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Can you get menstrual blood clots

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A:It can be normal to pass blood clots during menstruation. The amount, length and frequency of menstrual bleeding vary with the individual. Ask ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-menstrual-blood-clots ]
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Why do you have blood clots on your menstrual cycle?
Your body typically releases anticoagulants to keep menstrual blood from clotting as it's being released. But when your MORE?
What causes menstrual blood clots?
The clot like lumps of blood you see during some of your menstrual bleeding is not what we call blood clots. They are clots, or lumps of your tissues that are shed during the menstrual bleeding.
Are Blood Clots Normal During a Menstrual Cycle?
men experience blood clots during their menstrual cycle, and worry that something may be wrong. However, most blood clots are nothing to be worried about. According to the Women's Health Zone, "...

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can you get cancer from having old menstrual blood or blood clots accumulated in your uterus?
Q: how can you know if you do have it.. what sypmtoms do you get.. and is it dangerous
A: Cancer is caused by mutations in your genes, not by old menstrual blood or blood clots. My suggestion is to get yearly check-ups at the gyno. They do PAP smears which check for HPV and cancerous cells in your cervix.
Unusual amount of menstrual blood? Horrible Cramps?
Q: I am not sexually active. I have never been to an OBGYN nor will I be able to go anytime soon (no health insurance).The amount of menstrual bleeding this period really has me worried. I've always had really heavy periods. But today I've gone through 10 Playtex ULTRA Tampons (according to the box 18 grams per tampon) and filling pads...and I'm having huge HUGE clots (like palm of your hand size). I usually have a few large clots on the heavy days but not this many. I also usually have pretty painful cramps and get a bit light headed during the heavy days. This period I am almost in tears with the pain from the cramps and have a headache/dizziness. I am taking Midol and Advil, but it doesn't seem to help much. I don't know what exactly to look up to see what I can do. Please do not reply with "go see a doctor" - This is simply not an option.Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
A: I can't believe some of the dumb answers you are getting. I will do my best. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Believe me, I feel your pain, as I too, have gone through years of horrible menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding/ clotting like you describe. Finally, I am past all that as I am in my 40's and had a hysterectomy a couple years ago. It sounds like you have endometriosis. This is a very common condition where the lining of the uterus (the menstrual blood) backs up and bleeds outside the reproductive area (fallopian tubes etc). This causes scarring and adhesions to form and then during your period, due to high estrogen levels, cramping can be very severe and very heavy bleeding. Uterine fibroids (benign growths) can also cause these symptoms. I had both those conditions to the extreme and chose to have a hysterectomy as I am older and had my children. I understand about not being able to get to the doctor. When you can, it would be helpful if they put you on birth control pills because they can stabilize your hormones and make your periods much easier. And no, you can't go and get "Yaz" at the drugstore without a prescription, like that one answer said. The best thing over-the-counter is Advil (ibuprofen). My doctor advised me to take up to 800mg (4 200-mg tablets) doses twice daily. I'm not advising you to take that much...that's just what my doctor told me to do and it seemed to help. Don't take aspirin because it acts as a blood thinner and may make your bleeding heavier. Also, it helped me to apply a warm towel or heating pad on my belly and just lay still. But of course, most times you don't have the luxury of staying in bed. I really do think tampons made it worse. That's just my experience. I used the thickest pads available and just changed often and took Advil. I wish I had more advice for you...there is just not much you can do until you go to the doctor. You also might want to try those ThermaCare pads that you stick on your belly and they heat up. You can buy them at any drugstore and I found them helpful. But kind of expensive.You know, next time you have a really bad period like that, I think you should just go to the ER...many women do...and they can give you something. They might also can assist you financially, perhaps setting you up with the health clinic or a nurse practioner who specializes in OB/GYN. We have that in our city. And you don't have to pay the ER right away (or ever really) so don't worry about that. I hope some of this information has helped you. If I had more time I would provide you with some links, but just google "Endometriosis" and "Uterine Fibroids" if you want some info on that. Good luck to you.
Is a cervix supposed to feel like this?
Q: I've had my period for over a month now and since my doctor makes me feel immensely uncomfortable (i'm only 17) and always assumes I'm overreacting over everything (just so you know I don't just hate him and being stupid--everyone who goes to him hates him, he's told people they were overreacting about migraines when they died of a brian tumor months later) I don't want him poking around in there and it'll be a few months before I can get into the local health unit.The other night I was in the shower and since I'm completely frustrated with this period so I just sent a tiny stream of water up into my vagina which took out some blood clots (I know your not supposed to do that) But I just got a little curious while I was in there and I put my finger in to feel around to see if there was maybe a cut or something.I found my cervix and noticed as I pulled my finger out that there was a bit of blood on the tip of it (my miraculous discovery on where menstrual blood comes from :P). I went in again just for the heck of it and I felt the hole but it felt like I would have been able to stick my finger into it if I had wanted to, so basically if felt like it was an open hole.I don't know if this is normal or not but I thought maybe if it was open and not supposed to be that might be why my period just won't stop.
A: The cervix actually dilates a tiny bit during the menstrual period, to let out the flow; so this is probably not the reason you have had such a long period. I will not suggest you go to this doctor, who sounds horrible, but if you have been menstruating for over a month, maybe you should find some doctor or clinic you can get to sooner than a few months from now. That is a long time to be flowing! Even a contraception clinic or a midwife could give you some help with this.

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