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How does a brain aneurysm burst

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A:Arteries in the brain can have weak spots which can fill with blood like a balloon, bursting and causing brain damage and possibly death. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-a-brain-aneurysm-burst ]
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What is a brain aneurysm called before it actually bursts?
A brain aneurysm, also called a cerebral or intracranial aneurysm, is an abnormal bulging outward of one of the arteries in the brain. It is called an aneurysm before and after it ruptures.
DId I have a brain aneurysm, burst something, or what?
Possibly strained a muscle, but also possible - you're having a stroke or maybe a leaking aneurysm. Go see a doctor tonight, even if it means going to Emergency. Good luck.
What happens if an aneurysm bursts?
Rupture of an aneurysm is the most feared complication, as initial bleeding may be fatal. For this reason, the major focus of aneurysm treatment is to eliminate the aneurysm before it has a chance to burst. When this is not possible, occlus...

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my brother in law had a brain aneurysm that burst in june and is now doing better thank you lord. but i was ?
Q: wondering if he will ever get back to the gary we knew, because he cant remember a lot of things. like if you sak him how old he is he says hes 18 but he is 53. will his memory come back to normal? i pray it does. he is a good man and my twin sister who is married to him loves him so much. if anyone has any thing they can tell me about this type of brain injury i would be thankful.yes i do believe in miracles and gary is living proof that god works with his healing touch. and prayers are powerful, because the doctors said he should have died. i believe gary is going to be a testomony for all believers and unbelievers to hear.
A: all the positive answers were good. but nobody mentioned prayer. miracles happened in the bible and they're still happening today. so do something unusual - pray for a miracle. believe it and it just might work. prayer works! my best to all of you.
What causes cerebral (brain) aneurysms in young children to rupture?
Q: My 16 month old niece passed away about 3 months ago due to a brain aneurysm. It ruptured, and she lost conscious while coloring so she was taken by ambulance to the nearest available hospital. After arriving there she was then taken by mercy flight to a hospital specializing in pediatrics. She underwent neurosurgery to try and stop the bleeding, however she passed away during this surgery.Since then, medical questions have just been rushing through my mind... what could of caused this aneurysm in this little girl to rupture while she was coloring, not even doing any physical activity? Why did this go unnoticed, why weren't there any signs or symptoms of an aneurysm before it burst? How common is survival of a ruptured aneurysm?
A: Unfortunately aneurysms are a relatively completely misunderstood disorder. It is sad and tragic, but aneurysms are almost always spontaneous. There is almost never recovery from a burst. Even before an aneurysm has burst, the three surgery methods only have a 50% success rate. I am sure that this is not the answer you were looking for, but hopefully it has provided some resolution. Good Luck.
the left side of the brain hurts!!! im 17 im scared!!!?
Q: what's going on right now its like pounding inside like moving around im 17 im healthy i eat salmon alot and i drink gatorade i am think i weight 151 im 5"6/5"7 between that area i was dancing on decemeber of last year the second week i was dancing not hard at all nodding my head back and forth not to hard and next thing you know my left side of the brain started static like moving like constricted and my left eye was hurting me like crazy i took excedrin,tylenol,motrin it didn't work im scared to go to the doctor right now it feels like the left side of my head which is in the front of my head/brain hurts im a girl i ahve no aneurysm in my family no brain tumor im black my blood pressure is normal, i don't get it what's going on what age does brain aneurysm is common, and how can u prevent it someone im scared GOD please help me!!!, i never had this before its not the worst pain in my life it hurts like it wants to burst who has that what is it i don't get it!!! please answer!!!!
A: that happens to me too sometimesin the morning when i wake up my brain hurts.i get worried exact same way like youbut in time it's gone.

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