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Can stress prolong your menstrual period

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A:Yes, stress can prolong your menstrual period. Diet and exercise also affect your period. 28 days is considered average! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-stress-prolong-your-menstrual-period ]
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Can stress prolong your menstrual period
Yes, stress can prolong your menstrual period. Diet and exercise also affect your period. 28 days is considered average!
How does stress affect your menstrual cycle?
Yea stress can effect your period. It can make your periods more or less frequent, more or less painful it can cause it to fluctuate. Source(s): Nursing student
Does stress cause a delayed menstrual cycle?
yes stress can cause late period though how long you havent had it depends. you could possibly be pregnant just take the test now before it's too late.

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what is up with my menstrual cycle?
Q: I have been sexually active for one year now.I have always used condoms, and for the past month I have also started birth control pills, a high dosage estrogen, ortho novum.I was supposed to get my period Wednesday and it is now early Saturday morning. I have called my specialist and she said it may take a while for my cycle to adjust because the pills may throw it off.I have a history of anxiety and I'm very worried at this point, I've also heard that stress may also prolong your period. I plan to take a pregnancy test on Monday if there's still no period. Can anyone relate or offer helpful advice as to what is wrong? I have never been pregnant while using condoms and I've only added more protection so pregnancy seems so improbable....
A: your specialist is correct... it takes awhile for your body to adjust to the new levels of hormones. Also keep in mind that your periods will now be regulated by the birth control pills whereas there are placebo pills (sugar pills) that actually tell your body to start menstruation.The fact that you are having your period is a clear sign that you are not pregnant, and so no further worry needs be spent there.Have faith lass... give it a few months and "relearn" your cycle frequency and length as it will be while on birth control pills... the "rules" are being rewritten and this is normal for all who start birth control pills.I applaud you for continuing to utilize condoms... this is not only prudent as added pregnancy protection, but the only way besides abstinence to attempt to prevent sexual infection transmission.

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