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Do cats get menstrual cramps

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A:Yes, some cats may indeed experience mild forms of menstrual cramps, but there is not a lot know about it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-cats-get-menstrual-cramps ]
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Do cats get cramps from menstruating?
As far as anyone knows, female cats screech and howl when they are in heat because they are calling for a male mate. Whether they screech and howl while in heat because they have cramps is any ordinary person's guess. If anyone knows of any...

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does my cat have menstrual cramps?
Q: 4 year old female suffers every month for 5 days,seems adgitated and uncomfortable,screams a very painfull sounding cry seems ok in every other way.previous owner tells me shes been neutered.vet told me she was just getting used to new home,but that was only her 2nd month of it happening.is there any way to ease this for her if my diagnosis is correct?
A: I'm not sure about this. I've heard dogs have this happen once a year, and I'm not sure if it is the same for cats. Try asking the vet, and see how that goes. Hope this helps!
What are the odds of being one of those women who do not do well with hpts?
Q: I'm a week and four days late, I've got symptoms such as-Missed period-Sensitivity in my mood, (I cried when I was late to class, and when my mom had to remind me twice to feed my cat. This is NOT me.)-Nausea-Watery, white-ish discharge. Mucous was present during ovulation, and went away, it's back again four the past four days.-Tender breasts/sore nipples. (I got this for the first two months of my period, over two years ago, but less painful)-Cramping since ovulation, (ovulation cramping is normal) but it kept up all the way till now, They've started to feel more like menstrual cramps the past few days.It's come to my attention that this could be an ovarian cyst, would planned parenthood be able to help me out here?I tested for pregnancy yesterday and it was negative.Yes I did have unprotected sex around my ovulation time, I get ovulation cramps.I want to get a blood test to solve this, The website says planned parenthood where I'm from offers this upon patients request, I'm sixteen, can I still do this?My age has nothing to do with my question, if you want to lecture me, please just don't.Thank you for all help!I'm not over weight or under weight, and I'm not stressed out.Believe me when I say this.
A: These are the symptoms I had when I found out I was pregnant. I've also had a lot of ovarian cysts and usually I just get really tired, have severe cramping, and nausea when it ruptures. You'll have to call up and see if PP can give you a bloodtest. I know it doesn't matter what you age is to get condoms and get a HPT, but when it comes to actual medical procedures where they touch you and examine you I would think you would have to have a parent present. Mostly because I know that you're not even allowed to pierce a minor or tattoo one if you don't want to be charge with child abuse.
Help please, going crazy here!?
Q: If I am pregnant, this will be my 2nd pregnancy. Ok, my last period was June 17th. I was fertile 25-29 and the 27th and 28th were my most fertile days, and the 28th is when I actually had my LH surge. My next period is due July 12th. So I plan to test on July 8th. And if I get a negative and no period by July 13th, I plan to test again. But this is what I have been experiencing:-Raised bumps on my aeriolas-Breast slightly tender to touch but only on the bottom half of them-Blue veins on the top of both breast, and one starting at the middle of my stomach all the way down to the top of my uterus-Headaches (I get headaches a lot as it is but I seem to be getting them even more lately)-Slight cramping, not as intense as my menstrual cramps usually are, and I usually don't cramp until the 2nd day of my period. -Fatigue, and have been having trouble sleeping at night, but then sleep unitl 12 pm on days my husband doesn't have to work-I will feel like I'm starving and could eat anything in sight, but can hardly finish a plate-When I stand up too quickly I get dizzy and a sharp head pain-And last night and about 2 hours ago I kept feeling these sharp pains in my lower abdomen near the top of my uterus-White discharge, looks almost like lotion, but thicker. And it started happening on Wednesday (july 1st) and all through last night. But haven't had any today, it seems to occur more at night. -And all day today and yesterday my cat has been following me around the house just meowing and then tonight she climbed up on the couch and was sleeping next to me! Highly unlikely with her, she's usually to herself and sleeps under the beds!! So have you guys had these experiences? And do pets have an intuition to these kinds of things? And I'm planning on testing on the 8th since I recently found out that "5 days sooner you can test" really means "4 days before missed period" Do you think with all of these things happening I could be get a positive?Also, I hear with twins all signs/symptoms come sooner, and HCG shows up quicker than preganancy with only one baby. Is this true? Anything else you feel like typing thats related to what I have said, feel free to answer!! I'm going nuts with anticipation of testing. But am afraid to test too soon because I don't want to test too soon and feel like I had wasted the money on hpt's that really shouldn't have been used that soon. I am sooooo tempted to just go out and get a test tomorrow and testing!! Ugh!! haha
A: Well i know with twins the symptoms are allot worse then with singletons so that's something to look forward to, also I think I seen somewhere that allot of the women who are having multiples sense it. All the symptoms make sense so you def could be just hold out till the 13th trust me I know how hard it is I have been there. but if you are pregnant now you will be pregnant then.

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