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Do female dogs have a menstrual cycle

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A:Dog go into heat, duration, 21 days on average. Frequency, every six months or thereabout dependent on the type of dog. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-female-dogs-have-a-menstrual-cycle ]
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Yes, unless they have been spayed.
Intact (unspayed) female dogs go through an estrous cycle. Unlike humans and primates, it is the only time a female dog can get pregnant. In general, female dogs have an estrous cycle twice a year. Please note that two very similar words ar...
Yes, they have menstrual cycles. It is called a "heat" and it occurs about every six months for about three weeks. ChaCha on!

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Do female dogs have a menstrual cycle like a female woman does?
Q: I am buying a dog with my girlfriend, she wants a girl and I want a boy I am trying to convince her not to get a girl because they go in heat and they get pregnant and I think it would just be easier just to deal with a guy dog. Tell me if they have menstrual periods because I know if that happens my girlfriend is not going to want the girl dog.
A: If you get the dog spayed it will not have menstrual periods.If you don't get her spayed, she will, like all female mammals, have a menses cycle from the age of puberty through menopause.Fix the dog, regardless of whether you get the boy or the girl and please, train it.
Do female dogs follow a certain cycle for their period?
Q: I have a female chihuahua. How does the dogs period cycle differ from the human's menstrual cycle? Any specific name for the process for dogs? When does the ovary release the ovum(s) for the dogs in that cycle?
A: Dogs dont have "periods" they go into heat, or estrus.The difference.Humans menstruate.. They ovulate, if implantation doesnt occour, then they mestruate. Menses occour because a pregnancy did not. Women typically have anywhere from a 21-30 day cycle, with menses lasting 5-10 days.Dogs go into estrus. They ovulate while in heat.. Estrus is to prepare the body for a pregnancy.Dogs typically go into heat every 6 months.. some may cycle every 4 months, and some may even cycle yearly. It just depends on the dog, but each individual ussually has their own cycle that they stick to. Estrus lasts approx 3 weeks.
Do dolphins go through a menstrual cycle similar to a human's?
Q: ince mammals grow babies inside them after an egg mixes with a sperm, what happens when the egg doesn't meet with a sperm? Like for land mammals, such as dogs, the female will have a period, but what about aquatic mammals, such as the dolphin, do they get a period like humans do?The first word is suppose to be since, not ince =D
A: Dolphin females have estrous cycles rather than menstrual cycles.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estrous_cycle

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