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Can an aneurysm be hereditary

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A:People w/ 1st-degree relatives having abdominal aortic aneurysms have a higher risk of developing it and at a younger age./ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-an-aneurysm-be-hereditary ]
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Can an aneurysm be hereditary
People w/ 1st-degree relatives having abdominal aortic aneurysms have a higher risk of developing it and at a younger age./ChaCha!
Are Aneurysm's Hereditary?
From what the neurologist told me, they can be. My uncle had two within a couple of days. Fortunately, he survived and had to have surgery. His mother (my grandmother) had some issues as well. My cousin gets strange migraines, as does my yo...
Is a brain aneurysm hereditary?
Yes. Among the Inherited risk factors associated with aneurysms formation may include, but are not limited to, the following: a Family History of Brain Aneurysm A history of high blood pressure (hypertension), or a previous aneurysm in th...

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are brain aneurysms hereditary?
Q: o.k. so my fiance's dad use to have head aches all of the time, and had to go to the doctor and get shots for his headaches. He unfortunately passed away due to a brain aneurysm whenever my fiance was 12 and he was 35. My fiance has headaches alot and I keep telling him that he needs to go have an MRI or something but he says that a MRI is too expensive and he is not worried about it because his headaches are not as bad as his dads use to be. I don't know I feel really uneasy about this and I do not want him to just not wake up one day like his dad did. Are brain aneurysms hereditary? What is the estimated cost of having an MRI?, and can they even prevent a brain aneurysm?
A: Most certainly can be; he should heed your advice and get checked out- it might save his life. This doesn't mean he must have an MRI- just that he needs to be evaluated by a doctor and have a good history taken and good exam. His headaches may be classic for a benign headache syndrome.Blessings
Are brain aneurysms an hereditary condition?
Q: Hey guys and girls, so I was just wondering as I recently found out that 2 elder relatives (both great uncles) both died from brain hemorrhaging, and I was wondering whether or not aneurisms in the brain are something that can be passed on through the family like if it's hereditary or if it was just a stroke of bad luck in the family that both died from it.Thanks :)
A: unfortunately yes they can be hereditary, but not necessarily so. It could be coincidence that both had this as lifestyle plays a part also.
can someone answer my question about aneurysms?
Q: my mother passed away 2 years ago from an aneurysm well she has a stroke also and i was wondering what would have happened 1st would she hav had the stroke witch caused the aneurysm to burst or vice versa?also i was looking up aneurysms and the type she had she was born with and i read they can be hereditary and i am worried about me and my brothers as we may have them but i dont want to be going bothering my doctor with all this but i dont no what to do about it i woulp really appreciate it if any doctors or med stutents could help me out on this one thanks guys xshe was only 47my brother said she was complaining of a head ache so she just went to bed and that must have been when she had the stroke...i dont think i will ever forgive myself for not being there with her.
A: It's perfectly normal to worry about something as momentous as that!! You don't say what type of aneurysm it was - I know from personal experience that some types can be hereditary (although obviously that wouldn't mean that you'd DEFINITELY have the condition as well - just that you'd have a higher risk). I would imagine that had your mother had something that was considered to be hereditary the hospital would have suggested that you and your siblings be checked out.However, I'd make an appointment with the doctor and just discuss the whole thing with them. Then at least you can explain excactly what happened with your mother and get the best advice possible. Worrying about it can lead to all sorts of other problems, so I think the best thing is to go and discuss it with the doctor. Good luck!!

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