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Do tampons make menstrual cramps worse

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A:Tampons do not make menstrual cramps worse, the cramps come from contractions of the uterus and the tampons have nothing to do with that. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-tampons-make-menstrual-cramps-worse ]
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Do tampons make menstrual cramps worse
Tampons do not make menstrual cramps worse, the cramps come from contractions of the uterus and the tampons have nothing to do with that. ChaCha!

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i have SEVERE menstrual cramps.?
Q: a lot of my friends say that their periods aren't that bad. they say that they aren't usually very heavy, and their cramps aren't too bad.but my cramps are sooo bad! all i want to do is crawl up into a ball and sleep forever. lol. and the first 2 days of my period, i get no sleep because it hurts really bad. i've had my period for 5 years now, and it's always been severe. also, i feel like tampons make my cramps worst, so i never wear them. what can i do to relieve cramps????is this normal for periods to be this bad? should i see a gyno just to be sure? my mom said her's were really bad too. so maybe it's just genetics or something?
A: I was the same way for the first two years of my period. The pain from my cramps was like the worst pain I've ever felt when it got to be at it's worst. It's probably mostly genetics because two of my aunts are the same way. But I went to see my doctor and she prescribed a pain reliever/muscle relaxer called Naproxen (the generic pill for Naprosyn). I take it twice a day when I have my period just as a preventative measure, and as long as you take them on time, no cramps at all! Also getting on birth control pills can do wonders, for cramps, your skin, and for regulating when you get your period. So ask your doctor about that also. In the meantime, try hot-packs (like those bean things you put in the microwave), hot baths, Midol, and eat bananas (if you haven't tried these things already). Your cramping might get better as you get older, but without getting some medicine, you'll be in pain every month until then! See your doctor! Good luck :)
Ack! Menstrual Cramps!?
Q: Ok so, whenever i get my period i get REALLY bad cramps in my sides, like when i touch just above my hip bones it's like rock solid and it really hurts. even when i stand sometimes i bend down just to get relief from some pain. if i sit down/lay down it still REALLY hurts. anything i can do to ease the pain without medication? Midol makes me throw up. And no, i don't use tampons when i get these bad cramps because they just make it worse.ALSOreally bad headaches and feel like i'm going to throw up whenever it's my time of the month?
A: WOW!! Menstrual pain/cramps is such a popular question here!Since this is a commonly repeated question, here is a summary of answers for all the common questions regarding this topic.EXERCISE: It's another myth. Vascular circulation has nothing to do with the drainage of blood and tissue from the Uterus. Exercise naturally kicks in endogenous endorphins (natural pain-killers similar to Morphine), but who wants to get up and run around when they are completely incapacitated with the extreme agony/misery of period pain? Only a MAN would come up with that kind of insane remedy! It's like saying 'oh, you have kidney stones? Go run it off/it's all in your mind'.!! Exercise can reduce psychological/physiologic stress which indirectly affects the menstrual cycle/system in general, and that is a Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Aryvedic Medicine Medical Theory - see EMOTIONS below.SUPPLIMENT WARNING - ****Potassium supplimentation is dangerous and can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome ( Heart Attach), from overdoseage. I do not want to see this dangerous advice out there again! **** No western foods can help with menstrual cramps. Ridiculous suggestions like eat-a-banana are pure myth. See below for more on food. The best menstrual cramp medication over-the-counter is not Midol, Tylenol or Motrin. THE BEST OTC IS Naprosyn (naproxyn), also known as Aleve, (OTC). It does not require a prescription, its not a narcotic so there is no addiction risk and is twice as strong and lasts longer than motrin/ibuprofen. Tylenol and Midol are useless, so is a hot water bottle, for really serious mentrual pain.MEDICATIONS: Take 1-2 tablets of Aleve/Naproxyn every 6-12 hours with at least 1 glass of water and some food. Do not take aspirin, motrin/ibuprofen or anything containing those products as it will increase the risk of bleeding stomach ulcers and peptic ulcer disease. Naproxyn is the OTC drug of choice for menstrual cramps. You can also check with your doctor about a special birth control pill protocol (Seasonique) that allows only 4 periods a year. It's not perfect but 4 is better than 