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Do animals have a menstrual cycles

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A:Menstrual cycles occur in humans & primates, very few other mammals have menstrual cycles. Other mammals is referred to as estrus. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-animals-have-a-menstrual-cycles ]
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Do animals have menstrual cycle?
Yes they do. It varies from animal to animal just like humans. But yes animals have heats or menstrual cycles. Source(s): lifetime of working with animals
Why don't female animals have a menstrual cycle?
Human beings and Great apes have menstruation cycle. Other mammals have an estrus cycle. For dogs and cats and such, we call it "heat." But the heats stop when animals are spayed, and this usually happens when the animal is about ...
What does menstrual cycle mean with regards to the study of anima...?
menstrual cycle The cycle of ovulation that replaces the oestrus cycle in most Primates and follows an approximately monthly rhythm.

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Do female animals have menstrual cycles and menopause?
Q: I honestly don't know... I think my female cat bled once in her life but I don't think it's a monthly thing. LOL sorry for the ignorance I am just curious today!
A: there is a reason why you can't buy tampons for pets
Do all animals have a menstrual cycle?
Q: I know dogs have theirs but I don't know about any other animals. If so, which other animals do have a menstrual cycle?
A: Yes!!! Menstrual cycles occur in humans and primates, there are very few other mammals that have actual menstrual cycles. In other mammals it is referred to as estrus, which is actually somewhat different than a menstrual cycle. One difference is that animals that have estrous cycles reabsorb the endometrium if conception does not occur during that cycle. Animals that have menstrual cycles shed the endometrium through menstruation instead. Another difference is sexual activity. In species with estrous cycles, females are generally only sexually active during the estrus phase of their cycle (see below for an explanation of the different phases in an estrous cycle). This is also referred to as being "in heat." In contrast, females of species with menstrual cycles can be sexually active at any time in their cycle, even when they are not about to ovulate. Humans, unlike some other species, do not have any obvious external signs to signal receptivity at ovulation (concealed ovulation). Research has shown however, that women tend to have more sexual thoughts and are most prone to sexual activity right before ovulation.Poodles are dogs which have estrus cycles.
Why don't animals have a menstrual cycle?
Q: Humans do... why not animals... or do they? This has been bugging me for a while.
A: They do!! Well my dogs to anyway! Twice a year for about 2-3 weeks!!

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