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Does ginger help with menstrual cramps

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A:Due to it's antispasmodic characteristic some people have used it to help ease menstrual cramps.It's also used for digestion. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-ginger-help-with-menstrual-cramps ]
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Is there another food besides ginger tea that helps with menstrua...?
Foods high in potassium, such as bananas help reduce cramps. Thanks for using ChaCha!
How to Relieve Menstrual Pain with Ginger
・ 1 Two days before your menstrual cycle begins, heat one cup of water until it is hot, but not boiling. ・ 2 Add 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger. ・ 3 Add lemon extract and stir. Pour into a cup and drink. Drink one or two cups of tea daily for a...

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Ginger root for menstrual cramps?
Q: Has anyone ever taken ginger root for menstrual cramps? Does it work? I'm trying to help my girlfriend deal with her cramps. She gets them really bad. Thanks.
A: Ginger is deffinately a soother! I highly reccomend the book Healing With Whole Foods, Based on traditional asian remedies and western culture, it is truly amazing- with lists of symtoms, foods you should/ shouldn't eat for many general health concerns.
Help with my menstrual cramps?
Q: My periods have always been a problem for me. I always have really bad cramps and i always vomit. I've tried so many things but nothing works. I've tried drinking pills but they dont always go down and thats a problem, i tried drinking ginger water but it doesnt always work and makes me vomit now because of the taste. The only thing that worked was the ibprofen pills that were 800mg but my doctor said i shouldnt use it since im young and it would do damage to my liver. Im now starting to drink chamomile tea and see if that works. But I still need more suggestions. What works for you??? Help!!!!
A: You should talk to your doctor about getting on birth control.. Since it allows for less blood to build up it can help with lessening the cramps. Talk to him about other prescription pain meds
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