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Does milk help menstrual cramps

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A:Milk containing added hormones and antibiotics may stimulate female hormones producing more menstrual cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-milk-help-menstrual-cramps ]
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Does milk help menstrual cramps
Milk containing added hormones and antibiotics may stimulate female hormones producing more menstrual cramps.

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Bad Menstrual Cramps!?
Q: When it's the first day of my period, I usually get such bad cramps, I want to sit in bed and sleep all day!I know calcium alleviates the pain, but milk makes me sick when I drink it while on my period. So I take calcium supplements & Midol. But sometimes that doesn't work as well as I'd like.I know working out also helps, but my muscles get so sore it hurts to do it.What are some things I can do to ease the cramping?
A: I know the feeling as I go through that every month myself! Here are some of my most trusted remedies that I use and it works every time.1. Take pain killers which is especially formulated for period pain eg. Naprogesic. Take this as soon as you know that your period has arrived. This formulation usually targets the muscles from where the blood is released. Don't wait for the cramps to arrive.2. Take herbal teas to sooth and calm like: Camomile tea and Evening Primrose tea found in the Health food shops. add honey to it. It really helps.3. Use hot water bottles on your lower abdomen. This really provides relief. Get your mum or sister ,to give you a good massage on your lower back to relax the muscles.4. You should try situps and other abdominal excercises daily and not only when you have period cramps. This will strengthen your muscles and give you an overall good workout so that when your cramps happen your body is ready for it.All the above is easy and readily available. It works for me all the time.Good luck!
What can naturally relieve cramps?
Q: My menstrual cramps have been really bad today, and Advil and Midol is not relieving the pain at all. I have been told before that bananas and milk can help, but I do not care for either of those. It is also too hot out to put heat on my abdomen. Any other suggestions??I have exercised today, did not really helpI am also on the pill, they are only bad this first day, and not every month.But thanks for the ideas :)
A: -Use heat to find relief. A heating bad or hot water bottle can provide immense relief. A warm bath can also work.-Try an ice pack if heat does not help. Sometimes ice will draw the blood out that is causing the cramps.-Perform light exercise. Walking, swimming and yoga are all moderate exercises that reduce the severity of cramps. A regular exercise routine can usually help reduce the frequency of cramps.-Drink pineapple juice. Pineapples contain a substance called bromelain. Bromelain has been shown to relax the muscles.-Purchase a raspberry herbal tea. Many women rely on this tea to help relieve cramps during their period.-Cut back on salt and sugar. These substances can cause or worsen menstrual cramps. Avoiding them will relieve the cramps and reduce bloating.
Help on why my Stomach cramps while running?
Q: I'm leaving for BCT in 9 days... I've passed my PT test w/flying colors and now i'm just running to possibly lower my score & get use to running all the time...Last week, I ran 3 miles one day, 2 miles the day after that, and 3 miles the day after that...Recently, when I've been running, I can only run 1.5 miles and my stomach cramps severely (it feels just like menstrual cramps) and I have to stop running and I'm usually doubled over and vomiting... I can't even get 2 miles ran in 1 setting now... I dnt know what's wrong with me..Like I said, I leave for BCT in 9 days.. I dnt want this to interfere w/my enlistment in the Army... But @ the same time I dnt want the Army to kick me out b/c I can't fulfill the requirements... Cuz I have really good days where I kick ass, then I have days like I've had these past 2 days where I get 1.5 miles done and can't go any further... It's very frustrating..Ok, so here's some of my background: I'm only 4 lbs overweight (military standards); I exercise 4-5 days a week; eat healthy; drink only water and milk (All sodas and juices are cut out); I dnt eat out; and I'm known to be anemic.. I take vitamins and potassium pills.. I dnt eat b4 I run and if I do I give it atleast 2 hrs to settle..Any advice would really help me!! Thanks so much!!
A: Like others have said, make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your run. It's also a great idea to drink plenty of water the day before so your body will be hydrated for the next day. Sounds like you're just dehydrated but I don't know why you'd be vomiting though. Just remember that if you're working out and you feel like you're going to vomit then you continue to do what you're doing, you will vomit.

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