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Can i speed up my menstrual cycle

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A:There is no way to speed up how long your menstrual bleeding lasts. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-speed-up-my-menstrual-cycle ]
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Can i speed up my menstrual cycle
There is no way to speed up how long your menstrual bleeding lasts.
How can i speed up my menstrual cycle?
There is no way to speed up your menstrual cycle. It is a genetic event that occurs only when the body is truly ready. The best you can do is delay your menstrual cycle through stress and weight loss.
How to speed up menstrual cycle
There is no way to speed up how long your menstrual bleeding lasts. If you do not want to have a menstrual period every month, you can consult with a health care provider about starting a hormonal method of contraception. If you are a stude...

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Is it possible to speed up the menstrual cycle?
Q: I came on my menstrual Sunday, and it's now Friday. Early Thurday it seemed as if I was off, but than later on that night I was bleeding again. I'm going to see my bf tomorrow and haven't seen him in almost two weeks and we're trying to have a baby, and want to start asap, is there anything I can do to like make it stop? I was thinking running that way it would all come out quicker, but I don't know.
A: Nope, you can't "speed" up your cycle. Your cycle has it's own time and you just have to wait it out.
Is there any way I can speed up the arrival of my menstrual cycle?
Q: I KNOW THIS *MIGHT* BE A DUMB QUESTION, but I'm seriously asking it. I'm going on vacation with my boyfriend in two weeks, and I know I'm going to start my period.......Is there any way that I could NOT be on my period that three days we're gone??something I can do???I don't know, with my luck i'll start the day we leave and finish the day we come back. I need a science miracle!I found a solution............I postponed the vacation until the end of the month.
A: Unless you're currently on a hormonal birth control, no, there is no healthful way to delay or skip your period.EDIT: Hahah, good solution :)
I have never broken out this badly in my life! Why?
Q: I was having clear skin for awhile. I usually only break out mildly(like a few pimples) during/before my period. I'm slightly near to my next menstrual cycle but even if it was related to that, it has never been this bad before. The right side of my face has like six pimples and other inflamed, red bumps/spots. I tried putting hydrogen peroxide on it to clear it out, lavender oil to soothe it, several homemade masks, and i've been drinking lots of water. I didn't do these things all at once, i do one or two a night and it started to get bad about five or six days ago and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I haven't changed anything recently, i use olive oil or my foam cleanser usually every morning and night, i didn't wear face makeup till i broke out, i've been eating normally. The only thing i could say is different is that i sleep for most of the day and stay awake during the night, because it's summer.It's taking forever to clear up. What can i do to speed up the recovery process? Any vitamins/foods to eat? Any treatments that i can home make? It's embarrassing, please help.
A: Veronica, if it gets too severe, go to a doctor. You don't want to develop acne scars.You might even be aggravating your skin with something you are home medicating with. I suggest you go to the link I posted below and read some of the threads there. And maybe even join and ask some questions. But as I said, go to the doctor if it gets worse or doesn't go away after a reasonable amount of time.Best of luck

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