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Do you discharge before or after your menstrual cycle

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A:You discharge at the end of your menstrual cycle - your body gets rid of endometrium and some blood comes along with it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-discharge-before-or-after-your-menstrual-cycle ]
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What can it mean if discharge is brownish right before, and after...?
A brownish discharge is normal before or after your period. It is extra mucus that is produced and discharged. ChaCha!

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Girls Only Answer this please?
Q: Okay so I'm fifteen, and I just started getting my period like between three to five months ago.Like I know before you get your period when your body is changing you get pre-menstrual discharge, the white sticky stuff in your underwear, but even though I get my period, when I'm not on my period I still get it.So what I'm wondering is, when exactly should that stop? 'Cause it's kind of annoying. And I know it's not an infection or anything because I'm really clean and stuff and I don't have sexual stuff going on.And also after you have your period, when your cycle is still getting established, is it normal for like a week after for your period to still be kinda still going but only like suuupperrr light for like a week after your technically 'done' with it?thanks for all your help. i just need some reassurance.
A: The discharge is perfectly normal, and I agree...it is quite annoying. Your vagina is cleaning itself when you get discharge in your underwear. You also get alot more when your turned on.Every women's period's are different, I'm pretty sure that its normal for your period to lightly continue through a week. Besides, how do you know your completely off of it? Some woman's periods last longer than others, some shorter.Don't worry your healthy!xoxo
who do you think is most likely the father? Easy 10 points!?
Q: i have irregular periods but i had my period December 13th or 14th of December. im 26 weeks and 5 day pregnant today according to my last menstrual cycle which makes my conception date December 27th-29th and according to my baby's measurements from a sonogram im 27 weeks 5 days pregnant today which would put my conception date December 18th. I had sex with my ex boyfriend unprotected December 20th, 26th and Jan 4th(but nothing actually happened)..we broke up and i slept with my guy friend ive known for years on December 29th(stupid i know) but 9 hours after sex with him i took the morning after pill. that day i felt cramping and i took an OVULATION test and it was positive. so i was either ovulating or about to ovulate. i took a pregnancy test January 8th and it was negative and on January 12th i had light brown discharge and took another test and it was a faint positive..There's 3 things that point to the guy friend:1. I had a positive ovulation test the day i had sex with him and when i took the morning after pill.2. when i was early along i had a sonogram done that measured the baby at 7 weeks 4 days and so she said conception date was around the 1st-4th of January and early sonograms are most accurate3. im having a boy and they say if its more likely to have a boy the day before or the day you ovulate because boy sperm swim quicker but die faster.Then theres 3 reasons why i think its my boyfriends:1.the morning after pill doesn't work if your already pregnant..and its 95% effective within 24 hours of taking it2. The baby's measurements point to him & the conception date according to my last period3. we had unprotected sex 3 times so theres a 3:1 chanceso who do you think is more likely?Im praying its my boyfriends!Thanks!
A: The hormones in the morning after pill is what made the ovulation test positive.You were already pregnant when you took it or you wouldn't be pregnant now.I would bet cash money your ex is the father.
Does sex affect your menstrual cycle?
Q: My period has become fairly consistant after getting off of birth control about a year ago. I get my period every month now as opposed to skipping months (i've skipped 6 mths before). I recently started having sex with a new partner and my cycle seems to be a bit out of whack. I ended my period two weeks ago and I've noticed pms signs starting up again a couple of days ago (acne, food cravings, weight, moodiness, heavier discharge). I ignored them at first and thought it was nothing, but sure enough, there appears to be some brownish remnants in my underwear (how my period starts out). I am 21 and we've only had sex 4 times now. We don't use protection, but rather pull out (we are working on other alternatives, not best idea, I know). I am also under a lot of stress with the rest of my life.Is my period messing up because of my new sexual partner, stress, or a combination of both? Do you think I will need to go on birth control to regulate again, or is there another way?
A: In my experience, (mine are) if your periods are irregular they will always be irregular. They will regulate with BC.Now, that said, get a pregnancy test and get back on BC. Disease is rampant and you don't seem to be worried about that. So lets not bring a new life in the world until you can think ahead enough to plan who you want a child with.

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