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How did the menstrual cycle get the name period

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A:The use of the word "period" to mean the menstrual cycles dates from 1822 when the word period meant a repeated cycle of events. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-did-the-menstrual-cycle-get-the-name-period ]
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How did the menstrual cycle get the name period
The use of the word "period" to mean the menstrual cycles dates from 1822 when the word period meant a repeated cycle of events.

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What is the normal cycle for a menstrual period? and how many days does it normally last?
Q: I'm 19 and the end of last month I got my period but it's heavy bleeding and it's lasting 14 days is this regular? irregular? is this a symptom ? if so what is the name of that symptom? and what are some causes of periods lasting longer then they should? Does a menstrual period last 7 days (business days)?? all my other cycles of periods are about 7 days but this particular one is more than 7 and my period seems to be heavy bleeding and I don't know what wrong
A: A period can last between 1 to 7 days. it all depends on the person. When I was younger my period lasted 2 days. Now that I'm older it last between 4 to 7 days. You may also want to get checked for fibroids. Fibroids are little tumors that grows and they will make your period last longer and makes you bleed really heavy, as the tumors grow your period will get more painful and heavy. I have them and the doctors wants to take them out. Please have this test done. It will make all the difference in the world.
what is the word called for a dog's menstrual cycle ?
Q: who long do pugs get their period ? how often ? could the pug be neutered after shes had her''period''? please tell me the proper name for a dog's mentrual cycle? thanks very mucho
A: The term is estrus. It will begin at about 7-18 months, depending on the breed, and she will cycle every 6 (roughly) months until she is spayed..the first two cycles may vary in length between..she will have a blood-tinged discharge for about a week, produce eggs the second week and be able to breed during that week, and still attract males for about another week..So, the whole ordeal lasts about 3 weeks..
What are other some medications and other method to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle?
Q: Ok guys I really need some help, I have had my period since the age of 11 I am now 22-years old and it is still irregular. I can go up to three months without a period, making pregnancy scars and other issues very common. I have in the past been checked out by an obgyn and everything seems to check out find. But with my period being so crazy I am afraid that it will be hard for me to conceive when the time is right. The obgyn said to wait it out that most women go through irregular periods through their teen years, but that was about four years ago. The issue is that I do not have health insurance to see a physician; I was wondering have any other ladies had my issues and know of any names of medications on the far chance that I do get a health plan or any other methods to become regulated. I have heard of some vitamins but do not know there names or how true that is….Note- I really don’t want birth control and without health plan would be hard to get… Please help…
A: To help regulate your period, Dong quai, vitex, primrose oil, and red raspberry leaf are all good. The dong quai, vitex, and primrose oil are usually found in pill form and the red raspberry leaf is usually found in tea form. Check out your local health food store and they should be able to help you.

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