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Do you know if marijuana change your menstrual cycle

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A:Marijuanas effect on women can easily affect your menstrual cycle and your ability to use your own natural hormones in daily life. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-know-if-marijuana-change-your-menstrual-cycle ]
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Do you know if marijuana change your menstrual cycle
Marijuanas effect on women can easily affect your menstrual cycle and your ability to use your own natural hormones in daily life.

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Thoughts on marijuana legalization?
Q: Ok, so I posted this same question on here several months ago, with my opinion being "Drugs are bad=marijuana is a drug=marijuana is bad". A lot of people disagreed. So in the past few months, I have done some extensive research (it is very much a topic that interest me, considering the legalization controversy, as well as the fact that I am a teenager, and that is when drugs come up in one's life, and i want to make an educated decision.) and here are the facts (Youc an skip to the bottom to see some random facts if you don't feel liker eading all of this):Marijuana VS Cigarettes-When you are smoking weed, you hold it in your lungs longer than you would a cigarette, and you inhale more, therefore a joint causes severe damage on ones lungs.- It has been found that consuming one joint gives as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking 5 cigarettes (I know. I was shocked.)-Joinjts affect you mentally. Cigarettes do not.MARIJUANA vs ALCHOHOLOkay, so I read a quote from Megan Fox "If alchohol is legal, that I just don't see why pot isn't." So I researched.-Alchohol consists of one substance only: ethanol. Cannabis contains over 400 known toxins and cancer-causing chemicals.-Alchohol is elminated form the body in a few hours; THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the main ingredient in weed) remains in the body fat for monthsm possibly longer, therefore a person who smokes 2 or 3 joints a week is constantly under the influence of the drug.-THC damages the lungs. Alchohol does not. (I am not trying the condone alchohol, rot he dangers of it. But alchohol can be used in moderation without causing severe damage.Effects of Marijuana-Marijuana causes more damage to the lungs than smokign tobacco. The risk of getting lung cancer is far higher for pot-smokers than smokers.-marijuana deforms (by changing the structure) of sperm cells, and also affects a womans menstrual cycle and can cause damage to a pot-smokers children.MENTAL(if the physical shit doesn't turn you off, this should)Studies have shown that the mental functions of peole who have smoekd marijuama tend to be diminished or impaired.-Cannabis also causes abnormal cell divison , which leads to sever ehereditary effects.LONG TERMSuppression of the immune systemInclination to heart attakcs ad lung disease-Lessened ability to fight off illnessreduction fo male SEX hormones. Yes, thats right guys.-study difficulties-drowsiness, or alck of motivation.etc etc.Last thing:In One study: A group of heavy marijuana users were asked to recall words froma list. their ability to correctly remember the words did not return to normal until 4 months after they stopped smoking. yeesh hey? also, students who smoke marijuana have lower grades and lessened mental capacity.ok. so I knwo I'll get a lot of diifferent opinion and shit, and a lot of negativity, especially from the pot users. I don't wanna seem like I'm forcing this on you, I just ant everyone to know the facts, and then make an INFORMED decision.cheersI forgot to list my resources or the source I got this info from:World health organization National drug intelligance centerNational Institue on drug abuseUniversity of Southern carolinaAmerican academy of pediatricsDrug enforcement admin..thanks guysfirst guy ( forget your name) if something does that to you and has those effects, mentally and physically, how can it be a "win_win situation". It sound more like a "lose-lose-lose" one to me,anyways, thanks for your opinon. I appreciate every single one.oh and I forgot to add (for the first guy. and I'm not being sacastic or mocking, this is a legit question)what is your source? who ahs told you that smoking is not worse than pot?thanks againbones M, actually yes, there was a question. why don't you take a look at where the big letters are at the top. also, that was a lovely come back. very well-thought out and info-supported. congratulations.also bones, I think that if pot is peoples "lives hopes and dreams", then they really need to take a look at their priorities and do some rearranging.third person, I actually do agree with you. it is a perosnal choice to use it, and peoples should be able to make that choice (all I'm trying to do is spread info). thanks.first guy, I appreciate the opinion. and the fact that your answer was intelligent and mature (legitamately). thanksJimmy C, you're not being sarcastic are you? if not then thank you. I appreciate your opinion.Fifth guy: I have to say, i bet you smoke pot. Now, I would also bet my "bottom dollar" that people who have been killed through alchohol was in a driving/car related accident. am I right??? Like I said, I am not condoning the use of alchohol. it can be extremely dangerous, and is used way too lightly. but compare the two: the physical and mental effects don't even compare.BTw, One study has shown that 70% of people who drove under the influence of pot said it affected their driving negativly.The reason for the detahs culminating from alchohol is, because it is legal, people are at liberty to drink in public, makign drinking and driving easier. it is not the same wiht pot because it is illegal, and is not done so muhc in public, therefore people do not drive when they are stoned as much as when they are drunk.thanks for the opinon, though.Like I said before, I am not at all condoning the use of alchohol. Not at alla, and a lot of you make extremely valid points that I totally agree with. But taking a look at what marijuana actualyl does to you, mentally and physcically, its atrocious. Alchohol may kill more, but living with the consequences of being a stoner according to my research is just liek being dead.Thanks for all the opinons though!!!
A: Good one Alison. You have done your research well. I wish more people knew and understood this. You have presented a strong case for keeping it illegal. The trouble is, the pot supporters will have forgotten this a few minutes after reading it.No, I'm not being sarcastic at all. I am against the use of pot because I have studied its effects and have seen too many users who do not even realise the problems they have. It causes serious psychological problems.
Severe Menstrual Pain?
Q: For the first 5 years of my menstrual cycle, I had no pain, no emotional shift, or any noticable changes during my cycle. But for the last three or so years I have had very very severe pain during my cycle for the first two days every month. I do not have health insurance so I've never talked to a doctor about this problem. I had a medical marijuana license and smoking really helped but now that I need a job, I can not smoke regardless of the license or I will not get hired. The pain is mostly severe cramps, they feel like someone has stabbed me and is constantly twisting the blade. My back and legs ache as if I were just through a car accident. Very often the pain is so severe I can't stand. I also often feel very dizzied when I am standing, with slight blurred/ heavy vision and sometimes it doesn't go away until a while after I sit down. I'm worried about this because I know I'm not going to be able to get a good job and they're not just going to let me take a few days off every month. Hot baths/heating pads help a little bit but only temporarily. I sit in a hot bath re-warming the water for 12 hours straight sometimes, trying not to cry in fear of the extra pain it causes. I try to keep my mind off of the pain by watching movies, reading, talking etc but it never goes away. I have tried regular and high dosages of: Pamprin, Excedrin, Midol, Asprin, Excedrin Extra Strength, IBU Profen, also, blueberries, lots of water, chocolate, cranberry juice, massage, etc. I can't even think of everything! ANY ideas are worth a shot. Thank you for your help.
A: It may be severe cramping, but if your having back and leg aches it sounds more like an Ovarian cyst. Or even Endometriosis, they both cause severe pain to the point of not being able to stand. I myself experience the same feeling, and have not gone to a doctor,due to the lack of insurance.Look into Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts symptoms and what it is to get a better idea. If it does not get any better, and the pain worsens, you may want to find a doctor regardless, or a health clinic where you would not nearly as much. Both can have long term damage if kept untreated.

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