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Do hamsters get menstrual cycles

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A:Yes, hamsters have menstrual cycles, although these are more often called "estrous cycles." Thanks for using ChaCha this evening! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-hamsters-get-menstrual-cycles ]
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Do hamsters get menstrual cycles?
Scientists use hamsters to study human menstral cycles because they are almost identical. Instead of bleeding at the end of the cycle, hamsters have a thick, white discharge that has a strong musky scent during ovulation. They can get moody...
Do female hamsters have menstrual cycles?
No they don't bleed. but they do discharge a white plug that most people don't see cause it goes in with all the other bedding and fluff and is never found again. This happens every six days when they enter 'heat' or their little parts down...
Do animals such as gerbils or hamsters have a menstrual cycle?
Yes. Animals have periods. They are usually referred to as going into heat. ChaCha soon!

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Do female hamsters have menstrual cycles?
Q: I'm getting two hamsters should they be male or female? I'm worried about having a female because of that.
A: No they don't bleed. but they do discharge a white plug that most people don't see cause it goes in with all the other bedding and fluff and is never found again. This happens every six days when they enter 'heat' or their little parts down there open up so they can have sex.Female hamster stink more than males and they are grouchy every six days. I have always loved my male hammies way more. Theya re so laid back. but if you are going to a normal pet shop you might not be able to find a male. they usually only sell females because the dudes' balls are 'not right for young children to see and undesirable to parents'. lol.
Is my hamster sick or not?
Q: Idk if she is but she has little to no energy, she wont drink, and when I pet her back her tail goes up and completely stiff. Now I have had hamsters before, and none of my females have done this. My first thought was that its just a sign she was ready to breed, but she seems more depressed and lonely. She dosent even sleep in her house, just by her wheel looking like she wants to sleep, but she will just sit there. Another question I had, one that the internet couldnt clear up was, do hamsters have menstrual cycles like humans? I had one female that I thought had had one, but she was living with another female so I thought she got in a fight, even though neither hamster had open wounds. A couple days later, she died very strangely, with a long organ-looking thing coming out of her backside. I have had some pretty weird experiences with hamster, but I hope someone can help me with these questions
A: If you are questioning your guinea pigs illness or state. Then its best to bring them to a vet for a second opinion. When i had my other hamster i bought her medicine because she had wet tail and she was not herself ( not energetic, always sleeping, rarely drank) and she ended up dieing and there was nothing else I could do. Good luck with your hamster, if shes sick I hope she gets better.:)
Do Hamsters get their periods like us??
Q: I have two females and was wondering if they get periods of menstrual cycles????? Please Help Me!!!!!!
A: Female hamster do not have menstrual cycles the way that humans do. A female hamster will go into heat every 4-5 days. Hamster heat cycles correlate to ovulation though a female will go into heat a few hours before she ovulates. A female in heat will have one, two or all of the following: a white, milky vaginal discharge, a very musky smell and/or will assume the "freeze" posture when stroked on the back or introduced to a male. In the "freeze" posture, the female will lower her body, stare forward and raise her tail and back end to allow for the best mount.In humans, a woman doesn't go into "heat" when she ovulates. There are not many signs when a human is ovulating. If a woman goes through her menstrual cycle without being impregnanted, at the end of her cycle she will menstruate (get her period).Unlike humans, hamsters do not have the blood layers lining their uterus until the embroyos implant. So if a hamsters menstrual cycle ends and she hasn't been impregnanted, there isn't any bloodly layers to shed, so no menstate/period.-Janicehttp://www.holmdenhillhaven.com

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