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How do you have a brain aneurysm

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A:A brain aneurysm is a bulge in an artery in your brain. If it ruptures you can die. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-have-a-brain-aneurysm ]
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How do you have a brain aneurysm
A brain aneurysm is a bulge in an artery in your brain. If it ruptures you can die.
What is a brain aneurysm?
A brain aneurysm is a very serious condition. An artery in the brain ruptures and begins to bleed. At best it could be paralyzing and at worst it could cause a permanent comatose condition or death. Look here for more information: http://ww...
Can you die from a brain aneurysm?
Yes, you can die from a brain aneurysm. It is often fatal when you have a brain aneurysm because it's in an inoperable part of the human body. If it bursts it can cause death. It's often a quick death and many people don't even know they're...

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How do you test for a brain aneurysm? What are the signs you have one?
Q: According to an article I read, a doctor said that "If you had a hidden aneurysm in your brain, it could blow it apart" when talking about the use of Ritalin to treat ADD / ADHD. So please give me any information that might help about brain aneurysms.
A: You would have to have an an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan (possibly with contrast dye) to find an aneurysm.Aneurysms rarely give signs. Almost all Aneurysms are "silent" -- you won't know you've got one until it explodes. In some cases the aneurysm will "grow" a bit before it breaks, causing headaches. Sometime it might cause sight problems, sometimes hearing problems, sometimes other more subtle "mental" problems.but MOST of the time the cause NO problem until they explode.The Good News is that Aneurysms are rather rare, and it is unlikely that you have one.
how long do you normally live with a a brain aneurysm?
Q: i know someone with a brain aneurysm, he wont have the surgery to fix it. so about how long do you think he has to live without the surgery?
A: a brain aneurysm is a tricky thing... like a time bomb. But its a time bomb that no one knows the clock on. One can burst soon or it could be 30 years from now. But even a ruptured aneurysm is not a death sentence. Some people do survive..The annual incidence of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the U.S. exceeds 30,000 people. Ten to 15 percent of these patients will die before reaching the hospital and over 50 percent will die within the first thirty days after rupture. Of those who survive, about half suffer some permanent neurological deficit the important thing is knowledge... most that die don't even know they have itI hope this helps
Information about Brain Aneurysm and Hemorrhagic Stroke?
Q: When you have a brain aneurysm and it ruptures do you always have a stroke. how long before you will have a stroke. What happens when you have a Hemorrhagic Stroke?thanks
A: I had a ruptured brain aneurysm, and didn't have a stroke. But that is one of the worries after cerebral bleed. I had to take medication for about 2 weeks after to avoid it. It is such a miracle that I survived. When it happened I passed out. I remember I had a dream that my 20 year old daughter was in danger, and needed me. I woke up gasping for air. I was semi paralyzed on the right side of my body, and limped around my house for 4 hours trying to decide whether to call 911. 90% of all people die immediately. Of those 90% die within the first 24 hours. Of those 90% die in the first 3 days and so on. The only permanent symptoms I have is deafness in one ear and nerve pain on my right side. The further away I get from the event I notice memory problems. I am always asking my husband if he notices any brain issues, and he says I was always this way, and walks away smirking. What a smart ***. As long as I am not drooling in to a cup, I am HAPPY. I know this is a lot more info than you asked for, but I can't believe I survived. Sometimes I want to yell it to the world.

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