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Did Lucy Ball die

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A:Lucille Ball died 26 April 1989, Beverly Hills, California, USA (acute aorta aneurysm) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-lucy-ball-die ]
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Did Lucy Ball die
Lucille Ball died 26 April 1989, Beverly Hills, California, USA (acute aorta aneurysm)
When did lucille ball die?
Lucille Ball died on April 26th, 1989 in Los Angeles, California of an aneurysm at the age of 78. She was the star of the sitcom, I Love Lucy.
Where did Lucille Ball die?
Lucille Ball died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she was recovering from heart surgery. She died on the 26th April 1989 aged 77. Lucille Ball http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucille_Ball

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what year did lucy ball die?
Q: what year did lucy ball die
A: April 26, 1989
about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz?
Q: there was this "i love lucy" show right? and lucy and ricky were husband and wife... then, the show ended, but it was a huge success though.. anyway, lucille ball came back with "the lucy show," playing the same character...right? desi and her divorced in real life... so im wondering what story did they come up with so that desi wont be in the show ? did they say that he died or divorced or got lost or somewhere out of town? what happened to the character of ricky ricardo (which was played by desi) ?
A: on the lucy show she played lucy carmichael, not lucy ricardo. she played a widow. also, when she did "here's lucy" she played lucy carter. again, a widow and no ricky (nor fred nor ethel) in sight. also, the role vivian vance played was vivian, not ethel. sorry for the confusion.
Want to Vote for the I Love Lucy Oscars?
Q: These are nominations I made up for a film class. In the class each of us makes up our personal nominations for our favorite TV comedy show. I chose "I Love Lucy" and want YOU to be the academy voter and vote for the best. You should probably be a Lucy fan to be able to choose the best. Later, I'll tally up the scores and post the winners in another Yahoo! Answers thread. AND I will pick the best answer- so you could earn 10 points! Have fun-THE I LOVE LUCY OSCAR NOMINATIONS- VOTE NOW!_______________________________I LOVE LUCY EMMY NOMINATIONS – JASON TRAVISOUTSTANDING EPISODEThe Girls Want to Go to a NightclubJob SwitchingLucy Does a T.V. CommercialLucy Is EnceinteL.A. at LastLucy's Italian MovieI LOVE LUCY EMMY NOMINATIONS – JASON TRAVISOUTSTANDING EPISODEThe Girls Want to Go to a NightclubJob SwitchingLucy Does a T.V. CommercialLucy Is EnceinteL.A. at LastLucy's Italian MovieIt wasn’t really anyone’s fault that Lucy Goes to the Hospital failed the Best Picture lineup, besides placing second in votes with the New York and Los Angeles Film Critics. And The Operetta, which had 4 nominations, was also considered strong dice for the final 6. The biggest surprise was The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub, which earned a total of 4 nods as well, but wasn’t considered one of the show’s most famous episodes. But Roger Ebert more then agreed with it, claiming: “Technically this was the first filmed episode of the series, and that holds sentimental weight to it. On top of that, it has a very direct storyline, showcasing the girls vs. the boys in dating schemes.” The biggest leader in nominations was of course, Job Switching, with a whopping 9 nominations including 3 for the principal cast members- Vivian Vance, who had the least to do, was not nominated. L.A. at Last had 5 nominations, though Lucille Ball was not up for Best Actress despite her Golden Globe nod for the performance. The hugely popular Lucy Does a T.V. Commercial made the cut for Best Picture, but had to settle for a measly 3 nominations, though all in lead categories- including Ball. Also raking in short but still up for the biggies was Lucy’s Italian Movie, for Picture and Film Editing. With only 2 mentions, critics wondered how the episode ended up in the final 6. Lucille Ball, a SAG and National Board of Review finalist for the performance, was absent, as were William Frawley- as Fred Mertz, and the direction and writing. “I think