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How do you spell brain aneurysm

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A:The correct spelling is Brain Aneurysm, which is is a ballooning-out of the wall of an artery in the brain. Thanks for asking! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-spell-brain-aneurysm ]
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How do you spell brain aneurysm
The correct spelling is Brain Aneurysm, which is is a ballooning-out of the wall of an artery in the brain. Thanks for asking!

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scared of brain aneurysm at 13 years old :[!?
Q: Okay, basically, i'm 13 years old and a severe hypochondriac.lately i have been worrying about these things;- Brain Aneurysms- Brain Tumors- Strokemy symptoms are;- bad dizzy spells (these go on and off, and i feel dizzy when i'm still, but it gets worse if i move quickly)- headaches (not severe, but not mild. somewhere in the middle)- strange tingly feeling over my body. I can't think of how to explain it. it's not pins and needles. get a piece of your hair and tickle your arm with it gently. it feels like that, mixed with a tingly sensation. (mostly in legs/right thigh/arms/tummy/back/head.)- eye aches/pains (not in one specific eye)- random pains in any part of body (normally arms/hands/legs/feet/back, not shooting & not severe)- weakness in arms/legs (this happened a couple of months ago, then went away, and now it's back)- itchiness (just random itches all over body, one at a time) e.g- a spot on my arm, then my leg, then my back.- chest pain (to the right-ish side mostly, this is quite rare but it does happen sometimes)- muscle twitches/pulse feeling, like a kind of heart beat. (normally in thighs, mainly right/tummy)- stinging feeling in eyes (this has kind of gone away now, but comes back mildly sometimes.) like when you stare at something for ages and there's that horrid stinging so you HAVE to blink, but it happens even when my eyes are closed sometimes)- short term memory problems (i've always had this, but it seemed to be getting worse, i don't know if that was just anxiety though)- rib pain (mainly in my right rib below my chest, i've had this for quite a while now, it lasts for like a second then goes)it started off on thursday (23rd July), where i got a headache like someone tugging some strands of your hair. it was nearish the back of my head and went on and off. then the next day, it was like this but on and off in random different places on my head. then the next day, i had a worse headache, different than the ones before, just a dull headache/pain, on and off, and eye pain/aches especially when i looked to the far right and far left. then on sunday, i felt like i had a head cold, i had a bad headache, all over my head really, sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other, sometime at the back, sometimes near my temples, & sometimes on my forehead, and had bad dizzy spells, and weird muscle pulsating/twitching feelings, in the evening i had a panic attack, and when i was crying i got this shooting pain up my spine. then sunday/saturday night (i can't remember which), i was trying to get to sleep but i had that eye stinging i was telling you about, and when i shut my eyes it felt like loads of things were rushing past my eyes, like someone waving their hand across your eyes, so i had a panic attack and was hyperventilating and got this pain when i breathed out under my right shoulder, and felt very dizzy. then on monday, my dizziness got worse in the morning, then wore off a bit, but me and my friends went to the cinema, and i couldn't concentrate properly because i felt a bit dizzy, eye aches/pains on and off, and this weird tingly feeling started down my legs/arms and tummy. then yesterday, the tingling got worse, and went on and off all day, and i got bad dizzy spells in the evening, then it wore off, and i got chest pain a bit, then that wore off, and i got to sleep. then today i've been having tingling still, itchiness, and irratibility so far.i just found it weird how it devoloped over a course of a matter of days.so anyway, my parents said that the reason i have these feelings are;- period (i haven't started it PROPERLY yet, i had it like a year ago that seemed proper, not heavy, then its been on and off this year, it seemed like it wanted to start one day and then just stopped. today i had it a bit when i woke up, now i haven't. that happened on monday too)- coming off my tablets (this one doesn't make sense to me, because i started having all these symptoms BEFORE i started coming off my tablets. but mum and dad decided to start taking me off gradually, because i've always felt a bit funny with them. i have it one day, then not the next, then the next day i have it, then e.t.c. we started this on saturday or sunday, i can't remember. but i admit, some of the symptoms could be caused by it (eg- the muscle twitches and the stinging feeling in eyes and the memory problems) but i don't think the other things.- anxiety (i've had anxiety symptoms before, but they wouldn't be this much and this bad and come on this quick, when i wasn't worrying about anything to start it off. i started worrying about aneurysms on friday mostly)so anyway the problem is, i have all these things, but mum won't phone the doctors, when i really think i need to go. she's not doing it in a horrible way, she's just saying that i don't need to. but she's not in my body, and doesn't feel the things i'm feeling.HELP!my parents aren't 'mucking me about' with my medication!they know whats best, and have asked a doctor if its okay.you all say you doubt that i have one, but that doesnt mean i dont!
A: The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Honestly if you dont think about it, it will probably go away. That happened to me. Ever heard of the placebo effect? It goes both ways. Your only hurting yourself by worrying!!Anyway, your not gonna have a stroke at 13. Brain aneurysms and tumors are really rare and most of your symptoms can just be explained by anxiety, stress, and hyperawareness of your own body (thinking about your heart beat or your body can cause you to feel your heartbeat in other parts of your body, mild chest pain, twitching, and a bunch of other stuff)Lighten up and see if it goes away. If it doesnt, then tell your mom you need go to the doctor if just to ease your mind.

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