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Can i do anything to induce my menstrual cycle

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A:Take birth-control pills to regulate your menstrual cycle and induce bleeding at the appropriate time. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-do-anything-to-induce-my-menstrual-cycle ]
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Can i do anything to induce my menstrual cycle
Take birth-control pills to regulate your menstrual cycle and induce bleeding at the appropriate time.
How do you induce your menstrual cycle?
Homeopathy :- You condition calls for the remedy PULSATILLA 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals will cure your periods irregularity. If this doesn't starts your period after taking it for three days take just one dose of NATRIU...
Can Vitamin C really induce menstrual cycle?
Inducing Menstration with Herbs Herbs that help in inducing menstration are called emmenogugues. There are many herbs that help in inducing menstration. Some of them include: Parsley: For a delayed or skipped period, two or more cups of Par...

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Post-partum cramping has gotten severe? Sign of infection, or just menses starting up again?
Q: So I'm 2 weeks and 2 days post-partum, I had a c-section on the 4th. My lochia had pretty much stopped, and I was feeling no pain inside, though I'm still taking percoset for issues w/ my external incision. So now I'm having horrible cramps, I seriously want to cry, but I can't take midol or anything because I'm still on the percoset, and also 2 kinds of antibiotics. I won't see the OB till wednesday. It's like I'm having a flashback to the percoset induced ones I was having after my delivery. Could this be a sign of infection(paranoid I am, lol, I'm on 2 kinds of antibiotics but have a history of surgical incision infections) or could this just be my menstrual cycle getting back on track, since the lochia had stopped but now I'm spotting bright red again to go along w/ the cramps. I'm freezing my butt off as well, and probably anemic, but I can't take my iron supplement until I'm done w/ the antibiotics, it specifically says not to take iron or any kind of vitamin at the same time. I'm not allowed to take a hot bath or even an extended shower until the incision closes, and we have no heating pad. I tried putting a hot washcloth into a baggie, but it went cold in about 5 minutes and didn't help at all. I got my tubes tied, and if this is how it's going to be every time I have menses, I know all the OB will recommend is that I take birth control pills, which I don't want to do, that's why we went w/ permanent measures. Say it is my menses, does everyone experience severe cramps(I'm at about an 8 on the pain scale, it's seriously bad) during AF after having children? Will it fade back to normal cramps in a few months? And what can I do for relief? Please help! Thanks!I spent my son's first night home in the hospital, and have been to the ER 2x since my release, w/ a hematoma, and high blood pressure induced migraine. I cannot go to the hospital for cramps. It's only cramps, no other signs or symptoms, and I will see a visiting nurse tommorrow, and I have to call the clinic and see if they can help me get more dressings for my incisions. Just wondering what I can do besides take more pills, or use a heat source to get relief, since there is no heat source available.
A: I don't think this is menses. It might be worth making a phone call about. Take your temperature before you call, they'll want to know it if you have one. It might be post-surgical pain, and the bleeding is most likely a sign that you are just doing too much too soon, but the pain can be an indicator of infection, so it's worth double checking. (If this isn't your first child, then postpartum cramping can be really bad, sometimes worse than labor..but I'd still get it checked out).good luck!

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