we should be happy we made the cut, after all you’ll see the Grammys nominate Green Day for Record of the Year and nothing else, and the bastards won.” Finally with an impressive 6 nominations was Lucy Is Enceinte, the famous episode where Lucy Ricardo discovers she’s pregnant. Voting would soon succumb for the critic awards, and many speculated this could be the episode that took home major prizes Sunday night. OUTSTANDING DIRECTIONJob SwitchingFirst StopLucy Goes to the HospitalLucy Does a T.V. CommercialPioneer WomenL.A. at LastBest Director was mind-boggling. Three of the six Best Picture nominees managed nods, but the other three were not. Included were the over-rated Pioneer Women, the technically brilliant but comedy-lacking First Stop and the historic presence of Lucy Goes to the Hospital. The latter episode, by the way, had a chance to take the Emmy here but it was not a Best Picture nominee. Most agreed Job Switching or L.A. at Last had this in the bag. OUTSTANDING WRITINGThe BalletThe Girls Want to Go to a NightclubJob SwitchingLucy's Club DanceThe OperettaL.A. at LastLucy Is EnceinteSome of the best writing ever for the show managed cuts here, including the favorite- The Operetta- competing against a merry band that included the classic first season episodes The Ballet and The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub. Awkwardly included was the mediocre at best dud Lucy’s Club Dance, but Travis used to laugh so loud when the girls couldn’t play their instruments that he vowed a writing bid for persist for it. OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS- LUCILLE BALLAs Lucy RicardoJob SwitchingLucy Is EnceinteLucy Does a T.V. CommercialLucy Tells the TruthLucy Gets in PicturesReturn Home from EuropeSome of the weirdest stuff happens when you’ve watched a program over and over- you begin justifying less popular episodes over lesser ones in favor of the performance itself. Three of Ball’s nominations were expected – Job Switching, Lucy Does a T.V. Commercial and Lucy Is Enceinte. The other three were completely unexpected. First, Lucy Gets In Pictures is a classic example of Lucy Ricardo finally getting her dream to come true (if you discount all the other times they did). She has many money scenes, the best being of course, her not being able to fit the large hat on her head for her death scene. But critics had cited Ball for these other three episodes much more – Lucy’s Italian Movie, L.A. at Last, and The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub. However, voting panels discharged the first due to the fact that Ball doesn’t have much to do but stomp on grapes and fight with a co-worker (body language yes, but not much to do). Lucy Tells the Truth is classic Ball at her comedic timing. We don’t see her dress up with a mask, but we do get to see her diss her girlfriends at a very open bridge game, and crack insults to her neighbors and husband. A decorative performance that is a lot of fun. Finally there ‘s Return Home from Europe, one of the most underrated ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes ever. Lucy tries to convince a plane passenger that a bundle of cheese she’s trying to sneak on is actually a baby. OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR- DESI ARNAZAs Ricky RicardoThe AuditionLucy Gets Chummy With the NeighborsJob SwitchingLucy Goes to the HospitalLucy Is EnceinteRicky Needs an AgentArnaz’s problem was that he was never considered a comedian like his three co-stars. In fact him and Vance were more or less reactors to Lucy and Fred’s eccentric behavior. Nonetheless the academy has chosen 6 very fine performances. Let’s dig in right away with The Audition, only the 6th episode of the series and already we see Ricky as a husband and Ricky as a singer. Points for the classic “I want you as the momma for my children” speech, which indicates the time period and how the husband was still the master of his household. Ricky Needs an Agent has Ricky with one money scene- where he gets mad without saying a thing, but by throwing things. Lucy Gets Chummy With the Neighbors has some hilarious moments where Ricky gets into it with his rich neighbor, Ralph Ramsey. Then the obligatory nods for the final three. Lucy Is Enceinte is probably Arnaz and Ball’s most dramatic performances on the series, and