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Can menstrual cramps make you throw up

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A:Yes menstrual cramps can sometimes make you throw up. CHACHA [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-menstrual-cramps-make-you-throw-up ]
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Can menstrual cramps make you throw up
Yes menstrual cramps can sometimes make you throw up . CHACHA
Can the severity of your menstrual cramps make you throw up??
(After I wrote the following, I saw that you get really bad headaches. You may be having migraine pain. Any severe headache history definitely can have something to do with this. Since I now know about your headaches, I recommend that you s...

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Can the severity of your menstrual cramps make you throw up?
Q: well, about half an hour ago, my cramps got really bad, much worse than they've ever been before. i couldn't get comfortable and was in severe pain, so i took two ibuprofen, which is what i usually do when my cramps r bothering me. i got light headed, which happens right before i throw up. i threw up three times in quick succession, and my stomach felt better, but my lower abdomen and lower back still hurt really bad. i laid down for about half an hour, and i got really cold. so i covered myself up with a blanket and then about 20 minutes later, the cramps had dulled and were barely there. i'm ok now, i feel fine. is this normal, or is there something wrong with me? please help, this has never happened to me before...i've only had my period a couple of times, it's still irregulari do also have a history of throwing up when i get really bad headaches... if that has anything to do with this
A: I throw up on the first day and after that my stomach kind of calms down. I don't know why it happens.
If you get really really bad menstrual cramps anyway, is labor really worse than that?
Q: I keep hearing that contractions are sort of like really bad menstrual cramps. Well, I already get cramps so bad they make me throw up and curl up in the fetal position for two days (thankfully I found a remedy for that, zinc is like a miracle cure) so I really can't imagine having cramps that were worse than that. Anybody who gets really really bad cramps who has had a natural birth (i.e. no drugs) give me any insight into whether it's comparable?Just a note, if you can still do normal daily functions like going to work while you have cramps, that's not the kind of cramps I'm talking about. I have a pretty high pain tolerance too - I didn't cry when I broke my arm or my ankle - and sometimes I cry from these.The best way I can describe my cramps is that they feel like someone is scraping away my insides with a serrated grapefruit spoon.
A: Actually I felt that I was able to tolerate labor more because of the bad cramps I had always experienced. I was 6 centimeters dilated with my second child by the time I decided I needed something and even then labor went really smooth. I think those of us who are unfortunately blessed with severe cramps deal with labor better! Good luck!P.S I would often have to stay home because the cramps were so severe that I wouldn't even want to walk. Nothing helped ether as far as pain meds. Actually I feel like they are easier to deal with since having children!
How can you tell if your cramps are menstrual or intestinal?
Q: I tend to get really painful cramps that last for a few seconds and make me feel like I'm gonna throw up but when it's over I feel my intestines contracting and I feel like I have to poop. So how can you tell?
A: Mestrual cramps will not make you need to have a bowel movement, and are usually confined to the lower abdominal area. Intestinal cramps occurr over a larger region of your abdomen, and you can sometimes feel 'movement' inside your abdomen as your body pushes waste to it's appropriate places. Menstrual cramps are very stationary, and tend to last a bit longer.

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