a congenital heart defect, that I am lucky I have lived as long as I have.Perhaps the health condition that bothers me most right now is that the arteries and veins in my brain are twisted and are overexposed. If someone or something hits me at all on one side of my head, there is a very strong likelihood that they will burst and I will have an aneurysm.I also have a large spot on my chest that my doctor and I are currently waiting for biopsy results on. The spot has been growing over the last few years. I had surgery in March to have my tonsils removed because they were gigantic. After the surgery we discovered they were cancerous.I am only 18. I don't want to die. I haven't lived nearly long enough. As of now, my doctors (I have seventeen working together on all my conditions) predict that I will die between my 25th and 27th birthday. I may only have six more years to live and I'm scared. After dealing with the deaths of three of my friends in the last month alone, I'm really lost and I don't know what to do. My throat issues are now gone and my heart defect has healed (but it's left me weakened), and if needbe I can have surgery to remove the spot on my chest. But my OSA and the blood vessels in my brain are almost certainly a death sentence and there is NOTHING I can to do fix either of them. How should I be reacting to this? Is this normal? PLEASE help me. I just need to talk to people right now...LGBT, what do you think?Well you know what David, it is true. I am so afraid...I came here to ask my friends what to do, and you're not exactly helping...
A: I think that, deep down, inside of us all, we know what we want of life. For example, for me, it would be to stand on the top of Nevada's highest mountains, bracing the dry heat and loving every bit of the moment. I might even as go as far as to say that I would give my life, just to know that I could experience that one more time. So, pretty much, you need to take these aspirations and just live them. But more importantly, take the things that you love and make sure you do do them. A moment can be worth a lifetime, and you can't put a price tag on that.
What is the recovery time after having surgery for a popliteal aneurysm repair?
Q: I have a large left popliteal aneurysm and anticipate surgery for it soon.If you've recently undergone this surgery (or are medical expert); how many days must I be in the hospital? Will I be sent home on crutches, or? How long till I can use that leg again and have normal activities? Any other possible complications I should know about? I'm a 54 yr old male, ht. proportionate to wt., if that matters, and I live alone. Surgery will be at the esteemed Cleveland Clinic.) Thanks very much. ( I meet with the surgeon in two weeks, but want to plan and anticipate in advance.)
A: 1) Most commonly, it's repaired by a bypass. Either a piece of your own vein or a piece of an artificial material is used to exclude blood flow from the aneurysm.2) Depending on the patient, you could be in for 3 - 5 days, barring problems3) Most patient's don't need crutches, especially as young as you are4) Sutures / staples will come out in 7 - 10 days.5) By normal activities, if you mean walking, shopping, etc. You'll be doing well by two weeks.6) By the way, you should likely be checked for aneurysms in the abdomen or other blood vessels in the legsGood luck!
NEED HELP with b/fs family. PLEASE PLEASE read. kind of long.?
Q: let me start off by saying i'm 20, 21 in early march. my bf is 19, 20 in early feb. we've been together for 2 years, we will get married.first incident - his mom randomly said you're not living her. i dk where you're living, but it won't be here. i guess they got in a fight about his future. she wants him to do something, but he has no desire to be a flabotomist, cna, w/e. so he lived with me for 5 months. before she said if you don't move in with your grandparents you're basically not a part of this family anymore.second incident - well it happened at his sister's birthday party. he had been contemplating on not going back to school. he needs to stay in school for insurance. he's diabetic with a pump. a pump is something that goes into your body to be able to give you insulin basically constantly. much better than shots, but supplies are expensive. without insurance, they would be rediculious and sky high. well he was in the other room. i was sitting on the couch, his grandma, grandpa, and mom were talking about it. his grandpa said well just let him die then. it took me about 5 seconds to stand up, go in the other room, and demand to leave. i don't care, it's not okay to say to just let him die. i understand them being frusterated... but it's not really okay to say something like that. it made me very upset, and i started crying when we got in the car. how can family say something like that.third - my uncle had a brain aneurysm. basically where a blood vessel pops in the brain, and blood starts filling up the brain. VERY serious, deadly. he was transported to a special hospital (2 hours from me), they said it was the worst case they had ever seen. when i found out we were at college, and i had to leave. we rode together, so he came with me. it was an emergency. so he didn't get home till around 10 that night. of which since he was living with his grandparents his cerfew was 6. okay. so anyway the next day i really wanted him to go back with me. i needed him there for me. my family is his family, he also lost a family member. but they were against him going, they said it was pointless and he didn't need to go. needless to say they let him go, "if you really think you have to go then do whatever you want." so that night she stalked my mom. she called his mom to find out my last name. looked her up in the ph book, called her at home and b!tched her out for 30 minutes. among other things she said that he was going to be laying in his death bed next to my uncle and there was no reason for him to be there... my uncle was literally laying there with a brain for mush. the only part that was still working was the part keeping him alive (even though he was on life support)... and they were comparing my bf to my uncle. who was literally about to die. i cannot tell you how horrible that made me feel. i dk even know what else they said. but it was totally uncalled for and disrespectful. i still havn't forgiven them. doubt i ever will.fourth - he went to his mom's to get some more of his stuff. like his clothes, xbox, ect... since he's living with his grandparents right now. well his mom said if he walked out the door with his stuff he could never come back and could consider himself no longer a member of the family. she said he couldn't even go to get diabetes supplies or insulin. if he had walked out that door it would have been commiting suicide. i've never seen him cry before, but his family made him ball like a baby.it's not even like we're bad. we don't drink, we don't do drugs, we don't party. we go to school to get our college degrees, and are hard working. i don't get it. i can't find a way to forgive them. do i have a right for feeling this way? how would you feel? they pride themselves on going to church every week, being christians, trying to force him to call off work to go to church, ect... very strict and conservative. but in my opinion horrible people. i used to absolutely LOVE his family. LOVE. but now i can't stand them. the only one i even like is his 17 year old sister.
A: I think his mom doesn't want him live his own life. She realised that she can't control her son anymore that he's grown and she's trying to hold him and make him dependable from her(like you said about insulin) My sister's bf has the same case same type of mother who's trying to hold son at home. And you're not alone with your problem and your feelings. Try to keep your head up, if you need to talk to somebody e-mail me

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