the only time the series got more serious.OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS- VIVIAN VANCEAs Ethel MertzEthel's HometownMillion-Dollar IdeaNo Children AllowedThe OperettaRicky Sells the CarThe Star UpstairsVivian Vance will reign on as the best sidekick in television history. The academy probably went to long length in deciding which episodes to choose for Vance, who was a nominee for The Club Election in New York but didn’t gain more points for it from there. Ethel’s Hometown showcases Vance’s musical abilities- as does The Operetta – and it’s also a good thing the former focuses entirely on her character. Million-Dollar Idea is classic Ball-Vance teamwork, and Ethel is prone now to act like she’s selling salad dressing so that Lucy can earn a million dollars. No Children Allowed is the weakest entry, but Vance again is able to shine and have the plot center around her storyline. The Star Upstairs and Ricky Sells the Car are underrated gems where Ethel Mertz comes out a riot- in the former she tries to talk to Ricky while Lucy hangs on for dear life on a balcony, and the latter has her in a bad mood, crying, sucking up to Ricky, and yelling at Fred and claiming “When I say he’s wrong, he’s wrong!” The latter is probably her best performance. You could argue Vivian Vance also turned in memorable performances in Getting Ready, Lucy Wants to Move to the Country, Housewarming and The Freezer.OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR- WILLIAM FRAWLEYAs Fred MertzThe Girls Want to Go to a NightclubJob SwitchingMertz and KurtzLucy's Night In TownLucy In the Swiss AlpsPioneer WomenFred was the second-funniest character on the show, but also the character with the least dimension. It’s a good thing voters remembered the dull Mertz and Kurtz, which is not a lot of laughs but does let Frawley show off his singing pipes. The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub and Pioneer Women allowed Fred to throw out insults at his wife, and also show he was a good detour for Ricky, and these two plots also center around the men vs. the women type schemes. Job Switching- and I’ll speak for the nodded cast here- showcases all four players at their signature best, though Vance again, had nothing to do- hence why she was not nominated (The Globes nodded all four). Lucy In the Swiss Alps and Lucy’s Night In Town are not memorable episodes, but Frawley is, and has some of his wittiest insults on them- towards Ethel of course. One newspaper had voted Frawley’s best performance in Fred and Ethel Fight.OUTSTANDING GUEST STAR- CELEBRITYCharles Boyer in Lucy Meets Charles BoyerBob Hope in Lucy Meets Bob HopeWilliam Holden in L.A. at LastHarpo Marx in Harpo MarxJohn Wayne in Lucy and John WayneOrson Welles in Lucy Meets Orson WellesOUTSTANDING GUEST STAR-NONCELEBRITYVerna Felton in Lucy Hires a MaidGale Gordon in Lucy's ScheduleErnie Ford in Tennessee Ernie VisitsAllen Jenkins in Ricky and Fred are TV FansElsa Lanchester in Off to FloridaMabel Paige in The Girls Go Into BusinessDoris Singleton in Baby PicturesOUTSTANDING FILM EDITINGThe FreezerThe HandcuffsLucy's Italian MovieJob SwitchingThe OperettaLucy and the DummyOUTSTANDING COSTUME DESIGNBe a PalThe Charm SchoolCountry Club DanceLucy Goes to Monte CarloSentimental AnniversaryLucy Gets in PicturesThe Fashion ShowLucy and Ethel Buy the Same DressOUTSTANDING MAKEUPCuban PalsThe FreezerThe Charm SchoolThe Girls Want to Go to a NightclubLucy Goes to the HospitalThe Ricardos Dedicate a StatueOUTSTANDING SONG"Babalu" from The Audition"California, Here I Come!" from California, Here We Come"Cuban Pete/Sally Sweet" from The Diet"I'm in Love with a Dragon's Dinner" from Lucy Goes to Scotland"Mama Yo Quiero" from Be a Pal"I Love Lucy" from Lucy's Last Birthday"Queen of the Gypsies" from The Operetta"We're Having a Baby" from Lucy Is EnceinteSome of u are answering "As Lucy Ricardo, As Ricky Ricardo" for best performance. Um, those arent actual episode titles- their the names of the characters!
A: Lucy Is EnceinteLucy Goes to the HospitalLucy's Club DanceAs Lucy RicardoAs Ricky RicardoAs Ethel MertzAs Fred MertzHarpo Marx in Harpo MarxErnie Ford in Tennessee Ernie VisitsThe FreezerBe a PalThe Freezer"California, Here I Come!" from California, Here We Come

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