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How do you die in your sleep

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A:It is possible for people to die in their sleep after having a heart attack or brain aneurysm. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-die-in-your-sleep ]
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Geez. Roy there is at least one exact answer to your question, and that is sleep apnea. While you are sleeping and going through your bio rythmns, your heart slows way down and momentarily stops several times during the night. When you get ...
The heart stops during sleep.
These are those fortunates who do not experience the pain or difficulty while dying.The reason is that the heart slows down functioning and stops slowly resulting in the person's death. I wish everybody dies like that, rather than in pain.

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If you make a wish every night to die in your sleep, will it eventually happen, and how soon?
Q: Does the subconscious mind have a way of making your wish come true? It seems since the subconscious controls your body, it would listen to the conscious mind's desire if repeated often enouogh.
A: Eventually, all of us will die. However, the subconscious mind has little to do with dying, although it does control the body to a certain extent. I'm wondering, however, why you would want to die in your sleep. You must be deeply depressed about something, and you should get some help. There are other alternatives to overcoming difficulties than a death wish.
how can you die in your sleep?
Q: i heard from somebody you can die in your sleep:(1)how is it possible you can die in your sleep?2)is it true that a lot of people stop breathing for a while in their sleep?3)if so,what can you do about this?pls urgent answers needed becus i really just can't sleep when i heard this all,pls guys help me with this(only serious answers pls)
A: Please don't worry about it. Your chances of dying in your sleep are very small. I sometimes worry about this myself, and I used to find it hard to go to sleep. But really, most people don't die in their sleep unless they're very old and their hearts just give out. Apnea does cause people to stop breathing several times during their sleep. A lot of people have it, especially those who snore loudly. But it's rarely fatal. I have it myself, and I sometimes wake up gasping for breath or coughing. It's a little scary, but I don't know anyone who's died from it.You're fine. Don't obsess about it.
How many paracetamols does it take and how long before you die?Could you take overdoze and die in your sleep?
A: Why do you want to know?

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