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Does ibuprofen help with menstrual cramping

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A:Does ibuprofen help with menstrual cramping? Yes, ibuprofen is highly recommended for menstrual cramps. Some names you may recognize is Motrin, Advil, Midol IB, Nuprin and Pamprin. For best results, usual adult dose is 200/400 mg every 4 to 6 hours. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-ibuprofen-help-with-menstrual-cramping ]
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Does ibuprofen help with menstrual cramping
Does ibuprofen help with menstrual cramping? Yes, ibuprofen is highly recommended for menstrual cramps. Some names you may recognize is Motrin, Advil, Midol IB, Nuprin and Pamprin. For best results, usual adult dose is 200/400 mg every 4 t...
How long does it typically take Ibuprofen to stop menstrual cramp...?
The bottle I have says 30 minutes, but for me it usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
How much Ibuprofen for menstrual cramps?
The recommended dose for Ibuprofen is not to exceed 2400 mg in a day. So if you are taking 800 mg more than 3 times a day it is highly not recommended as it can not only irritate your stomach lining but also cause bleeding. My own personal ...

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What is the best pain killer for menstrual cramps?
Q: I usually use Ibuprofen to kill the pain of menstrual cramps, but i have heard that it is not too good on your stomach to take Ibuprofen. Does anyone know of something I can take to kill menstrual cramps that is good for you? Maybe something natural?Also, I always get really emotional and irritated during my period. Is there some kind of herb I can take to help with that?
A: I usually take advil.Though, a heating pad on your stomach-abdominals area will help just as well. ChamomileGingerBasilPeppermintCramp bark also help as herbs.
How can I get rid of SEVERE menstrual cramps?
Q: I've been taking birth control for the past couple months to slow down my period.. but since i've been taking them, the cramps have been extremely severe. i can't stand for long periods of time.adn when i sit, i have to lay flat to make them feel a little better.i've taken motrin with ibuprofen.i did have bad cramps before and the doctor said that the birth control should stop them, but since i've been taking the pills, they've only gotten worse..please help me.thank you. :)
A: Motrin is just a brand of ibuprofen, first of all. As a muscle relaxant it should help. If your cramps are still severe, try things like eating a banana (potassium). A little exercise goes a long long way, even if it is the last thing you feel like doing. If you are sexually active or comfortable with masturbating, having an orgasm can actually relieve the cramps (muscle contractions and whatnot). Soak in the tub or grab a hot water bottle. I get cramps so badly I puke, and was basically told there wasn't much to do. If you are comfortable with the idea, talk to your doctor about ways to stop your period all together. There are birth control pills and shots that can do this, but understand the side effects.Side note: You can mix your pain killers, but know what you are doing. Taking one tylenol with two ibuprofen (make sure you read the dosages though, because some are higher dose so you only need to take one) can be more effective. Often times this combination is helpful.
Help with severe menstrual cramping?
Q: Okay I am 18 years old and before and during my period I get bad cramps. They start from the cervix and spread down my thighs to both hips and now they come up to even my rib area. I get really weak and throw up a lot. I also get headaches, get a temperature, sweat badly, have difficulty breathing, etc. Sometimes my face even gets that tinted green color or goes ghost white.Ive been on the pill for about a year now, and it has barely helped. I have switched the brand 3 times so far but really don't think it's doing its part. For a year, Ive also tried to eat really healthy, exercise, drink a lot of juice and water (no sodas) and it still hasn't worked. Exercise always seems to make the cramping worse and a heating pad/warm bath just makes me even more nauseous. I've tried various teas that are supposed to help, vitamins, etc, and to no avail. Even prescription strength ibuprofen at 800mg works only a little bit, but it only works for about two hours.Sleep is the only thing that does work, however I can't just go to sleep whenever I get cramps this bad. I have to work and go to college and stuff like that.I've gone to the doctor, but they tell me it's just menstrual cramps. My friend's mom says it sounds more like endometriosis, but I'm not sure. It's gotten to the point where I've considered asking the doctor (I didn't though) about hysterectomy because the pain is so unbearable every month, but I know that's a bit drastic. My boyfriend agrees though that if I'm hurting this bad and the doctorIs there ANY advice for an instant pain relief, what I should do, etc? I'm at a lost and it's really bothering me.When I went to the gyno first and they were didnt help. My doctor was a female life wellness doctor who can double as a gyno.Also, pain meds and heat does not work at ALL. I've heard that having a baby can get rid of the cramping cause it stretches it out, but I dont want a baby now. I'm too young and my boyfriend and I couldn't afford it. A baby isn't an option unless I get ALOT of help and support from everyone else but even then...
A: I suffered for YEARS and YEARS just like you... TERRIBLE cramps and vomiting and sweating and the entire thing... Mine started at 11 years old and ended at 50 years old The only relief I found after having taken pain pills, Darvon, Darvoset, Tylenol, Mydol, and a slue of other pain killers that didn't work, A heating pad placed directly on my belly helped a LOT..( I actually had to use that method at work)...sometimes the pains were so bad I couldn't go to school or work.. I missed a day of school every month and when I began working, I'd miss one day a month at work also... I even had injections directly into my uterus of a drug called Fenigrin (not sure of the spelling) which DID help calm down the cramps and stopped the vomitting... but basically, I just lived with it ... BUT, if you make an appointment with your GYNOCOLOGIST rather then your family doctor, you MIGHT get some relief there... they can ultra sound your cervix and uterus to see if there are any problems that would be the cause of your painful periods... Good luck....

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