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How do I make my menstrual period come later

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A:You should talk to your health care provider. Hormonal birth control is a good way to regulate your menstrual cycle. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-make-my-menstrual-period-come-later ]
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How do I make my menstrual period come later
You should talk to your health care provider. Hormonal birth control is a good way to regulate your menstrual cycle. ChaCha!
Is there any way to make your menstrual period come earlier witho...?
No- there is no way to make it come earlier. If you are inquiring because you want to skip your period for a special event, then this is possible. If you aren't currently on the pill, the only option is to ask your doctor for a script for a...
How can i make my menstrual period come?
I have the EXACT same problem. I dont want to go on the pill. So I bought natural hormone pills. The only thing I hate is that I think its making me mooody. So yeah. I'd recommend that. ORR Go to the gyno and they'll check out wich hormone ...

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How do i make my menstrual period come?
Q: my period is late already. it is always late so i'm actually used to it but i'm going on a trip in a week and i don't want to be affected by it. so is there any way to make it come?
A: I read about this on the internet. Try filling your bathtub up and sitting in cold water for 2 minutes and then sit for 2 minutes in warm water. That worked for me.
July 12th is when my period should come...question bout blood test and hpt?
Q: Okay, so I ovulated the 28th according to an ovulation calculator, but my discharge was an egg white stretchy substance on the 27th. Which is what I had an understanding of it looking like during your LH surge (ovulation). Could I expect an accurate result if I test on the 7th of July (5 days before missed period) even though the test says to test on the 8th? And how soon would a blood test at the clinic be able to tell me I was pregnant?I'm having a ton of signs!! This would be my 2nd pregnancy!Okay, I have had a white discharge that almost looks like lotion but is a little thicker. I have had stomach cramps for 2 weeks now, and they're not like my menstrual cramps are. They're not as strong, but enough to cause discomfort. The area around my aeriolas are tender to the touch. I have been constipated, and feeling like if I don't get any sugar in my system it makes me dizzy. Also, I will feel sooo hungry, like I could everything in the kitchen, but when I make the food, I can barely even finish it. I have been urinating quite often. I have always used the restroom frequently, but it's gotten worse. Like every 15-30 minutes, 45 minutes at the latest. Also, I have been a bit on the cranky side. Pretty argumentative, which isn't like me usually. And I haven't been very fatigued during the day, but I seem to be sleeping a lot later than I usually do. And seem to get tired earlier in the night.I have also noticed some baby blue colored veins above my left aeriola, and another large one starting at the middle of my stomach on the left and going all the way down to the top of my uterus. Do you think with all of these signs already occuring, which is not like my normal PMS symptoms at all, could I test with an HPT and it come out with accurate results?PLEASE ANSWER AND READ MY ENTIRE QUESTION!! I'M DYING FROM ANTICIPATION AND NEED TO KNOW HOW SOON BLOOD TEST WILL SHOW PREGNANCY!! PLEASE ANSWER, PLEASE!!!! THANKS =D
A: It sounds like you are pregnant again. Blood tests usually take upwards of a week to come in. The HCG levels are usually highest during the morning portion, so you would want to go for your blood test in the morning time.You could also test using a home pregnancy test, but if you would want to do this first thing in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated.
could this just be a late period?
Q: i have never had a period that came right on the dot... in fact i always end up finishing the non-hormone pills in my pill pack before i even see my period... why is this? every month i worry that i am pregnant!!!! is this normal to worry like this? last month i got my period on the 4th and it ended on the 7th.. well it's the 7th of this month and still nothing!!! how does the menstrual cycle work? is it every 28 days since the first day of your period or 28 days since the last day of your period? i dont have any signs of pregnancy, no sore boobs, or sickness, i just have been feeling like i am PMSing... how soon can you tell your pregnant??? OH and i am very good about taking my pill.. and when i miss i take it right as i remember... and when i am close to getting my period i always make my bf wear a condom... could i still be pregnant?
A: Everybody is different, some people go more than 28 days or some people go less. 28 is just the average. The pill tricks your body into thinking its pregnant with hormones, when you take the non hormone pills it takes a few days for the hormones to be excreted from your body so that is why you don't get your period until a few days after........You are very wise to have your bf wear a condom..

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