12, right? lol. Birth Control Pills in general do not make menstrual pain any less painful - that is a myth also. BCP's may regulate the period, but they do not mitigate the pain.HEAT: Heat helps liquify the blood & tissue clots that cause the pain, easing their passage out of the body. It also expands blood flow (oxygen and immune cells) to the inflammed areas and blocks Prostaglandins that trigger inflammation and pain. It depends on the kind of heat and heat in general is still not as good as NAPROXYN. I recommend NAPROXYN PLUS either those disposable heat pads that last 8-12hrs each, or even better, the far infra-red heating lamps used by massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors. This type of lamp is actually a special ceramic disk that emits a very deeply penetrating heat that does wonders for sprains, muscle and menstrual cramps, back and other orthopedic injuries, chronic/old sports injuries, etc. You may contact me through www.ibasi.org if you wish to purchase one of these far-infrared ceramic heating lamps. Be aware that these are for purchase only by healthcare professional and are at around $350 U.S.D, but seeing that this menstrual cramp issue is such a common and dire occurrence, if you are at your wits end, I am willing to help you obtain one.EMOTIONS & MIND-BODY-SPIRIT MEDICINE: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM)/ Acupucturists, (L.AC), the Liver Meridian governs menstrual flow and associated pathologies. The positive emotion attributed to the Liver Meridian is compassion. The negative emotion attributed to the Liver Meridian is anger and rage. Therefore, L.Ac’s and TCM practioners like myself feel it is important to educate their clients and patients about Anger Management and coping skills for handing the rages and stresses of our modern living. You will find that after a few months of stress-free, anger-free life, period pain disappears. The challenge of-course, is to master this state of being, which is the value of mind-body disciplines like mental-discipline yogas like meditation exercises, mantra yoga, self-healing meditations, hatha yoga, tai-chi and qigong. Do the basics like taking in pure foods, 2-3 Liters of clean water, daily exercise in natural surroundings, 15 minutes of sunshine a day, regular meal and break periods at work, enough good sleep, being pain-free on a daily basis, having a good support system, access to animals and pets to share unconditional love & affection, and most importantly, dedication to a spiritual practice and a Spiritual Preceptor. All the above is a reasonable and effective mind-body-spirit program for reducing general pain/stress, as well as the monthly miseries and agonies of horrible menstrual cramps. FOOD & DIET: As far as foods specifically in your case - contact me directly through www.ibasi.com if you would like a holistic nutri
More health questions!!!!?
Q: Okay. So diabetes kinda runs in my family. My dad has is, my gram has it, my other gram had it (she died), and I think my pop had it too. I am young and I eat A LOT!! I'm only 110 but I live for junk food. What can I do (IF I CAN do anything) to reduce the risk of getting diabetes? Also, Is it for real or a myth that tampons make menstrual cramps worse? I'm like OCD about my period so I could never use a pad but, my period cramps are killer so I can't tell the difference. Thanks guys!
A: I cannot answer your first question, however I'm considered a bit of an expert on tampons – I'm a menstrual activist and gynaecology student so researching these things is part of my job description :o)Tampons do in fact increase menstrual cramps, and there are two reasons for this;1.Tampons are unhygienic and very bad for vaginal health, when your vaginal health is affected then so too is your menstrual health as such the negative affects that tampons have on your vagina result in longer, heavier and more painful periods. See http://www.spotsite.org 2.Tampons expand, depending on the manufacturing method a tampon will either expand lengthways or widthways. Lengthways-expanding tampons such as Tampax will expand into the cervix which is already sensitive due to menstruation thus causing additional discomfort of menstrual pains. Widthways-expanding tampons such as Li-lets will expand widthways which can add to bloating thus causing discomfort of menstrual pains. Tampons in general are not recommended to women, particularly not women who suffer menstrual cramping, if you use internal menstrual options it is recommended you switch to a safer option such as menstrual cups, which don't add to menstrual cramping as well as many other benifits over tampons. Divacup menstrual cup - http://www.divacup.comIt is also recommended you make dietary changes, increase intake of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, and also look into more body-friendly options for dealing with menstrual pains such as herbal treatments, clarity sage or cell-salts.

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