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Can you pass out if you are on your menstrual period

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A:Some young women have fainting spells around the time of their menstrual period. These may disappear and then return during MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-pass-out-if-you-are-on-your-menstrual-period ]
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Can you pass out if you are on your menstrual period
Some young women have fainting spells around the time of their menstrual period. These may disappear and then return during MORE
What does it mean if you pass tissue during your menstrual period...?
Well it's not just blood in your period, it is the lining of the uterus, so its not uncommon to notice some tissue. However, if you have been experiencing pains with your birth control, it may mean its not suited to your body and your hormo...
Do any other women pass out when they have their menstrual cycle??
My cousin does. Or, at least she used to, I don't know if she still does now that she's had kids. Believe it or not, in my family there's an old wives' tale that having kids helps you with your period. I don't know, I never had any kids. I ...

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Can a yeast infection delay my period?
Q: Well I have no one else to turn to so I hope someone can give me the best advice or answer that I am hoping for. Okay so I had a yeast infection that lasted from July 1st,09 to July 8,2009. I finally got rid of the infection but then about 4 days later on the 12th,I started my period. Now I know that in most cases you have the infection before your menstrual cycle. But my periods are most of the time consistent. It is currently Aug 23rd and still NO sign of my period. My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a long time,and we have had unprotected sex.We have both been tested and we don't have any STD's. But as each day passes and my period still hasn't started,I keep getting more and more nervous that I could possibly be pregnant. Which if anyone else has ever had that scare its possibly the most terrifying thing to go thru. I am only 18. And I have talked to my mom and told her about my nipples being sore,but she just keeps assuring me that now that Im 18 I'm just really starting to develope and I'm freaking out for nothing. But regardless, I just wanted some advice or an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)
A: Ok, so know what you are going through and it is scary as....Symptoms of pregnancy, which I am sure you have googled already - sore breasts, including sore nipples; bloating; crampy feeling (which is not cool - you hope it may be your period!); possible being sick, and the obvious missing period!However, yes yeast infection could delay your period, so can stress, weight loss, and if you took anti-biotics for the infection.Easiest way to know - take a pregnancy test. Scariest 2 minutes of your life but at least then you know and can start dealing with/celebrate like you never have and vow to always use contraception again.Best of luck xx
birth control. menstrual cycle?
Q: > I am sure most of you have a daughter, a granddaughter, a> niece, a> friend or a friend's daughter.... this might be worth> checking out..> PASS THIS ON EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE IT!!>> Recently, this past week, my cousin Nicole Dishuk (age> 31... a newly> graduate d student with a doctoral degree about to> start her new career> as a Doctor...) was flown into a nearby hospital, because> she passed> out... They found a blood clot in her neck, and immediately> took her by> helicopter to the ER to operate. By the time they removed> the right half> of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, the clot> had spread> to her brain causing severe damage. Since last Wednesday> night, she was> fighting for her life. They induced her into a coma to stop> the blood> flow and then operated 3 times.>> Finally, they said there was nothing left that they could> do. Multiple> clots in the left side of her> brain were found, the swelling wouldn't> stop and she was on the life support. She died at 4:30 that> day.. She> leaves behind her husband, a 2-year old, Brandon and> a 4-year old,> Justin.>> The CAUSE of DEATH they found was a birth control she was> taking that> allows you to only have your period 3 times a year.> Doctors said it> interrupts life's menstrual cycle, and although it is> FDA approved......> it shouldn't be. So to the women in my address book, I> ask you to> boycott this product and deal with your periods once a> month, so you can> live the rest of the months that life has in store for> you.>> Please send this to every woman you know - you may save> someone's life.> Remember you have a cycle for a reason.>> FYI: The name of this new birth control is Lybrel. If you> go to> Lybrel.com <blocked http://lybrel.com/>> you will find a least 26> pages> of information regarding this drug. The second birth> control is> Seasonique. If you go to Seasonique.com <blockedhttp://seasonique.com/>> you will find at least 43 pages of information regarding> this drug. The> warning and side effects regarding both pills are> horrible.>> Please forward this to as many daughters AND sons,> co-workers, friends> and relatives. Several lives have already been changed.>> God bless!Sorry for the whole "forward" thing but i just wanted everyone to get a heads up!
A: spam much?
Q: okay so this is my wifes profile and she has gone throw alot being a woman so please readmy wife asked this question "PLEASE ANSWER POLL!!! why do men act this way!!! your opinion !?way is it that men think that when women have there periods that its worse for them then it is for us?they seem to have NO idea what we go throw and have no thoughts about why we seem so angry, sad, depressed, CRAMPS!!! etc... other than how they feel annoyed by the way we act a that time of month?"this one guy answered this1. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.A successful woman is one who can find such a man.2. Men wake up as good-looking as when they went to bed.Women somehow deteriorate during the night.3. A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he wants.A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't want.4. A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.5. There are two times when a man doesn't understand a woman.Before and after marriage.6. A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.7. To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.8. Any married man should forget his mistakes.There's no use in two people remembering the same thing!9. A woman has the last word in any argument.Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.10. Women look at a wedding as the beginning of romance,while men look at a wedding as the ending of romance.my wife was pretty upset.she sent him a message saying it hurt her feelings and explained to him that his mother shit him out of a hole the size of a peanut.he sent back...Message: You sound like an immature 15 yr old who has a stupid hatred for men. What I answered in your question is true, but as a dumb 15 yr old girl you don't know much about life yet, do you? If your age doesn't end in 'teen', then I feel sorry for your lack of intelligence. Yes women have to go through some bad things, but the human species can't continue without men. Who said life was fair? You were born a female, theres nothing you can do about it. Unless, you want to get a sex change operation... my wife told him he was being a jerk and he said... Message: The only thing women are good for is giving head, pleasing me, and cooking.Oh yeah, the other things they do are bitching, whining, and spending money. You fit the bitching and whining part pretty well, but I bet you are too ******* ugly to be a golddigger..no man would ever want to spend money on you.Have a nice day, have fun with your menstrual cramps, periods, and for the love of god...please don't get pregnant. Wouldn't want you to experience anymore agonizing pain. /lol sarcasm. Besides, we don't need another dumb little ********** coming out of your STD infected vagina, in an already overpopulated world...my wife ran into our bed room and couldnt stop crying, i almost cried when i realized that my three girls were going to grow up and have men treating them in this way! and my wife passed out when she gave birth to her 2nd child from all the pain! i am sooooo offended! are you? and please tell me what you thought of this?
A: not only is this guy a complete jerk, he is a misogynistic loser. your wife's question didn't have anything to do with this morons response. it's ironic that he said "You sound like an immature 15 yr old who has a stupid hatred for men. What I answered in your question is true, but as a dumb 15 yr old girl you don't know much about life yet, do you?" because HE is the one that sounds immature, bitter towards women, and completely unintelligent. i mean, is he serious? "Yes women have to go through some bad things, but the human species can't continue without men." ...uhm, yeah because men can totally make babies and pop them out on their own...women shouldn't blame irritability on their period, it's not an excuse to be rude, but men need to understand that they will never know what it feels like or how big of a hassle or pain it is... you can imagine what it would be like...not fun, right? so don't judge and give us a little bit of respect for that. can YOU imagine growing another human being inside of you and then forcing it out of your downstairs? didn't think so, mr. smartas*no self-respecting woman is ever going to want to "please" this a-hole. this response degrades all men to complete cow status (which not all men are!). it makes you wonder about what the future of our world is coming to. give your wife a hug and tell her that not all men are this horrible. my grandpa always used to say "don't let the turkey's get you down!" :) he's not worth your tears, so don't let him get to you sweetie.

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