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How can you prevent a brain aneurysm

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A:Maintain Weight and Exercise, Eat Fiber, Avoid Fats, Give Up Smoking, Treat Constipation, Avoid Stress, Treat Pain with Aspirin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-prevent-a-brain-aneurysm ]
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How can you prevent a brain aneurysm
Maintain Weight and Exercise, Eat Fiber, Avoid Fats, Give Up Smoking, Treat Constipation, Avoid Stress , Treat Pain with Aspirin.
How Can an Aneurysm Be Prevented?
The best way to prevent an aortic aneurysm is to avoid the factors that put you at higher risk for one. You can’t control all of the risk factors for aortic aneurysm, but lifestyle changes can help you reduce some risks.
What causes brain aneurysm and how to prevent them?
A brain aneurysm is a ballooning-out of the wall of an artery in the brain. Often this wall is weakened by disease, injury or an abnormality present at birth. Aneurysms are often caused or made worse by high blood pressure. They aren't alwa...

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the left side of the brain hurts!!! im 17 im scared!!!?
Q: what's going on right now its like pounding inside like moving around im 17 im healthy i eat salmon alot and i drink gatorade i am think i weight 151 im 5"6/5"7 between that area i was dancing on decemeber of last year the second week i was dancing not hard at all nodding my head back and forth not to hard and next thing you know my left side of the brain started static like moving like constricted and my left eye was hurting me like crazy i took excedrin,tylenol,motrin it didn't work im scared to go to the doctor right now it feels like the left side of my head which is in the front of my head/brain hurts im a girl i ahve no aneurysm in my family no brain tumor im black my blood pressure is normal, i don't get it what's going on what age does brain aneurysm is common, and how can u prevent it someone im scared GOD please help me!!!, i never had this before its not the worst pain in my life it hurts like it wants to burst who has that what is it i don't get it!!! please answer!!!!
A: that happens to me too sometimesin the morning when i wake up my brain hurts.i get worried exact same way like youbut in time it's gone.
I had 3 brain aneurysms in June 05 now I am having problems,eyes dialating nervous anxious confussed & pain?
Q: in the past 5 months I've lost 60 lbs, was feeling better until a month or two ago and feel like I'm loosing it, I had moved thinking it was best after 10 years and regret now that I did but wasn't letting it get to me, I have been under alot more stress lately, in 2005 I had to learn how to walk and do many things again, it also affected my short term memory therefore had to go on disability after being in an administrative position for 33 years at the same job, I have come a long way from where I was and now all of a sudden I'm really having some major problems, I have shunts, tubes, titanium screw s, etc in my head the tubes run through my neck up under my breast, they put me on dilantin 100 mg 3 in am 3 in pm, to prevent seizures, I take other meds and have all along and my Dr. monitors them, just in the past mo or so and even more in the past week I really feel strange and like I'm going crazy and my head hurts, can't think straight at times, can't sleep good, have to be moving but feel unsteady, neck is stiff, head hurts mostly in back where shunt , etc is, I'm shaky, nervous, I take Xannx and it doesn't help at all like it normally does, I am very blessed to be here I know, the Drs couldn't believe I pulled through, I've made an appt w/neurologist but can't see him till 3/10/2010, every day it's getting worse and starting to really get to me and scared of having another. Is this common or should I just go to the emergency room? I have just started using the computer again and takes me a long time but I lost alot of my skills and knowledge of its use a friend suggested I try to see if I could find out what could be causing these most recent problems, my eye sight also changed drastically,sense of smell but these new issues has really gotten bad and really concerns me of what it could be I have 2 wonderful children a boy and girl and between them 8 beautiful grandchildren, they helped me pull though it all so I was able to be back on my own, I am a widow of 11 years and have made some bad choices at times but all in all, strong willed, but I know something isn't right please advise of anything you can. I have been under alot more stress and in many ways very unhappy due to certain situations, and I also lost my mother, a brother and sister in the past year in a half, but I've always been the strong one in the bunch but now I really feel weak and scarred and very confused.SincerelyCA Honey
A: I am getting really sick of seeing those WebMD plug answers. Jerks.Some of these signs (blown pupils, stiff neck, loss of coordination/unsteady, blurry vision, loss of smell) point to increased pressure in the skull and could be due to the drain, tubes, etc in your head depending on where they are and what they are there for ( and whether they are working). I would go to the hospital to get this looked at to at least rule out the possibility that there is a bleed, increased pressure, or hydrocephaly.
Q: I don't want to sound like a weirdo, but I have just lost my baby brother who was only 13. It could have been prevented, but unfortunately he died before we would guess. ANYONE, YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW, WHO HAS A SEVERE HEADACHE, PLEASEEEE, SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY! Brain aneurysm is deadly. If it strokes, there is nothing that can be done. But if you get a surgery before it does, you will be saved! I don't want anybody to feel how I feel now! So be AWARE!!!!thanks
A: I am really sorry for your loss . My condolences

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