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How long are you supposed to have your menstrual period

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A:The menstrual period is the monthly discharge of this fluid out of the body. Most periods last from 3 to 7 days. Thank you! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-are-you-supposed-to-have-your-menstrual-period ]
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How long are you supposed to have your menstrual period
The menstrual period is the monthly discharge of this fluid out of the body. Most periods last from 3 to 7 days. Thank you!
How long is the first menstrual cycle after a miscarriage suppose...?
The menstrual cycle after miscarriage takes time to return to normal. No set time for the 1st one.It can take 3 mths to stabilize.

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How long does it take for your menstrual cycle to return to normal once you have stopped using antibiotics?
Q: I have been on doxycycline for acne for two months and since I have been on it my period has come 5 days late both months. And I know already that the medication messed with my system. But I have been off the antibiotic since this past monday and I am very anxious to know if one month is enough time for my cycle to return back to normal (because I am SUPPOSED to get my period the week before we leave on 24 hour bus trip to Florida).
A: hmm I didn't think antibiotics messed that much with your system. I have been on Apo-Tetra Tetracycline for the past year and never had a problem. I had also been on/off of it in previous years for acne and never had a problem.
hey. has anyone here taken that tablet that delays your menstrual period? its general name is norethisterone?
Q: ok well in august im going on vacation and i read up about this and it says it can delay you period for as long as you take it then when you stop it comes back within 3-7 days depending on how your body reacts. I am just a little worried since this would be my first time taking it and i want to know if i should try this in july instead...that way my period is pushed back a week and i wont have to do it in august. But then that kind of worried me since i am not sure how my body will react and i dont know if it will come on the desired time in august so i would not want to chance it. From what I know im supposed to take it 3-5 days before my expected period...5mgs...3 times a day...until my vacation is over. Does this sound right and does anyone have any advice for me regarding there experiences, side effects, and if it actually works. Thanks so much. Im just a little nervous i just really do not want my period on vacation lol =)
A: hi my dr has just put me on theses tabs to regulate my heavy and painful periods, tho he and chemist have advised 2 a day 12days b4 period due, so thats prob why etc, if you take as directed 3 a day etc it will cancel out your period tho i'd advise some protection if you have a partner etc just 2b on safe side....enjoy yr hol xx
How long can back pain before periods last?
Q: I had to take Plan B twice in the past 30 days and I was supposed to get my period this weekend around Sunday or Monday. On Sunday, I started to get cramps and lower back pain which I normally get right before my period. I expected to get my period on Monday, but it didn't come. My cramps/back pain continued and are continuing today (Tuesday). I feel like I should get my period any second but it's not coming! How long does this pre-menstrual back pain last before you get your period?
A: It can last anywhere from a few hours and even up to a week before your period begins. At least that's what happens for me: I get cramps a week before my period and then 2-3 days into the period. Try not to stress too much about it because that could make it delay your period even more.

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